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Minami Ward dispatches coordinator a little

We dispatch coordinator making a specialty of supporting the making of advice and plan for activity that approach for the making of local charm including leading figure excavation of local action continues and develops.

Last update date April 20, 2020

Target group

※It applies to group corresponding to all of next 1.2.

  1. Any groups which are based in meeting, Minami Ward which Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations in Minami Ward or Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations affects
  2. Use of inhabitant of a ward facilities participating in cooperation business between group which continues, and moves into action or hopeful group which establishes newly, and will continue in future, and works or Minami Ward facilities

Target activity

  • Activity for leading figure excavation, upbringing of local action
  • Activity to promote participation in local action of young generation
  • Activity to promote cooperation between groups
  • Activity for the making of local charm

Dispatch contents

The dispatch number of times

Before the year to three times of principles
※In the case of a lot of application, we may regulate the dispatch number of times within the budget.


Depending on consultation contents, we dispatch expert knowing a lot about local action.


Offer goes at any time. For more details, at first, please consult with Minami Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section.
Minami Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section telephone: 045-341-1239

Flow until dispatch

  1. Please consult about coordinator dispatch to Minami Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section.
  2. After the consultation "Minami Ward, a little fill out coordinator dispatch application", and take to Minami Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section.
  3. After the application acceptance, we examine contents and decide the right or wrong of dispatch.
  4. After the dispatch decision, we adjust schedules.

Past activity example

Nickname project (the south Nagatasannoudai district) of way

・Activity contents
By adding nickname to way of district, aim at oldness and breeding of consciousness, the making of friend.

・Support of coordinator
We advised about making in recruitment of participants and method, schedule of public information.

Reference materials

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