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Evacuation shelter (designated refuge)

Last update date April 10, 2020

Evacuation shelter (designated refuge)

When we cannot come back to home by collapse of house caused by earthquake, we shelter in appointed evacuation shelter (designated refuge).
22 elementary schools and junior high school are appointed as evacuation shelter now, and, in Midori Ward, the governing board consisting of area, school, administration performs management administration of base.
In addition, evacuation shelter of Midori Ward is as follows.

[table] Evacuation shelter (designated refuge) of Midori Ward

Evacuation shelter (designated refuge)
School name

The location
(Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi)

Name of a street
Higashihongo Elementary School5-40-1, HigashihongoPart of 1, Higashihongo, part of 2, Higashihongo, part of 3, Higashihongo, part of 4, Higashihongo, Higashihongo 5.6 chome, Higashihongo-cho
The east Kamoi junior high school3-39-1, Kamoi2, Kamoi, 3, Kamoi, a part of 1, Higashihongo, a part of 2, Higashihongo, a part of 3, Higashihongo, a part of 4, Higashihongo, a part of Kamoi-cho
Kamoi elementary school4-7-15, Kamoi1, Kamoi, 4, Kamoi, a part of Kamoi-cho
Green elementary school5-19-1, Kamoi5, Kamoi - 7, a part of Kamoi-cho
Takeyama Elementary SchoolTakeyama 3-1-16Takeyama 1 - 4
Kamoi junior high school5-12-35, Kamoi1, Hakusan - 4
Ueyama Elementary SchoolUeyama 2-5-1Ueyama 1 - 3
Nakayama Elementary SchoolNakayama 4-16-1Part of Hajime Nakayama chome, Nakayama 2 - 6
Nakayama Junior High School653-21, TerayamachoTerayamacho
Stand elementary school of forestStand 13-1 of forestDaimuracho, a part of Hajime Nakayama chome, stand of forest
Yamashita Elementary School1865-3, KitahassakuchoAotocho, Oyama-cho, a part of Kitahassakucho
Yamashita Midoridai Elementary School2031-3, KitahassakuchoNishihassakucho, a part of Kitahassakucho
sanhoshogakuko1867, MihochoMihocho
Shinji Elementary School768, NiiharuchoNiiharucho
Tokaichiba junior high school1501-42, TookaichibachoPart of 836, Tookaichibacho, 1258, 1296, 1481, 1501 (including Tokaichiba housing complex)
Tokaichiba elementary school1392-1, TookaichibachoA part of Tookaichiba-cho, a part of 4, Nagatsutaminamidai, a part of 6, Nagatsutaminamidai, a part of 7, Nagatsutaminamidai
Kirigaoka school4-3, Kirigaoka1, Kirigaoka, 4, Kirigaoka
Foggy village3-23, Kirigaoka2, Kirigaoka, 3, Kirigaoka, 5, Kirigaoka, 6, Kirigaoka
Ibukino Elementary School14-1, IbukinoA part of 1, Nagatsuta, a part of 5, Nagatsuta, a part of 6, Nagatsuta, a part of Nagatsuta-cho, Ibukino, 1, Nagatsutaminamidai, 3, Nagatsutaminamidai, 4, Nagatsutaminamidai, 5, Nagatsutaminamidai, a part of part, 7, Nagatsutaminamidai of 6, Nagatsutaminamidai
Nagatsuta Elementary School2330, NagatsutachoPart of 5, Nagatsuta, part of 6, Nagatsuta, 7, Nagatsuta, part of Nagatsuta-cho, 2, Nagatsutaminamidai
Nagatsuta second Elementary School2469-3, NagatsutachoA part of 3, Nagatsuta, a part of 4, Nagatsuta, a part of Nagatsuta-cho
Tana Junior High School2-24-1, NagatsutaA part of 1, Nagatsuta, 2, Nagatsuta, a part of 3, Nagatsuta, a part of 4, Nagatsuta, a part of Nagatsuta-cho

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