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Keep-fit to be possible in family during going out self-restraint! (minatchi exercises)

Last update date April 27, 2020

There is concern about mental and physical function decreasing by state that "does not change" (life is dull) continuing.
Mind and body will be refreshed together by moving the body moderately.
・We avoid crowd and take a walk by one and the limited number of people.
・We perform motion of house (radio exercises, original exercises, squat of the local government) to be possible in the inside or garden.
・We move body by housework (cooking that maintained gardening and tidying up, standing position) or farming.
・We reduce time sitting down and we walk in place and move body

Minami Ward original exercises "minatchi exercises"

minatchi exercises are Minami Ward original exercises completed in February, 2007.
We can exercise to parent and child and old person happily.
Let's perform not to make any unreasonableness to physical condition.
At first, where physical strength does not have confidence and old person, please sit down on chair.


Reference (minatchi exercises brochure)

Yokohama-shi original training "hamatore"

hamatore is training that we pay our attention to "walk" of elderly person and developed to prevent locomotive syndrome (※).

We organize 11 kinds of exercise to Yokohama-shi song got close to to citizen's all of you.

How about working casually while humming song of city?

(※) We have exercise device failure including age-related muscle weakness and bone, arthropathy with locomotive syndrome, and locomotiveness "to stand, and to sit down, and to walk" says state to decrease.


We make streaming with the following address. (the outside site)

Reference (hamatore exercises brochure)

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