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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

About direction of municipal administration in the future (September 8, 2017)

Last update date August 7, 2018

September 8, 2017
Belief expression in City Counsil plenary session

We stand in this assembly hall and, in front of all of the City Counsil, think deeply about heavy responsibility taking municipal administration on as the 32nd The Mayor of Yokohama again.

The world situation changes busily and please be strong and, in the chaotic inside, increase when we want to keep daily peaceful livings. Economy in Japan is like the recovery basis, but all people do not come to yet realize. Under the influence of climate change by warming, unprecedented torrential rainfalls increases, and threat of major earthquake approaches, too.

We strongly decide Yokohama-shi that is the Japan's biggest basic local government while social uncertainty increases when you protect surely and pull Civvy Street and must show route to the future. We snuggle up to citizen's all of you and solve problem of one one carefully and share city troubled with the same problem and the measures.

The arrival of population decline is near at hand. Environment that supported child care generations challenged required and waiting-list child zero. It was said that we were reckless, but we beat our brains with the staff and put discussion on all of the City Counsil and realized zero in those days. As a result, cities all over Japan drew strong pushing of country commencing with challenge. A lot of women losing employment taking the opportunity of marriage, the pregnancy are Yokohama-shi where valley of so-called M-shaped curve was deep conspicuously, but 6.6 points rises to womanpower rate from five years ago for late 30s and improves steadily.

Result is given by all means if we continue challenging tenaciously. It is my conviction that we took post of mayor on for these eight years.

Town development of Kannai, Kangai-District accompanied with the city hall move. Activation of the suburbs part utilized return of the U.S. forces facility which was longtime earnest wish. Bold reproduction of waterfront which is the origin of Yokohama development. Improvement of medical care, care that fixed its eyes on 2025, poor measures of child.

There is power to accomplish even if in the severe situation in Yokohama. We give result by all means and, 50 years later, will succeed to Yokohama citizen 100 years later.

(improvement of support to "person" supporting the future)

Therefore, at first, you must bring up "people" supporting the future in Yokohama well.

We are very disappointed, but we become nuclear family, and declining birthrate advances, and power to bring up children becomes weak. Many children play in downtown. I am not seen in natural scenery in the days of child now. It is the world where protectors are apt to stand alone.

However, citizen power of Yokohama is hope of Yokohama. Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, NPO, social welfare corporation, company. Warm look that people of various viewpoints turn to children. Local child care support base and nursery school, kindergarten are really loving places to stay. We want to expand support that therefore there is to want you to make child care more in Yokohama. We include expense necessary for 30 fiscal budgets to feel, and to expand age targeted for Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment system to the third grade at a junior high school in April, 2019.

And lunch and Yokohama type delivery lunch "Hama dialect" that local company makes home lunch fixes equally all in total selectable environment in lifestyle so that junior high student of period of rapid growth can take lunch which we were able to take of nutrition balance at junior high school. We improve order method of "Hama dialect" to high thing of convenience more so that it is chosen as more protectors and students and aim at what we cut like school lunch from April, 2018.

We work on bullying measures that are improvement of quality of education, environmental maintenance such as rebuilding of school, urgent problem well.

Waiting-list child measures continue challenging in conjunction with improvement of quality of childcare, securing of human resources, too and fulfil responsibility as precedent city.

In addition, it is poverty measures of child to want to make efforts in above all. Not to make any the future of child being fixed by domestic economic conditions, we send learning support and support that expands support to local approach such as child restaurants, and is necessary to children surely. We fix our eyes on population decline society and, let alone achievement support of woman, examine the field of care, human resources securing of medium and small-sized business that lack of serious human resources is anticipated with all of the affiliates well. We promote health promotion to be able to play more role to all of the seniors and expand purpose of life working support spot.

In 2025, the number of the elderly people of city approaches 1 million people. We let maintenance of special elderly nursing home accelerate and include that we let about 600 beds double quantity of annual maintenance by "the seventh elderly person health welfare program, The Long-term Care Insurance business plan" to start in 2018. By cooperation of medical association, all ward maintenance of home medical care cooperation base was completed ahead of schedule for two years. We push forward construction of local inclusion care system sequentially. We maintain municipal hospital again to strengthen community medicine.

In addition, and with obstacle having a problem in life support well, and they come to last in the future, and to be able to live in peace in Yokohama.

(town development resisting disaster)

By public awareness investigation which we announced, "anti-disaster measures such as earthquakes" become the top of municipal administration request for 7 consecutive years recently after 2011. We will make sure of the preparation to every disaster.

We inspect new problem highlighted by recent disaster and realize countermeasure. We deal with disaster correspondence commencing with refuge administration and take in viewpoint of various places of woman and tower required well and carry out earthquake disaster prevention strategy steadily. Heavy rains occurred frequently, too and launched the anti-disaster measures caution headquarters over eight times this summer and hit correspondence of evacuation and damage. We strengthen flood measures and push forward maintenance of road network to take emergency transportation on and do in city that is strong in disaster.

(realization of a certain vitality Yokohama economy to support civic life)

We realize Yokohama economy powerful truly that Civvy Street is continued supporting. We repeat talks with all of the malls that took root in medium and small-sized business, area accounting for 99% or more of city companies and perform high support of effect. In addition, it is big charm of Yokohama that can obtain delicious farm products by security near. We work on further promotion of urban agriculture.

In late years many companies advanced to Yokohama, and inflow population to the city increased, and the lunch nighttime population ratio was improved. Network with the city company is created, too. We work on I, TOP Yokohama, support around two platforms of LIP. Yokohama to create the further employment and business model from Yokohama. Y-PORT center becomes axis and supports overseas development of the city infrastructure company and contributes to development of cities by technology of citizen.

In addition to the results of company accumulation and growth area upbringing, we make use of sightseeing, MICE, strength called culture art and work out dynamic economic policy and carry out. We call in further investment with all of the local economic world and let you expand business of the city company.

In 2019 to meet customer by the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development from the inside and outside and 2020 approach. As many people, things, information come and go, economy becomes active. And the making of frame of city is activation and inseparable relationship of economy.

We do reproduction, functional enhancement pushing forward in the activation of Kannai, Kangai-District taking advantage of maintenance of the new city hall which started construction in August, maintenance of MICE facility in Minato Mirai 21 district, around Yokohama Station and downtown area seaside part including redevelopment of Yamashita-Futo in form steadily. Touched place is necessary for high culture art of quality to shake heart in raising charm of Yokohama, and lengthening number of visitors/exchange population. We want to build route about possibility of theater maintenance.

We connect old Fukaya communication place, the use of the old top Seya communication facilities ruins with activation of the suburbs part well. We particularly concentrate all energy on invitation of international gardening exhibition to the old top Seya communication facilities ruins. Thanks to you, the number of the visitors of "national urban greening Yokohama fair" surpassed a total of 6 million people. We release large flower bed of village forest garden colored from this month 22 by autumn flower again and tie mind to love flower and green and realize garden city, Yokohama.

(steady urban infrastructure maintenance)

We support civic life and economic activities and push forward urban infrastructure maintenance to greatly contribute to reinforcement of disaster prevention function steadily. We aim at opening in 2020 and, following wide Hamakita line opened in this March, maintain Yokohama loop-formed northwest line. We work on maintenance of East Kanagawa area line steadily.

As "international container strategy harbor" taking harbor distribution reinforcement plan of country, we make a little over one level of international competitiveness of Yokohama Port in cooperation with Kawasaki, Yokohama international harbor. In addition, we maintain passenger ship acceptance function in new port Wharf and Daikokufutou. We make use of increase of Cruise population, chance of the international Cruise base choice and greet more tourists.

The results and ability of the making of city of Yokohama were evaluated by the inside and outside and have been recognized as model of town development. We beat our brains for urgent problem called deterioration of public buildings such as city infrastructure including road, bridge, school, Municipal Housing and balance equalization of expense and premeditated maintenance, update and build up new model. On rebuilding of school and use of citizen facility, we aim at connecting with optimization of facility placement in area and we make multi-purpose and challenge decrypting. We can connect to activation of the city medium and small-sized business becoming these leading figures surely.

We deploy result of "sustainable residential area model project" that we promoted in four city to all wards and push forward reproduction such as large-scale housing complex. In addition, based on the results that we worked on with a pioneer spirit as environmental city of the future, we contribute to global problem solution including climate change measures. We work on "sustainable development target" (SDGs) positively and push forward development of next environmental city of the future plan.

(promotion of administrative and financial reform and realization of special self-government city)

We work on administrative and financial reform with strong determination to promote such a business steadily. Let alone review of desk work business, we fix our eyes on the city hall move of 2020 and we nominate all agencies and push forward duties improvement and work-style reform. At first, we realize work-style reform from city hall. Based on purpose of "the public-private data utilization promotion basics regulations", we plan active data utilization for solution to local problem and development of economy. We work on rebuilding of compliance to meet social request surely.

We work on appropriate management of the borrowed money balance that premeditated municipal bond utilization, general account support and run sustainable finance by medium-and-long term viewpoint. Based on "the regulations about promotion of a certain responsibility financial administration for the future", we set new financial aim, and go ahead through approach for the achievement and balance promotion of measure and maintenance of fiscal soundness.

Early realization of self-government city is particularly required to promote measure appropriate for big city. City will take the fixed number decision and salary supply of the staff of a school from this year and pushes forward improvement of necessary organizational reform and organization system speedily. To handover of power from the prefecture of passport issuance desk work, go ahead through setting of new passport center to the area in northern city and plan improvement in convenience. We pressure country to work on law revision tenaciously sequentially with designated cities of the whole country to be able to have authority and resources appropriate for big city.


We repeated times as national project, and open "Yokohama Triennale 2017" became the sixth time now. In "East Asia culture city" that acted as the first holding city in 2014, relations across the country are built afterwards. Power of culture art more than words brings up sensitivity of people and brings about interchange. Dance and festival of music that also assumed town the stage. Vigor of town increases.

We carry out necessary measure making sure of in all Yokohama for the future. We snuggle up to citizens simply because there is in various changes and anxiety and will tie this Yokohama surely in the next generation.

We exchanged "10 promises" with citizen's all of you on going for this term. By new Middle plan devising, we will realize measure in future.

We want to repeat constructive as position that received together citizen's mandate with City Counsil in future and practical discussions to put Yokohama on orbit of certain growth, and to go as spiritually rich city. I would like continued guidance, cooperation some other time.

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