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Measures to earthquake

Last update date November 27, 2019

  • At first, to safe place nearby
    At first, like park, vacant land, school, let's evacuate to wide, safe place.
  • If home falls down; to elementary and junior high school
    When you cannot come back to home, please evacuate to elementary and junior high school (22 places in Midori Ward) which is "evacuation shelter" appointed beforehand. We perform information, distribution of relief supplies here.
    Evacuation shelter of Midori Ward
  • If fire spreads; to evacuation area
    When it is large-scale spread of fire fire and is dangerous, we evacuate to "evacuation area" appointed in seven places in Midori Ward including large park and large-scale housing complex. Let's come back to home and elementary and junior high school after confirming security.
    →Evacuation area of Midori Ward
Midori Ward government office General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
TEL: 045-930-2208 FAX: 045-930-2209
General Affairs Bureau crisis management room
TEL: 045-671-3456 FAX: 045-641-1677

When disaster occurs, it becomes hard to have call to affected areas. Please use in such a case. It is "message board of voice" which other areas listen to in information about safety that person of affected areas recorded. We can send message to person of affected areas. When we start offer, we will tell on TV radios. We dial with "171" and, according to the use guidance, perform record and playback of message.

Disaster prevention information E-mail delivery service (the outside site) delivers weather forecast, weather warning and earthquake information by E-mail.
In addition, in page of City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau disaster prevention, disaster, we introduce this earthquake information and disaster preparedness plan, investigation of Yokohama-shi, knowledge about disaster prevention.

When we perform disaster drill in Residential Association, kindergarten, school, companies such as Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, apartment, please consult.

Midori fire department Prevention Division
TEL: 045-932-0119

About supporting system to affect removing, improvement such as walls made of blocks

Please refer for question, consultation about various walls made of blocks at the following.

About general inquiry about wall made of blocks
Housing and Architecture Bureau information consultation section
TEL: 045-671-2953
About supporting system about improvement such as walls made of blocks
Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Disaster Prevention Section
TEL: 045-671-2930
About wall made of blocks in public building
Housing and Architecture Bureau maintenance promotion section
TEL: 045-671-2961
About wall made of blocks of school facility
Board of Education Secretariat Education Institution Section
TEL: 045-671-3262
About attending school road walls made of blocks
Board of Education Secretariat school support, regional alliances section
TEL: 045-671-3278

Prevention of landslide disaster

For measures construction that income earners including disaster prevention construction and restoration construction when landslides were generated to prevent landslide perform, we support construction cost.

Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Disaster Prevention Section (cliff disaster prevention charge)
TEL: 045-671-2948 FAX: 045-641-2756

It is wide on way

We support trouble and the removal expenses such as wall, the gate, tree that it is to push forward comfortable town development resisting disaster when narrow less than width 4m meets and maintains widening of road.

Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Disaster Prevention Section (narrow matches and is in charge of road)
TEL: 045-671-4544 FAX: 045-641-2756

About designation of well for disaster emergency

On the basis of lesson of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we have cooperation of well owner and perform designation of "well for disaster emergency".
After the examination of water conduct, we appoint about well where there was no problem in the quality of the water. In addition, well which caught designation is announced by plate notice of "well for disaster emergency", publication to designated well list so that citizen uses widely.
When you want to receive designation, or telephone, FAX is ward office directly, and apply.
  [inquiry] Midori Ward government office Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section
   TEL: 045-930-2368 FAX: 045-930-2367

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