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Recruitment of Naka Ward public nursery school parttimers

Last update date February 4, 2019

Do you not work part-time in public nursery school of Naka Ward?

There is nursery school of public 3 garden (Nishiki, Yamate, Takenomaru) in Naka Ward and accepts registration of part-time job at any time. When vacancy occurred at each garden after having had you register, director contacts that the desired type of job, condition seems to be correct individually and decides the employment after interview. (it recruits member of cooking parttimers only in Nishiki nursery school)

Duty conditions

Duty conditions
The type of jobNursery staff part-time jobMember of cooking part-time job
Business content

Part-time job of nursery staff in the daytime
・Vacancy substitute of the staff
・Child with a disability correspondence
There is a lot of nado.

Part-time job (only in Nishiki nursery school) of cooking assistance

Duty day

Principle, weekdays five days a week duty
※But we may work on Saturday.

Principle, weekdays one day a week duty Monday
We may work by shift on other days.

Working hours

Principle, 8:30-17:00
Depending on business content, there are case and rotation duty that time has a short.

Principle, 8:30-17:00

The period of employmentUp to one yearUp to one year
Nursery staff qualificationIt is desirable to have qualification.Qualification does not matter.
Hourly wageThere is nursery staff qualification: Hourly wage 1,224 yen
Kindergarten teacher license: Hourly wage 1,080 yen
Other than above: Hourly wage 1,056 yen
Hourly wage 1,040 yen (from April, 2019)
Transportation expenses provide with the actual expenses equivalency (based on we regulations).
Social insuranceIt is joined by duty condition
Surpassing two months: We join employee health insurance in 30 hours a week or more.
More than 30 days: We join employment insurance in 20 hours a week or more.
It is joined by duty condition
More than 30 days, we join employment insurance in 20 hours a week or more.

Flow until part-time job decision

  1. At mail or the next agency, please submit part-time job registration vote (PDF: 270KB).
  2. We introduce information of part-time job registrant into each garden from ward office.
  3. When the employment reason of part-time job occurred, childcare director calls registrant.
  4. Please have an interview with director in nursery school.
  5. Part-time job decision!

※We accept registration over telephone (045-224-8189).
※We may not use information that we registered other than the purpose of the part-time job employment.

Contact information, reference

Naka Ward Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section
To telephone 045-224-8189

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