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Evacuation area

Last update date April 3, 2019

Evacuation area

When conflagration accompanied with earthquake occurs, as place to protect life, body from this radiant heat and smoke, we appoint eight in Midori Ward.

Evacuation area
Evacuation area nameSeating capacityTarget district (Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi)
The south Nagatsuta housing complex and the Morimura school whole area
(about 168,400 square meters)
About 103,000 peoplePart of Nagatsuta-cho, 1, Nagatsuta - 7,
(Aoba Ward) 1, Akanedai - 2, Ondacho, Tanacho
Showa University athletic ground whole area and Niiharu Satoyama Park
(about 191,500 square meters)

About 111,200 people

A part of Tookaichiba-cho, a part of Niiharucho
The Yamashita Elementary School whole area
(about 18,400 square meters)
About 11,200 people


Kanagawa University ground and forest Park of the four seasons
(about 444,000 square meters)
About 308,400 peopleUeyama 1-3 chome, a part of Daimuracho, a part of Terayamacho, Nakayama-machi, Hajime Nakayama - 4, a part of Mihocho, stand of forest
Takeyama housing complex
(about 359,000 square meters)
About 234,600 peoplePart of Kamoi-cho, 1, Kamoi - 7, Takeyama 1-4 chome, 1, Hakusan - 4, 1, Higashihongo - 6
The Orient Eiwa Jogakuin whole area
(about 387,200 square meters)
About 251,100 people1, Kirigaoka - 4, a part of 5, Kirigaoka, a part of 6, Kirigaoka, a part of Mihocho
The Yokohama College of Commerce whole area
(about 42,200 square meters)
About 29,300 peopleA part of Kitahassakucho, a part of Oyama-cho, a part of Nishihassakucho
(Aoba Ward) Umegaoka, Satsukigaoka
Genkaida Park
(about 173,500 square meters)
About 141,200 peopleIbukino, a part of Tookaichiba-cho, a part of Nagatsuta-cho, 1, Nagatsutaminamidai, 4-7 chome

 In addition, we do the following areas with "area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low". It is thought that possibility that large-scale spread of fire fire occurs is extremely low, and, with area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low, security of life is found area by evacuation action by judgment of inhabitants particularly even if we do not appoint evacuation area.
 A part of Kamoi-cho, a part of Kitahassakucho, for each one copy, a part of Oyama-cho of Kirigaoka 5.6 chome, a part of Daimuracho, a part of Terayamacho, a part of Nagatsutacho, Nagatsutaminamidai 2.3 chome, a part of Niiharucho, a part of Nishihassakucho, Higashihongocho, a part of Mihocho

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