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We planted bitter gourd in rooftop garden of Minami Ward government office (May 29, 2020)

Last update date May 29, 2020

Temperature rose day by day, and it was time when it was felt that summer approached.
At Minami Ward government office, we cultivate bitter gourd for the purpose of prevention of warming measures and green creation in rooftop garden on the sixth floor and make green curtain.
In last year, green curtain covered window of meeting room and was able to realize *netsukoka, too.
In around August, bitter gourd grows. There are recipes of delicious summer dishes using bitter gourd a lot. We take kind out of harvested bitter gourd and prepare for plantation of the next year.
How about trying for the making of green curtain which everybody is felt "cool air" for at home, and delicious bitter gourd can harvest?

State this year

We sowed seeds in the end of April and brought up with pot, but leaf planted in planting measure as it was to around four pieces.
Become green curtain safely!

State of last year

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