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Fire, fire prevention, firefighting

Last update date October 10, 2020


When you need "certificate of damage / disaster" in damage of fire in zanzaitokorito such as reduction of taxes, insurance claim, fire of city tax, please apply to fire department. There is application in fire department.
Relief, support system to "all of you fitted for damage by fire, storm and flood damage" (PDF: 428KB)

Midori fire department defending section
TEL: 045-932-0119

When you produce smoke with campfire in open fire or school in the garden, please report beforehand. Fire engine may be dispatched with fire by mistake.

Downloading (PDF: 3KB) of report style

Midori fire department defending section
TEL: 045-932-0119

80% or more of person dying by building fire are survivors of house fire. Let's fix the next measures to follow important command.

We do not give fire

Gas stove or stove will use "safe kitchen utensil" with "safety device" preventing fire "security heater".

If fire comes out, we know early and do not open -

We are required so that "house fire alarm" informing outbreak of fire quickly sets up in all families. Please contact Midori fire department for the details.

If fire comes out, we put out - early

It is useful for initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. of fire if it comprises "fire extinguisher for house" in each room.

Including thing of fire prevention and disaster drill please feel free to contact.

Midori fire department Prevention Division
TEL: 045-932-0119


  Midori fire department HP
  Green fire brigade (local disaster prevention)

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