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About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2017

Last update date August 15, 2018

February 14, 2017
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Year of "mop-up" of Middle four years plan

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2017.

Fix your eyes on accomplishment and there of plan for Middle four years

Environment surrounding the basic local government adds to strictness. In big city, aging that rapidly progresses particularly has a serious influence including decrease in real worker and consumption commencing with increase of social security budget. Maintenance, update of infrastructure including road, water and sewage reaching update time in sequence is big problem, and this flow will not remain in future. Trouble that citizen's all of you have in daily livings diversifies year by year and becomes complicated.

Furthermore, overconcentration to Tokyo accelerating for 2020. In late years natural disaster to threaten city function including earthquake and torrential rain frequent. By change of government in the United States and the EU secession of the U.K., the world situation adds to uncertainty, too.

In such a change, we fix our eyes on the future well as the basic local government which is the most familiar to civic life and must push forward truly effectiveness-related measure that there is. We snuggle up to citizen's all of you well simply because it is in the inside where anxiety is sublimed into and support living. We take means for problem to face surely and citizen's all of you pass in the future and make every possible effort for Yokohama to realize happiness to live for. That is our mission.

"Collective strength" to break difficulties is in Yokohama. It is charm of town only in Yokohama not to be able to find in other cities, and power, that of city that we cannot finish making use of still more are power of the making of city based on past experience. And it is power of citizen, companies each one which live in this Yokohama that is the Japan's biggest basic local government, and work, and run business. If the power is shown sufficiently, and various various places that feel, and overflow to this Yokohama are tied again across wall of citizen from young people to various places of advanced age, it is a big support to open up the future.

We felt these and we made discussion and wrestled with all of the cause City Counsil of dual source representation together for Yokohama. Nursery school waiting-list child zero that we accomplished in all Yokohama. Many events full of charm utilized power of invitation of international MICE and culture art, sports. It cooperated in citizens and worked on solution to city problem including warming measures with a pioneer spirit. By emphasizing "Yokohama" inside and out, bustle of town increases year by year. Trust that by piling up certain result and results, is sent has been increasing.

We draw that with further potential with all of you in Yokohama and are convinced that we can realize sustained growth for the future.

The cause of such a faith, 29 fiscal budgets kept on being particular about three of next and organized.

At first, it is accomplishment of "Middle four years plan". It is year of mop-up of plan that we have decision from all of the City Counsil and promoted. We did in budget to accomplish "promotion of measure" and "maintenance of fiscal soundness".

The second is response to urgent problem. We will promote safety measures of issue of bullying and attending school road, poor measures of child strongly.

The third is to include measure that fixed its eyes on "point" of plan well. We let measure to develop "now" for support, "the future" of Yokohama spread out in every field from child care, education, the welfare, medical care, disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage, activation of economy to town development.

We put these into practice and are determination to serve as promise with citizen's all of you somehow or other.

We explain main measure of budget bill in 2017.

Display of power of every person

If more women show potential, organization, society changes economy. In the environment where woman can play an active part, anyone should be able to play an active part regardless of sex. We let approach of woman achievement accelerate, and introduction of various ways of working including telework by the city company supports woman appointment, environment maintenance of medium and small-sized business among other things. In addition, we catch every opportunity and emphasize promotion plan of Yokohama-shi that accorded with the spot.

We will continue challenge to nursery school waiting-list child zero in future. We maintain acceptance frame for 3,042 newly to support needs that continue increasing and work on securing of nursery staff. In addition, model places maternal and child health coordinator to expand support of after giving birth without interruption from the pregnancy period and strengthens function of child care generation inclusion support center. We push forward the making of place to stay of parent and child in area and install satellite of area child care support base becoming the third place in Aoba Ward. "Oh, advance from true child contact school" by switch to "kids club after school" and aim at completion in 2019 to expand place and opportunity to be able to spend rich after school. The going to hospital furtherance of children medical expenses extends object to sixth grader from April.

For children carrying the future of Yokohama, we work on improvement of education. Authority and tax tax revenue transfer to depend on the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school make possible the staff of a school placement depending on the fact of Yokohama. It has top priority and works on response to bullying. Following problem of bullying for child evacuated to by affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we strengthen the system to discover bullying not to make any repeating such a situation early, and to tie to solution. We place four chief school social workers newly to perform more effective support. Elementary and junior high school consistency type counselor lets placement to all junior high school blocks complete. And we will gather preventive measures against recurrences in the whole Yokohama-shi immediately.

Safety measures of attending school road are urgent business, too. We protect children commuting to and from school from accident and make sure of ensuring safety. Setting of prevention of harm device to fire prevention protection from smoke shutter lets you complete, too. We push forward investigation, examination for premeditated rebuilding of school in the children facility which is place of the human being formation in long-term viewpoint. We establish new Japanese support base and support elementary school student student needing Japanese instruction. We expand at opportunity to experience culture art of "genuine article" to bring up spiritually rich children. We carry out lunch "Hama dialect" with warmth that we got of nutrition balance at all junior high schools from this January and will plan further common knowledge and improvement of convenience in future.

The future of children should not depend on home environment. We expand life support, learning support of snuggle type and perform follow after high school entering further education newly. We carry out experimental project supporting local approach including so-called "child restaurant" with two wards. In addition, we dispatch the staff of local use plaza in ward office and carry out specialized consultation such as stop-at-home. We set up Yokohama model elementary school student home support center three newly and we see child and support to home and strengthen defense.

In 2025, elderly person population of city anticipates that about 1 million personality, bed of about 7,000 beds are short. You must build up the system which can support increase of medical care, care needs surely. We devise action guideline in each ward to further promote construction of "local inclusion care system" and set up "dementia initial intensive support team" to five wards newly. In cooperation with Yokohama-shi Medical Association, we work on improvement of home medical care system including the training of doctor taking home medical care and push forward securing of medical function again. In redevelopment of municipal hospital, we start the body construction for opening of a Diet session of 2020 in September. In addition, we will fix our eyes on cremation demand to increase in future and examine maintenance of new funeral hall.

Furthermore, we promote expansion of place of health promotion and achievement to be able to live lively in good health even if it becomes old. In "Yokohama walking point" business, we aim at aim of 300,000 civic participation. Furthermore, we push forward preparations for new development including development of smartphone app. In addition, we establish "purpose of life working support spot" in Kohoku Ward following Kanazawa Ward.

We work on problem worsening in area including so-called "garbage mansion" measures. It cooperates across department and pushes forward careful correspondence that focused on viewpoint of the welfare and aims at basic solution.

And it ticks away case pitiful at all that happened in person with a disability facility in the prefecture on chest some other time and respects anyone each other and works on social realization to be able to recognize last year. We pour power into cancellation of discrimination against impaired person, support of working.

Realization of further bustle and powerful Yokohama economy

Support to medium and small-sized business occupying approximately 99% of city offices is the most important to let Yokohama economy activate. We perform support in line with needs and task which the staff heard about on the site directly and push forward approach that fixed its eyes on tides of world manufacturing such as IoT.

In Yokohama life innovation platform "LIP. Yokohama", we aim at creation and practical use of innovative result in the field of health, medical care based on approach of international strategic general special ward. We work on development, reinforcement of industrial accumulation base pulling Yokohama economy in Keihin seaside part and inland. In addition, we strengthen function of "Y-PORT center" and establish public office of citizen cooperation and promote development of overseas infrastructure business of the city company still more.

At mall of every year favorable reception "is serious!" We support approach that concentrated inventive idea including series and plan improvement of pulling power. We raise attractive suggestion utilizing local resources or data newly and strengthen tenant invitation to vacant store and raise bustle together.

Potential of Yokohama is evaluated in many companies, and advances to the city occur successively including Minato Mirai 21 district. Yokohama technology center of apple was completed, and advances such as the head offices of Keikyu were decided last year, too. We will emphasize charm and superiority of Yokohama as business base well in future in domestic and foreign company and work on further invitation.

Event to produce more vigor in Yokohama continues this year. Visitors finally anticipate 5 million people until the start of long-awaited "the 33rd whole country urban greening Yokohama fair" for more than one month. In "the 50th Asian Development Bank annual meeting" of May, 4,000 customers come from all the countries of the world. We hold international exhibition "Yokohama Triennale 2017" of modern art at the same time with "Yokohama Para Triennale" in August. "Yokohama marathon 2017" increases participation scale in October and holds. In connection with force of inbound reinforcement of country, we create more bustle.

Furthermore, we connect in 2020 in 2019 without assuming vigor of this year transient thing. It is another two years to Rugby World Cup 2019TM where the final is held. By the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics of the next year, soccer, baseball, softball is held in the city. For two years that there is no before when attention of the world gathers in Yokohama, we push forward perfect preparations.

2019 is year of "the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development" holding. We will have the help from all of the City Counsil in future and emphasize city, Yokohama nearest Africa in Japan and push forward invitation. We let you deepen cooperation with overseas cities including Constanta reaching San Diego reaching the sister city tie-up 60th anniversary, the 40th anniversary and contribute to international peace as peace messenger city.

Town development of Yokohama gets into full swing

Flow of people and investment to Tokyo continues for 2020, and, in whole metropolitan area, maintenance of Linear Chuo Shinkansen and metropolitan area 3 beltway advances. Under these circumstances, we make use of strength only in Yokohama that we polished up until now and will push forward the making of city leading to sustained growth, development.

We accelerate reproduction, functional enhancement of the downtown area seaside part and realize town development to attract company with people from all over the world. We work on redevelopment of Yamashita-Futo becoming new bustle base and, around Yokohama Station, promote approach of "excitement Yokohama 22" including extension, connection of underground passage which we put together for station building development energetically. We begin a full-scale national strategy house maintenance business in Tsuruyacho. We push forward new MICE facility maintenance in 20, Minato Mirai block to meet needs of MICE holding to increase year by year. Maintenance of the new city hall starts the body construction aiming at completion of 32 years in August. We work on activation of Kannai, Kangai-District which took advantage of move of this city hall and start company open call for participants of Education & Culture Center ruins. We start maintenance of new wicket at JR Sakuragicho Station. We push forward concrete examination of "advancement bus system" utilizing singing in chorus bus and plan over excursion inclination of the downtown area seaside part.

In the suburbs part, we push forward town development that we made use of local characteristic including reproduction, activation of residential area that assumed utilization and housing complex of the large-scale U.S. forces facility ruins nucleus in to the maximum. We are developed with all 18 wards by approach to be connected for residential area reproduction in cooperation with area or private business person toward realization of rich house life for relief. At urban development, redevelopment construction of Futamatagawa Station south exit district is completed in 2017. We push forward land readjustment business in Kanazawa-Hakkei Station, around new Tsunashima Station district steadily. We push forward maintenance of inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center in Seya Ward, Kohoku Ward and, at culture facility site in front of Center-Kita Station of Tsuzuki Ward  , prepare for open calls for participants such as basic plans. By the ruins use of the old top Seya communication facilities, we devise holding plan plan for invitation of international gardening exhibition to become dynamo of town development by the end of 2017 and suggest to country early.

In Yokohama Port, we lay emphasis on maintenance of Minamihonmoku Wharf MC-4 container terminal, collection of cargo plan led by "Kawasaki, Yokohama international harbor" as international container strategy harbor and raise competitiveness of distribution. We push forward examination for the supply base formation of LNG fuel becoming first in Japan. We strengthen acceptance function of passenger ship as international Cruise base including functional enhancement of large san bridge international passenger vessel terminal, and vitality on sightseeing side raises, too.

We concentrate power on maintenance of road, traffic network supporting growth, development of Yokohama. We aim at opening until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics and, by maintenance of Yokohama beltway, push forward construction about northwest line following the north line opened on March 18. We push forward examination for extension of high-speed railway Route 3 and maintenance of East Kanagawa area line. We work on premeditated maintenance, update of city infrastructure which is urgent problem surely in total.

For global problem solution including climate change measures, we push forward development of next environmental city of the future plan in cooperation with approach of country in "sustainable development target" (SDGs). It continues and works on the spread of fuel cell-powered cars and setting promotion of hydrogen station. We make result of "national urban greening Yokohama fair" further driving force of "Yokohama green up plan". We are going to offer landfill of Minamihonmoku wharf fifth blocking to support stable refuse disposal open in October. We work on 3R dream plan second promotion plan to be the last year well.

Kumamoto earthquake of last April highlighted the supply system of support supplies, problem in anti-disaster measures of Yokohama-shi including evacuation measures of tower required. We make self support, community support, a little over one level of government support and, let alone major earthquake that it is not revealed that it takes place when, make sure of measures to every disaster. For quick transportation of supplies, we maintain the storage of western area storage. We plan functional enhancement of evacuation shelter including maintenance of simple feed cock and expand support to fire brigade activity. Fireproofing and narrow of town match and promote disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures such as widening of road still more. We let you complete all 9,800 places of investigations by about 1,400 places of field works by cliff place measures and push forward flood measures quickly. In addition, "country is tough and starts examination for development of regional plan" to push forward the making of security, reliable city even more.

Big city system

We were able to support designated cities of the whole country based on "designated city Conference of Mayors action plan at the time of wide area, large-scale disaster" by Kumamoto earthquake quickly all in one body. Support of large-scale supplies and smooth support by staff of staff dispatch of a total of about 24,000 and dispatch that was pleased with in various places of affected areas are result of "the spot" and "collective strength" that designated city has.

We show opinion as "designated city Conference of Mayors" at meetings of country, and what is reflected by measure increases. Transfer about the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school coming out in 2017 is the first example that authority and tax resources are transferred integrally. About review of the Disaster Relief Act, discussion with country and National Governors' Association begins. In the cause of strong relationship of mutual trust between chiefs, the field of every policy, policy dispatch power of designated city has been increasing.

Realization of "special self-government City" is essential that designated city shows such power truly and ties to effect that citizen's all of you can realize. We tell citizens about the need and system contents of "special self-government City" widely in person to let discussion of big city system reform in country accelerate and will perform suggestion, request to country in future. In addition, we utilized ward suggestion reflection system positively in order to let budget reflect suggestion from ward office where the spot was the nearest carefully based on purpose of "the ward office desk work division of duties regulations" that took effect in last April and coped with 72.8% of suggestion. We push forward functional enhancement of ward office to cope by local problem quickly.

It follows cancellation of double administration of the prefecture and early realization of "special self-government City" and, with determination leading growth of Japan as designated city, works on city with every effort.

Budget scale

Each 2017 accounts budget to suggest,

General account 1.6459 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3449 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 580.1 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.5709 trillion yen

We do in this.

General account by increase of personnel expenses accompanied with Motoichi transfer of the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school in comparison with last year of 8.7% grow, in the sum total of all accounts of 5.1% grew.

By general account budget, we anticipated with 719.3 billion yen to grow in comparison with net income sum with possibility by increase of personal municipal tax 0.5% more at first in 2016 about city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue. Of these, we reserve 3 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 716.3 billion yen by original budget.

By annual expenditure, we included maintenance costs such as facilities 190.4 billion yen from viewpoints such as improvement of civic life including the new city hall maintenance and maintenance of Yokohama beltway, maintenance of the advanced harbor facilities, maintenance of social welfare facility and repairs of school facility or economic activation. In addition, aid costs included 469.4 billion yen by payment of childcare, education or promotion of person with a disability measure. In addition, we included 185 billion yen, money of drawing out 196.9 billion yen for 247.3 billion yen, public loan costs for 356.9 billion yen, administrative budget for personnel expenses.

Maintenance, municipal bond issuance of fiscal soundness

Based on "the regulations about promotion of a certain responsibility financial administration for the future", it is important policy in financial administration and compilation of the budget that balances "maintenance of fiscal soundness" with "promotion of measure".

In 29 fiscal budgets, we worked on compilation of the budget with strong-willed will to achieve financial aim by all means and realized aim.

"The borrowed money balance that general account supports" that published aim to be 3.2 trillion yen or less at the end of 2017 anticipates 3.1741 trillion yen that 32.2 billion yen compared to the previous year falls, and it is expected that we can achieve aim.

Primary balance of Yokohama method does the amount of municipal bond utilization of 2017 with 139.9 billion yen that 5.4% compared to the previous year come to decrease by, of aim it is "almost +6,500,000,000 yen more than balance".

In addition, there was the mayoral election in 2017, but it had top priority and thought about activation of civic life, the city economy and included expense that was necessary as budget a year in whole year.

In consideration of point such as policy judgment of the new mayor, we reserved annual revision resources 3 billion yen while we did so.

Promotion of constant administrative reform

We worked on administrative reform well sequentially to promote necessary measure in limited financial resources. We inspected effects of business without establishing not only reduction of thorough administrative internal expense but also exception and performed reviews of business technique.

As main approach, review and privatization, trust of city hall inside expense including close inspection of desk work costs reviewed bailouts to affiliated organization other than promotion of becoming and, in 1,100 business in total, brought about the amount of effect of 10.5 billion yen.

We will work on constant administrative reform with every effort in future.


Yokohama-shi song which sang for more than 100 years from turning point of the 50th anniversary of the opening of a port and was inherited, and has been got close to. On February 1, we sang in unison with all of the City Counsil for the first time in this this conference room. We refreshed thought to love respect and Yokohama to ancient people and ticked away weight of responsibility that we made the future of Yokohama and gave on chest.

Even if there are the times every moment in the changing inside, our mission is unchangeable. Citizen's all of you are spiritually rich and make society to be able to live in and must put up. We draw potential of Yokohama to the maximum and make up strong financial fundamental and realize sustained growth. "Sympathy and trust" that Yokohama-shi brought about so far over every field evolve to close "cooperation", and they push growth of internal and external city from behind let alone Yokohama. We will continue challenge from now on to succeed Yokohama full of charm in the next generation.

It is got over by all means if we concentrate power of "people" even if all answers are difficult problems in the spot. We will carry through this faith from now on and will work for further leap of Yokohama in all Yokohama.

And we are sincerely proud that we can exchange discussion with all of the classic Yokohama City Council for Yokohama. We want to push forward step for the future together. Thank you for your cooperation.

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