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You can look at PDF version. Public information Yokohama places information as of 1st every month. Website is released every month on first open agency day. Publication contents are things at the time of issuance, and contents may be different from the present.

Last update date April 1, 2019

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April, 2019 issue (the latest issue)

Special feature: Story-telling to enjoy in parent and child

fuchitorippu ": trips from Minamiota to Shimizugaoka the first"

See all; de local contribution in "more spirit in area in bees! Bee gumi project"

To topics "specialized consultation of ward office as for the slight trouble of daily livings"

"We follow rule, and seed of 3R dream feels good with collection site, too"

"ga is important!" from Minami fire department "small, to hit fire"

Topics 2 "carries out company open call for participants of old Minami Ward synthesis Government building ruins"

Child care bulletin board "will catch event information of parent and child participation!" with "Minami Ward child care calendar"

"Let's confirm Minami evil-proof extra for new life! Imminent evacuation sites"

"Story-telling to enjoy in parent and child"

March, 2019 issue

Special feature: Let's be in love with cherry tree of Minami

minatchito line bear is associated; walk ": around subway Gumyoji Station the twelfth"

See all; de local contribution "local ring to join together community house"

Topics "revised Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Minami Ward plan" "town development of Minami Ward"

"Let's include firefighting communication for earthquake!"

We see, and, on "Sunday, April 7, nationwide local elections (City Counsil, prefectural assembly, the governor) are carried out" information plus all

Vigorous recipe Vol.23 "dish simmered in soboro of pumpkin"

chiikino power "hand drum society of Mutsukawa dragon which we connect area through drum performance and want to heap up"

Column which is 3R dream "garbage collection by category is checked by application of Yokohama!"

Come; aimlessly "kaiikoseibutsuko" "cherry tree study notebook"

"Let's be in love with cherry tree of Minami"

February, 2019 issue

Special feature: tsunagaruchiikino ring

minatchito line bear is associated; walk ": around Keihin Electric Express Gumyoji Station the eleventh"

See all; de local contribution "reduce food loss, and local group is support, too! hori*jiku foods link"

Topics "Yokohama-shi care preventive life support service assistance business introducing activity to support local spirit" to

We tell, and "thyme "starts child care relievedly of mom and child" in Nagataminamidai Park child log house!"

See all; information plus "let's play! Let's learn! Minami Ward mall festival & disaster prevention Festa is held at the same time!"

To firefighting communication when "we had trouble with sudden disease and injury # 7119"

chiikino power "multi-generation interchange in mandarin orange picking"

So that "application of oversized garbage hastens column which is 3R dream!"

Come; aimlessly "dormitory tomokinsu" "yukinokatachi"

"We have tsunagaruchiikino ring areas with ring of person doing the best for area"

News page (PDF: 728KB)

All page lumps (PDF: 4,443KB)

January, 2019 issue

Special feature: We look back toward Heisei of Minami! HeiseiSugoroku(sugoroku)

minatchito line bear is associated; walk ": around Yoshinocho Station the tenth"

The New Year Director General greetings

To topics "specialized consultation of ward office as for the slight trouble of daily livings"

Column "happily master classification game with smartphone" that is 3R dream

For firefighting communication "heavy snow"

Come; aimlessly "earth science nosusume" "joyanokane"

Recipe Vol.22 "tosses citron" vigorously

chiikino power "salon Hel sea circle machida society by multi-generation interchange full of smiles"

See all; information plus "cherry tree matsurinibomborio"

Let's get New Year's present present in answer to questionnaire!

"We look back toward Heisei of Minami! HeiseiSugoroku" (sugoroku)

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