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Child care support, outing information

Last update date March 20, 2019

We will go to place that can be idle in parent and child!

It is place that protectors during child care feels relieved and that child care is possible and supports happily.
There is open space that parent and child play, and interchanges and can talk about trouble of slight child care. In addition, we perform course and reporting about course, exchange meeting and child care for parent and child to be useful for child care.

Local child care support base ippo (the outside site)

We play with child casually anytime, and interchange, information exchange between parents, child care consultation are possible.
We talk with everybody during child care and get slight hint of child care and are place to be able to spend leisurely.

nagatsuta pao pao (the outside site)
Place to stay of green native parent and child "becomes dull" (the outside site)
Open space mirai pocket (the outside site) of gathering

We will participate in parent and child!

It is classroom that babies (targeted for the first child) under 1 and parent, pregnant women gather and spend happily together.

We perform child care consultation by child care supporter. There are toys and can play.

Child care salon

Toys are prepared and they play parent and child and are place that can interchange between parents.

Child care circle

Child care group moving into action in ward performs seasonal event or handmade toy production.

★Information of child care salon, child care circle look at child care information site "green native open space" (the outside site).

We move the body, and let's play!

We hold play park (play park) in sanhonentamasakakoen.

There are slide, rings, picture book, building block cushion. As it is in a room, we can play with all one's might even on rainy day.

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Telephone: 045-930-2332

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