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Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi disaster prevention map

Last update date July 5, 2019

In Naka Ward, we place disaster prevention information in inhabitant of a ward map.

Naka Ward inhabitant of a ward life map (with disaster prevention information)

List of disaster prevention facilities

Public institutions

Evacuation shelter

The welfare refuge

Medical facilities in ward

Use of inhabitant of a ward facilities

Smoothly mappu (emergency water supply base search system)

・Look at list of stay facilities and people unable to return home measures of Yokohama-shi from this at people unable to return home 1:00 of Yokohama-shi.
About people unable to return home measures (Yokohama-shi crisis management room homepage)

・Look at tsunami refuge facilities and tsunami evacuation measures of Yokohama-shi from this.
About tsunami evacuation measures (Yokohama-shi crisis management room homepage)

List of facilities
Names such as facilitiesThe locationPhone number
Naka Ward OfficeJapanese 35, Odori224-8112 - 4
Naka fire department2-2, Yamabukicho251-0119
Middle engineering works office246, Yamashitacho641-7681
Water Works Bureau Nakamura Channel office (PDF: 141KB)4-305, Nakamuracho, Minami-ku252-9001
Office out of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau11-2, Nishikicho621-6952
Ise Saki police department 2-3, Yamabukicho231-0110
Kaga-cho Police Station203, Yamashitacho641-0110
Yamate police department 1-15, Honmokumiyabara623-0110
Mizukami, Yokohama police department Authority of shore 1-1212-0110
Yokohama City HallPort town 1-1671-2121
Yokohama Local Meteorological Observatory99, Yamatecho621-1999

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List of facilities
Names such as facilitiesThe locationPhone number
Kitakata elementary school (image: 100KB)Suwacho 29621-2966
Former town Elementary School (image: 74KB)36, Yamatecho681-7810
Honcho Elementary School (image: 77KB)3-86, Hanasakicho231-0141
Tateno Elementary School (image: 94KB)76, Tatsuno622-9381
Arabian bird elementary school (image: 87KB)1-251, Honmokucho621-7700
Yamamoto Elementary School (image: 105KB)3-152, Yamamotocho641-4857
kammonshogakuko (image: 81KB)29-1, Honmokumakado622-0005
Honmoku south Elementary School (image: 106KB)44-1, Honmokumotomachi622-5721
Honmoku Elementary School (image: 95KB)5-1, Honmokuwada621-9096
Port Junior High School (image: 73KB)241, Yamashitacho681-3618
Yoshida, Yokohama Junior High School (PDF: 140KB)3-84, Hagoromocho261-0905
All and general high school (PDF: 156KB)231, Yamashitacho662-3710
Nakaodai Junior High School (image: 91KB)23, Nakaodai621-9600
Former Fujimi Junior High School (PDF: 136KB)3-9, Yamatamachi262-2629
Kanagawa Rodo Plaza (※) (PDF: 130KB)1-4, Kotobukicho633-5413

※Evacuation sites by agreement
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List of facilities
Names such as facilitiesThe locationPhone number
Honmoku home [special elderly nursing home]6-2, Honmokuhara628-2081
Shinyamashita home [special elderly nursing home]3-15-5, Shinyamashita625-1916
Shinyamashita, Yokohama-shi community care plaza3-15-5, Shinyamashita625-1911
Furochou, Yokohama-shi community care plaza3-15-2, Furochou662-0161
Yokohama-shi barley field community care plaza1-26-2, Mugitamachi664-6023
Honmokuhara, Yokohama-shi community care plaza6-1, Honmokuhara623-0975
Minosawa, Yokohama-shi community care plaza13-204, Minosawa663-6930
Honmokuwada, Yokohama-shi community care plaza35-13, Honmokuwada628-1311
The Japanese water school (PDF: 137KB)140, Yamatecho622-7295
yokohamakummoin (PDF: 148KB)181, Takenomaru641-2626
Olive studio [authority of mentally-disabled person place rehabilitation facilities]16-1, Honmokuhara621-2391
Honmoku, Naka-ku activity home2-15, Honmokujuuniten623-3727

Naka Ward person with a disability support base "overlook ponte" (Naka Ward person with a disability local action home, Naka Ward life support center) (PDF: 95KB)

3-1-29, Shinyamashita628-1343

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List of facilities
Names such as facilitiesThe locationPhone number
Naka Ward holiday emergency clinics 2-353, Honmokucho622-6372
Yokohama City Night Emergency Center1-1, Sakuragicho212-3535
Yokohama City Emergency Medical Information Center 1-1, Sakuragicho201-1199
Yokohama Dental Health and Medical Center6-107, Aioicho201-7737
Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital3-12-1, Shinyamashita628-6100
Social insurance Yokohama Chuo Hospital268, Yamashitacho641-1921
Yokohama Ekisaikai Hospital1-2, Yamatamachi261-8191
Fureai Yokohama Hospital2-3-3, Bandaicho681-5101
Yokohama Konan clinics 5, Ikebukuro622-8092
washin Hill Hospital169, Yamatecho623-7688
Honmoku Hospital11-5, Honmokusannotani621-2445

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List of facilities
Names such as facilitiesThe locationPhone number
Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall1-6, Honcho201-0708
The top stand meeting place2-50, Hongocho622-4171
Noge district center3-160-4, Nogemachi241-4535
Honmoku district center16-1, Honmokuhara622-4501
Takenomaru district center133-3, Takenomaru651-5575
Yamamoto Elementary School community house3-152, Yamamotocho212-9099
Nakaodai Junior High School community house23, Nakaodai623-6787
Honmoku Junior High School community house32-1, Honmokuwada623-6699
Yoshida Junior High School community house3-84, Hagoromocho262-2629
Arabian bird junior high school community house22-1, Honmokuhara624-1651
Medium Honmoku community house2-351, Honmokucho623-8483
Hakuyou Park child log house89-1, Hakuyou641-1169

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Can search from specific Address emergency water supply base search system by Water Works Bureau "smoothly at the nearest emergency water supply bases in mappu".

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