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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

It is (H30.2.16) about basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2018

Last update date February 28, 2019

February 16, 2018
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

We talk about basic policy and summary of municipal administration administration on suggesting budget bill, associated bills in 2018.

We devise new Middle plan and step forward boldly

Yokohama economy added to brightness, and, for December period from last October, BSI indicating business perception of the city company rose 7.8 points from the first half year and exceeded number for the same period just before Lehman shock for highest 19 years. BSI of medium and small-sized business is greatly improved, too. For 28 years, sightseeing offtake in the city was sublimed into 319.5 billion yen, about 1.7 times of 23 years, and "urban greening Yokohama fair of holding of the whole country" was really full of 6 million visitors last year.

If we raise charm of Yokohama and make use of potential sufficiently, flower opens, and measure that pushed forward the cause of the conviction that can realize growth is realized surely.

Apple, Shiseido, research and development base of Murata Mfg., advance of company to the city including the head office of Keikyu continue. Campus of Kanagawa University, new establishment of three music halls including large arena of 20,000 accommodation are hit in Minato Mirai 21 district, too and add to business, sightseeing MICE, and attention gathers in dispatch of the arts and sciences, culture art.

Furthermore, achievement of various places that were not able to finish making use of senior, before including young people in approach that we nominated citizen for let alone woman advances. Womanpower rates in late 30s rose 6.6 points, and, in five years until 27 years, M-shaped curve was improved. 1.6 times in last year, record-high 99 companies were authorized with woman who utilized support of city, and made company was "Yokohama good balance Prize" for company which worked on to 221 people and work-life balance in six years.

We defeat the severe situation that vitality of city may be lost while population decline approaches near at hand and turn into chance by our power. We described the route in approach of more than eight years. In sustainable Yokohama, we connect Yokohama filled with dream and hope to children carrying the next generation. As the Japan's biggest basic local government, we made the model and put up, and internal and external city and joint ownership, thing that we contributed to worked in mission and all Yokohama.

By new Middle plan, deepen every approach that let you bear fruit until now and evolve and gather up. We assumed budget to embark on boldly powerfully in the first year in 2018.

Powerful economic growth and realization of culture art creation city

We expand support to medium and small-sized businesses occupying 99.6% of city offices to make orbit of recovery, growth of Yokohama economy a reliable one. More than anything, we support labor shortage measures that are urgent problem, business succession chiefly. In addition, we support store invitations that we put together for individual characteristics so that mall coherent to area does well more and more.

For further company invitation, we expand support in around Kannai area, and go ahead through strategic invitation that linked town development measure and connect with creation and the making of network of the employment with the city company.

Company of manufacturing introduced IoT technology into product line in cooperation with major IT company with platform which we raised was "I, TOP Yokohama" and realized improvement of productivity last year. "Connection" beyond scale, type of industry produces solutions. With "LIP. Yokohama", we open industry, academia and government, financial network and promote creation of business.

Companies working on overseas infrastructure business through Y-PORT center increase and lead to problem solution of rising nation cities. We open office in New York to call in vitality of the Americas area and promote more overseas business.

We suggested that we wanted to work on the field of culture art newly on facing the third sitting as chairperson in designated city mayoral roundtable meeting of the end of last year. This is because power of culture art is necessary so that city in opportune time will bring up rich "person" in future. As children carrying the future touch high quality genuine culture art since childhood, it feeds sensitivity and creativity, and it is important among other things to bring up "mind" to be considerate of people. We examine maintenance contents or technique while considering synergism with utilization of private power and existing facility about new theater touched in full-scale performing arts. In addition, we push forward maintenance of inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center becoming base in imminent area with Seya, Kohoku, three wards of Tsuzuki.

Triennale, festival of dance, music, East Asia culture city. We develop culture art business that we did on the stage of the town of Yokohama year by year. In this year equal to the Japan and France interchange 160th anniversary, we hold "Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018" in cooperation with dance Biennale of sister city, Lyon. We aim at realization of culture art creation city to expand a certain characteristic program like Yokohama, and that many people are repeated from the inside and outside and visit.

We push forward preparations for the seventh held Tokyo International Conference on African Development well for 31 years. After the past two times of Yokohama holding, cooperation, interchange with African countries deepens surely and advances to cooperation in the field of refuse last year through "beautiful town platform of Africa" which started. We emphasize "city that is the nearest to Africa" even more and push forward maintenance of acceptance environment for subsequent Rugby World Cup 2019TM, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics and national big event. We enhance presence of international city, Yokohama still more without missing chance when interchange with the world spreads through and contribute to international peace as peace messenger city.

Environmentally-advanced city which flower and Midori are filled with

We colored town and village forest in cherry blossoms, rose, spring flowers including tulip and, by "national urban greening Yokohama fair", created new charm of Yokohama and were able to send surprise and impression. We released village forest garden again in autumn, and various places of 90,000 were visited. We succeed to this result and promote approach of "garden city Yokohama".

In this spring, please enjoy all and area and village forest garden by the new clothing under the pretense of "garden necklace Yokohama 2018". With pretty garden bear, we greet visitors. We let mind to value flower and green root well without assuming result that we brought about by Yokohama fair transient thing and bring up. In addition, by citizen cooperation, we work on creation of bustle utilizing park, activation of town.

For six years, we led approach, the inside and outside of country up to culture, economy, aging measures widely let alone environment as "environmental city of the future" until now. We are based on the result and challenge the "SDGs city of the future" which country pushes forward choice. In addition, profit of promotion and hydrogen energy of next-generation traffic further stimulates inflecting and aims at natural symbiosis and economic development, both realization.

Challenge to super-aged society

Aging goes in earnest, and needs of medical care, care increase so as not to be able to support in conventional structure. We let all ward maintenance of home medical care cooperation base complete quickly to overcome this Year 2025 Problem and pushed forward construction of local inclusion care system. People of advanced age work with every effort to be able to show model that it is continued living in area that lived so long in peace.

We double quantity of maintenance of special elderly nursing home to about 600 beds a year from open call for participants of 2018. Furthermore, we support house loan-sharking and care robot introduction of the new care staff to check lack of worsening care human resources. We push forward securing of necessary bed function at the same time to expand home medical care still more. We push forward construction of community medicine cooperation network utilizing ICT.

It was expected that "Yokohama walking point" that started for extension of healthy life expectancy for 26 years could achieve the first aim called 300,000 participants. We start operation of pedometer application to further widen ring of health promotion with the second from April and promote participation in generation to work in younger generation.

Town development that companies gather, and people are energetic

In the summer of last year, we started construction of construction of the new city hall. Around Yokohama Station, cancellation of horseback part of passage free to do center advances to station building development of West Exit. In the downtown area of Yokohama that greatly changes, we call in people and companies from home and abroad.

By town development of Kannai, Kangai-District taking advantage of move of city hall, we invite public participation for utilization company of the existing city hall block and promote redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium. We push forward special ward business of West Exit Tsuruya district where Yokohama Station came to, redevelopment of Yamashita-Futo, introduction preparations for advancement bus system utilizing singing in chorus bus.

In the suburbs part full of nature which about 60% of population of city lives in, aging accelerates more. Including young generation, it is chosen as every generation and fixes living environment which can want to continue living.

We support the making of local interchange base to bring about interchange and vitality in large-scale housing complex again. We work on vacant houses measures, rebuilding support of timeworn apartment. As for the maintenance of Kanazawa-Hakkei Station East Exit district that is base in southern city, service of the end of 2018 plans to begin. We push forward realization of the ruins use of old Fukaya communication place and, in the old top Seya communication facilities, invite international gardening exhibition and will connect with the making of new base activating the suburbs region.

The making of a variety of people making the future

And it is power of "people" to take such an approach. "People" worked on all and achievement support of every generation until now. We will concentrate all energy on the making of people in Yokohama making the future.

We aim at nursery school waiting-list child zero sequentially and maintain acceptance frame for 2,795 newly. For treatment improvement of nursery staff, we perform, in addition, city's original furtherance for payment that country sets in total.

Acute voice of various places of user is put to review meeting about object of becoming preschool education, childcare free of country which started last month. We receive service that all protectors, children need, and what you should aim at is society growing up in good health and, toward the realization, will play a role as the basics local government.

We expand model placement of maternal and child health coordinator to six wards and expand the consultation system from the pregnancy period. We carry out the expense furtherance of examination of hearing abnormality of newborn baby newly. Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment system pushes forward preparations for system repair to extend object of the going to hospital furtherance to the third grade at a junior high school from April, 2019.

We push forward work-style reform of the staff of a school and can connect to improvement of quality of education. Yokohama model delivery lunch "Hama dialect" reduces price from April and improves convenience still more. We let increase school social workers toward solution in prevention, early stage of bullying and strengthen the cause system of strong determination. We expand life, learning support for independence of children still more and expand poor measures of child.

Model locates coordinator in two wards of basic consultation support centers newly so that impaired person lives in peace in area. For person needing medical care routinely, medical care, the welfare, education trains coordinator who can cope with consultation over the multi-field.

For person whom life is troubling, we add to working support in connection with "Jobs pot", and it introduces new support for difficult to find house and builds house safety net.

The making of tough city to make the future

Distribution, sightseeing extend the use results to Yokohama Port together. Approach as international container strategy harbor grows, and long-cherished North American route is founded in last April, and traffic of container changes smoothly, too. We push forward maintenance of Minamihonmoku Wharf MC-4 container terminal to raise international competitiveness still more and perform investigation for early industrialization of new Honmoku-Futo. Furthermore, we work on the formation of LNG fueling base becoming first among our country.

The number of the passenger ship calls at a port of last year has already had reservation more than 200 times in 178 times, this year to greatly exceed record-high age. In the spring of next year, cruise of long-awaited QUEEN ELIZABETH departing from and arriving at Yokohama is realized, too. We push forward repair of new port Wharf 9 quay and passenger vessel terminal maintenance by citizen cooperation, maintenance of tentativeness CIQ facility for acceptance of superliner in Daikokufutou to take in Cruise demand that global active state follows surely. Furthermore, we utilize skywalk as visit facility to be able to enjoy a beautiful passenger ship closer.

Yokohama ring form northwest line following the opened north line aims at opening until the Olympics Paralympics for 32 years last year. We push forward maintenance of East Kanagawa area line and, about extension of high-speed railway Route 3, judge industrialization. The whole line high shelf of the autumn of this year aims at becoming, and consecutive grade separations between Hoshikawa, Tennocho Station of Sotetsu Main Line push forward preparations even in the neighborhood of Tsurugamine Station toward the start of construction.

We work on maintenance, update of public facilities which are urgent problem steadily. We catch opportunities such as rebuilding of school and Municipal Housing and by becoming multi-purpose, and pushing forward decrypting, plan optimization of facility placement, efficiency of administration. In addition, we fix our eyes on increase of cremation demand and devise basic plan for new funeral hall maintenance in Tsurumi Ward.

We were hit by repeated heavy rains and typhoons, and big influence occurred for civic life last year in Yokohama-shi. You must make sure of further flood measures and cliff place measures and the preparation to major earthquake. We promote leading figure upbringing of local disaster prevention, setting of vibration sensing breaker and we are enriched and strengthen fire brigade activity. We push forward fireproofing of town based on the regulations, maintenance of urgent transfer line and look after civic life surely.

Big city system

Authority such as salary burden on staff of a school, the fixed number decision was transferred and were able to locate the staff of a school who accorded with reinforcement of correspondence to bullying, truancy, education measure of city including promotion of educational continuity from primary through early secondary levels this year. In addition, in the autumn of next year, we establish passport center of city to transfer of passport issuance desk work from the prefecture newly in the municipal subway Center-Minami Station yard of the city northern part.

We realize that as Yokohama-shi that is the Japan's biggest basic local government having a population of 3.73 million has authority and resources appropriate for big city, civic life is improved surely some other time. We request, and, for realization of "special self-government city", myself let by telling citizen's about the need, accelerate discussion suggestion again sequentially to country. About wide area cooperation with the local government which is next to Yokohama-shi, we work positively.

We let budget reflect suggestion from ward office which was the front line of civic service well to cope with local problem based on purpose of "the ward office desk work division of duties regulations" carefully. We cope with 74.6% of suggestion more than 2017. We carry out the spot principles thoroughly and will push forward functional enhancement of ward office from now on.

We repeat the activity results as designated city Conference of Mayors, and cooperation of 20 cities deepens more and more and arrests this plane where dispatch power has been greatly increasing and, for realization of big city system reform, will work powerfully.

Budget scale

Each 2018 accounts budget to suggest,

General account 1.73 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.2955 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 565.6 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.5911 trillion yen

We do in this.

General account by increase of maintenance costs such as facilities and aid costs in comparison with last year of 5.1% grow, in the sum total of all accounts of 0.6% grew.

By general account budget, we anticipated with 812.6 billion yen to grow in comparison with net income sum with possibility 13.0% more at first by zo by transfer of tax revenue sources accompanied with transfer of the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school in 2017 about city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue. Of these, we reserve 2 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 810.6 billion yen by original budget.

By annual expenditure, we included maintenance costs such as facilities which were necessary for improvement of civic life including Yokohama loop-formed northwest line and the new city hall, maintenance for completion such as new port 9 quays, maintenance of social welfare facility and repairs of school facility and economic activation 247.4 billion yen. In addition, aid costs included 487.3 billion yen by increase of payment that childcare, education required. In addition, we included 191.5 billion yen, money of drawing out 189.6 billion yen for 251.7 billion yen, public loan costs for 362.4 billion yen, administrative budget for personnel expenses.

Maintenance, municipal bond issuance of fiscal soundness

I tried for financial administration that focused on fiscal soundness since the mayor appointment consistently. We take means necessary for problem solution and will not postpone excessive burden in the future at the same time in generation. It is determination balancing "promotion of measure" and "maintenance of fiscal soundness" sequentially even if we look good in now to step forward more powerfully for the future.

Based on "the regulations about promotion of a certain responsibility financial administration for the future", "management of the borrowed money balance that general account by premeditated municipal bond utilization copes" with and "reinforcement of financial fundamental by stable security of resources" set financial aim and approach along five directionality including "strategic utilization of possession assets" of new Middle plan and work on premeditated financial administration.

We showed directionality of municipal bond utilization in the future and did on suggesting 30 fiscal budgets. We do the amount of municipal bond utilization by new Middle plan with range of public loan costs principal for four years during plan period, and primary balance of Yokohama method lets you fluctuate depending on progress of business to aim at completion in 2020 in the first half and the latter half during plan period. Therefore we utilize municipal bond 171.6 billion yen with 30 fiscal budgets, and primary balance of Yokohama method is -25.2 billion yen, but will find balance altogether for four years until 2021.

Promotion of constant administrative reform

We work on constant administrative reform with every effort.

We worked on business review well sequentially to promote necessary measure in limited financial resources. As main approach, review and privatization, trust of city hall inside expense including restraint of overtime work reviewed bailouts to affiliated organization other than promotion of becoming and, in 1,176 business in total, brought about the amount of effect of 11.6 billion yen.

We try Yokohama version flextime and telework in all ward stations from April and, by work-style reform for the city hall move, let approach accelerate.

Furthermore, we devise public-private data utilization promotion plan and plan active data utilization and connect with effective efficiency-like municipal administration administration, activation of solution and economy of area problem.


We strongly remember really happy smile of customer who had for "national urban greening Yokohama fair". In flower and green, we heal people's minds and quench, and there is power to do wealthily. When it was one figure which Yokohama should aim at, we were convinced of city that overflowed for this flower and green and smile.

And people who were sent wisdom and technique to to let fair succeed by all means. People who cared for venue carefully during exhibition period, and kept beauty. Yokohama is supported by power of really many "people".

It goes through the thought to want bright hope to feel to all all of you living in this Yokohama, all of the companies running business in daily livings and future for every measure and pushes on in municipal administration. Relationship of mutual trust of citizen is a big support to let surge, individual measures grow so as to be unprecedented. There is power getting over any difficulty in Yokohama.

As viewpoint that received civic mandate with all of the City Counsil together, we repeated discussions and brought about result until now. We cross Yokohama in the future and will work on city overflowing in dream and hope with every effort from now on to develop. We would like continued support.

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