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Prevention of furniture fall

Last update date July 2, 2020

For earthquake, let's carry out preventive measures against falls of furniture!

Prevention of furniture fall campaign

By fall of indoor furniture, majority is sacrificed

By the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, there is survey that was suffocation by having been crushed under house where about 90% collapsed and furniture which fell down among people who died.
In addition, there is survey to suppose that about 10% of person who died depended on prevention of fall of furniture.

Let's utilize fall prevention goods

Prior preparations are essential to be able to follow command even if earthquake comes whenever.

L-shaped metal fittings
L-shaped metal fittings (wall needs strength)

Thrust stick
Thrust stick (ceiling needs strength)

The adhesion mat
The adhesion mat (careful on expiration date)

Besides, there are various kinds of measures

When we are sleeping
Even if furniture falls down by any chance, let's put in place that does not hit sleeping person directly.

On glass door film
We put film for prevention of scattering on glass door, and let's put clasp at door.

We do not put one of pike conger in evacuation route
As the front and corridor of door become evacuation route, it will prevent you from putting thing falling down.


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