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Public announcement of Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion box"

Last update date September 7, 2020

 Had approach from all of you;, "as a general rule, among Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion boxes", announce the points such as suggestion, opinion and answer (correspondence) for that about thing which replied by "document" or "E-mail".

 On public announcement, we do the following handling.
1.We summarize suggestion, contents such as opinions which had you approach after consideration for personal information and announce.
2.We do not announce full name of contributor.
3.We consider personal information about answer sentence.
4.As a general rule, during period of public announcement, we do with one month.

 In addition, we do not announce the following cases.
1.Item that authorized individual is distinguished by the contribution point and the answer point
2.Item which proposal of not wanting you to announce from contributor was
3.Answer plan that outside engine made
4.We promote slander slander for individual or group by announcing or might invite situation against public order and morals and distemper
5.Motoichi was litigating about contribution contents with contributor and made a reply of not being able to make a concrete reply
6.Answer did not arrive at clearly

※There is no suggestion targeted for public announcement now.

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