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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

It is (R2.2.13) about basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2020

Last update date February 13, 2020

February 13, 2020
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

We talk about basic policy and summary of municipal administration administration on suggesting budget bill, associated bills in 2020.
For new coronavirus infectious disease, we work on correspondence to Cruise ship anchoring in Yokohama Port with every effort in cooperation with country, the prefecture. Primarily we will cope by security of security, relief to be absolutely sure as city representing Cruise port of our country in future while snuggling up to anxiety of citizen's all of you.
In addition, we support well and will do so that Cruise, sightseeing, influence on city economy including production activity are minimized.

Result and the results of approach for the future of Yokohama

In 2020, what we repeated for achievement of policy step by step is greatly realized with City Counsil, citizen's all of you.

By past strategic company invitation, accumulation of the head office of global company to the downtown area seaside part and research and development function advanced around Minato Mirai 21 district. Yokohama grew up now to representative business base of metropolitan area. Headquarter shift of ISUZU MOTORS is decided, and Pacifico-yokohama north and hotel, entertainment facility open in succession, and new town development to be connected for vigor and bustle develops this spring last year.

We connected expansion of global Cruise market with vitality of Yokohama Port. We maintained facility where we made use of strength of natural good harbor with enough depth of the water in to cope with increase of the number of the calls at a port and upsizing of passenger ship. There was active invitation activity, and the departure and arrival number of times of cruise passenger boat came first nationwide.

High trust is put from international community by success of athletic meet of many international conferences and world class, approach of international exchange, international contribution for many years, the choice to SDGs city of the future. Rugby World Cup 2019™ of last year is over successfully, too, and baseball, softball of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics, soccer competition are held this year. Opportunity to send charm of Yokohama to the world comes again.

We pushed forward approach to support the making of person and living ahead of other cities. We raise all agencies and push forward approach it is quick and to cope with social problem to become diversification, complexity carefully in the fields such as the welfare, education, child care. We piled up the results such as nursery school waiting-list child measures, promotion of woman achievement, improvement of education environment, construction of local inclusion care system.

We reach the times of Reiwa, and we face progress of population decline, super aging and the unstable international situation, the difficult situation and problem including global environmental problem. It is sought that we connect trust and the results that Yokohama cultivated so far with further growth and security and relief of to new vitality and civic life.

New vitality and creation to pull Yokohama

New value is created by interchange and cooperation across the field while innovation advances rapidly in "innovation city, Yokohama". There are many company, human resources having superior technique including 26 universities and research organization more than 150 and, in Yokohama, exists, and domestic and foreign networks spread. "I, TOP Yokohama" that is platform of such companies, human resources creates new business project from "LIP. Yokohama" and "YOXO BOX". For medium and small-sized business, activation of mall supporting the city economy, we found financing menus to small company and support introduction of the cashless settlement.

As for the sightseeing mainly on inbound pulling economic growth of our country, expansion is expected in future. Yokohama greatly in comparison with city of so-called Golden routes of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka lags behind. You should promote sightseeing activation like Yokohama by all means. By the making of contents to be able to enjoy simply because it is Yokohama, we can connect to increase of sightseeing attracting tourist while accumulation of entertainment facility, MICE facility advances.
We expand various traffic to enjoy the downtown area seaside part, and to make an excursion. We start service of singing in chorus bus "bay side blue" in June, and ropeway linking new port Wharf to Sakuragicho-sta. is maintained. In addition, we hold "garden necklace Yokohama 2020" filled with flower and green in whole city. We push forward development of yunikubenyu only in Yokohama and, by creative illuminations, work on activation of night time economy.

And we increase tourists from home and abroad and make new bustle and push forward full-scale examination, preparations for IR (unification type resort) to contribute to promotion of Yokohama economy. We will perform development of conduct policy, open call for participants, the choice of company while repeating careful explanation to all of you sequentially.

Aiming at international gardening exhibition holding of 2027, we push forward establishment preparations for held organization. We let you accelerate plan development for introduction of town development utilizing Special Zones for Structural Reform and new traffic from Seya Station in upper Seya becoming exhibition venue in total.
We push forward extension of high-speed railway Route 3, maintenance of traffic network including Yokohama loop south line other than line direct to opening of business planned Sotetsu, Tokyu at the latter half of 2022. And we secure local traffic and connect with activation of improvement in convenience and the suburbs part of civic life.

Growth as culture art creation city of world level is important strategy for Yokohama to become chosen city in the competition between cities. We suggest policy to country positively while the amount of national budget for culture art connection per person of our country is lower than European countries or Korea and push forward approach as a leader as Yokohama-shi.
Art Festival starts and, after eight years, takes root in citizen's all of you. We hold "Yokohama Triennale 2020" this year.
In addition, we expand orchestra musical ballet appreciation to bring up rich sensitivity and originality of children. Particularly, by ballet appreciation that we began in last year, we had message of joy and impression from various places of many children and teachers.
About new theater plan becoming the core, we work on examination, investigation about management administration into basic plan, the making of network with domestic and foreign theaters on promoting culture art creation city.

We support security and relief of living

It supports measure to support security and relief of civic life steadily carefully.

There was serious damage by typhoon No. 15 last year in Yokohama-shi. Aiming at restoration that moment is early, we push forward redevelopment of Kanazawa shoreline building a breakwater that we suffered from.
On the other hand, with typhoon No. 19, Tsurumi River multi-purpose play Suichi contributed to restraint of the inundation damage. There was effort of people concerned who had we were devoted, and night support in Yokohama International Stadium in play Suichi and was able to hold game of Rugby World Cup on the next day. Praise was sent from home and abroad, and improvement of measure of hardware and software right worked.
We work on the inundation measures by river repair such as maintenance or Katabira River such as rainwater main lines of the sewer, enlargement of disaster prevention speaker to look after citizen's all of you from natural disaster to occur frequently year by year well. In addition, by promotion of the use and evacuation action of hazard map in each family, enhancement, reinforcement of fire brigade activity, we promote self support, approach of community support.
Importance of environmental maintenance to surround children had been increasing still more and, for child care, education, included sum more than 30% of general account budget. Commencing with expansion of acceptance frames such as nursery schools, we work secondary to securing of childcare, education of human resources, improvement of quality. For support that does not have break from the pregnancy period, we post maternal and child health coordinator in all wards and strengthen child abuse measures and work on poverty measures of child.
In addition, commencing with setting of air conditioner to school gymnasium, ensuring safety of attending school road, go ahead through increase of school social workers, expansion of subject allotment system, further enhancement of junior high school lunch and promote work-style reform of the staff of a school.

We expand maintenance of community-based special elderly nursing home to support care needs to increase and support security, fixation of care human resources. In addition, we promote response to dementia including enlargement of forgetfulness health check-up and dementia disease medical center. We start operation of doctor's car newly to strengthen emergency care system in response to surge of medical demand.

Agriculture of Yokohama supports the rich eating habits with our health. For activation of Yokohama agriculture, we will work on support of leading figure or production promotion, local production for local consumption of agricultural and livestock products in future.

We promote deterioration measures of public facilities premeditatedly. We perform reorganization maintenance depending on the fact that we become multi-purpose in school facility and decrypt and maintenance, update. In addition, in garbage destruction by fire factory, we push forward rebuilding such as Seto Bridge houses in redevelopment, Municipal Housing of stopping Hodogaya factory.

Foreigners surpass 100,000 people, and further increase is anticipated. As international city Yokohama, anyone promotes environment creation which is easy to live. Further reporting and consultation correspondence are possible and, at windows of ward office, expand translation, communications equipment. We found international exchange lounge in Midori Ward and establish Japanese support base becoming the second place in Tsurumi Ward.

Big city system

I will take the fourth heavy responsibility as designated city Conference of Mayors chairperson from April. Designated city Conference of Mayors made active policy suggestion for country, and acceptance expansion of-designated foreign country human resources of help conduct city, free of preschool education, childcare brought about result reflected by system revision including making until now. We further strengthen cooperation between the mayors and will work on suggestion that power of big city can show even more in future.

In addition, we push forward seven neighboring local governments and activation of sightseeing for attracting tourist from home and abroad. Cooperation between the basic local governments in metropolitan area attracts attention as new model from country and will enlarge the field in future.

At each ward office, we carry out the spot principles thoroughly and take voice of local all of you and work on problem solution. By over-the-counter service satisfaction investigation, "satisfaction" had evaluation of "we are satisfied a little" from 99% of, and, of these, "satisfaction" became highest in past investigation with 87.9%. It is result that the staff contacting citizen's all of you in the front line worked on with consciousness of hospitality every day and is proud very much. About functional enhancement of ward, we work sequentially in total.

And we suggest to countries and, through every opportunity, request and, for realization of "special self-government City" that is new big city system, will pressure to work on law revision.

Financial and administrative operations

Each 2002 accounts budget bill to suggest,
General account 1.74 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.2697 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 596.3 billion yen
All accounts are 3.606 trillion yen in total.

General account in comparison with last year of 1.2% fall, and is the sum total of all accounts, of 2.7% fell.
We estimated city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue to be 846.1 billion yen. Of these, we reserve 2 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 844.1 billion yen.
By annual expenditure, personnel expenses 371.3 billion yen, aid costs 520.6 billion yen, administrative budget 270 billion yen, facility included maintenance costs 201.6 billion yen, public loan costs 189.2 billion yen, drawing out 187.4 billion yen.
About municipal bond of general account, we utilize 126.7 billion yen. Primary balance of Yokohama method assumes surplus of 27.9 billion yen and secures balance in full business year during plan period of Middle four years.
By business review, we brought about the amount of effect of 11.1 billion yen in 1,045 business.
The new city hall opens at the end of June. We push forward improvement of service to citizen's all of you and the effective duties execution and work on work-style reform still more.


By Rugby World Cup of last year, we were impressed by figure which players who played an active part as representative from Japan became one team, and united with courage regardless of nationality and native place. I received voice of many thanks from customer who visited Yokohama for heartwarming hospitality of volunteer and citizen's all of you.
Until holding of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics, it is another 162 days. We make use of "connection with people and person" that experience and Yokohama of Rugby World Cup brought up and greet each country by the best hospitality. Touch devoted figure of volunteer and people concerned supporting brave figure and meeting of the top athlete close and engrave impression and memory into mind deeply and pray children that we want future bread to do.

Point wants to promote municipal administration with all of you from now on for the future of Yokohama growing up continuously, too. Thank you for your cooperation.

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