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See all to know by statistics summary - statistics of Minami Ward; ...

Last update date May 12, 2020

"Minami to know by statistics" compiled material provided by various statistics and it was easy to understand the Minami Ward numerically and introduced. We are happy if you can utilize as information knowing change about Minami Ward widely.

The latest edition (February, 2020 issuance)

Downloading of data

See all to know by - statistics in 2019; ... (PDF: 9,181KB)

Attention of this book

  1. We made this book based on "Yokohama-shi statistical documentation" mainly. Thing without mentions such as materials stops at this to table and graph.
  2. As numerical fraction less than a unit should be rounding off as for this book, we may not necessarily agree to the total number.
  3. About population, as for the value as of 1st of each month, value as of the end of the month in each month added up Basic Resident Register and foreigner resident registration with population based on national census by estimate in each year in each year.
  4. When more detailed number, contents are necessary, please refer to information making engine of each table or Minami Ward government office Statistics and Elections Section for statistical data which you published in this book.
  5. As for the thing without explanatory note in particular, "each age" and "Heisei ○ year" and thing listing list number until March 31 in "Heisei ○ year" and thing listing about number in the next year from April 1 in numbers from January 1 to December 31, "each year".

Past "Minami to know by statistics"

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