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About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2016

Last update date August 7, 2018

February 16, 2016
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Future age to hold the key of Yokohama

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2016.

Half or more of world population spend us now in city and live in "the times of city" when further population concentration advances. Globalization of economic activities advances, and problem that city has becomes complicated. One one overcomes the problem surely in the spot of the front line and achieves sustainable growth. We carry such an important role to do civic life wealthily, and to contribute to country and world growth.

I attended at meeting between cities held in United States, Washington D.C. prior to COP21, and, in the autumn of last year, I shared the actual situation and measures of climate change with the mayor of each country city. We cause serious natural disaster in all parts of the world, and climate change by warming shakes civic life. Innovativeness of approaches such as smart city which Yokohama-shi propelled with citizen and all of the companies, the energy management gathered big interest from participation city. It is "city" that carries framework of new warming measures after 2020, achievement of aim of each country and is nothing but "the basics local government" carrying policy realization at place where, in particular, the spot is the nearest.

Yokohama opened port as modern Japanese doorway and accepted a variety of people, things, culture and brought about new value. And we repeat efforts in one citizen and accomplish growth to city that became independent overflowing for various charm and vitality.

We concentrate all power of city to provide answer for problem that every city holds again proactively to continue developing Yokohama like Yokohama while environment surrounding Yokohama changes at an increasing tempo and advance in all Yokohama. We fix our eyes on aim that we advocated for plan now of crucial moment that "Middle four years plan" meets lapel and there well and bring about result and will carry out responsibility that Yokohama should carry surely.

We support display of power of every person

Movement that we nominated public and private sectors for accelerates to support achievement of "woman" who is the biggest potential for more development of social economy. Yokohama-shi worked on support made with realization of nursery school waiting-list child zero, company and network of woman with a pioneer spirit. Problem solution from Yokohama becomes hope of many women who gave up working and spreads throughout japan now. At international places such as "APEC woman and economic forum" that I attend at continuously, approach of Yokohama attracts attention. We make city with job satisfaction that woman is easy to commit Japan's most and put up and pull realization of "society where all women shine" where country raises.

Children are treasure taking the next generation. The future should not depend on domestic economic conditions. We settle a certain effectiveness-related measure as "plan about poor measures of child" and work so that support reaches surely. Commencing with approach to waiting-list child zero, all children fix environment growing up in good health by child care support without interruption.

We concentrate power on improvement of education. As a result of having posted elementary school student support exclusive duty teacher in all elementary schools, you become able to cope with bullying carefully, and, as for 99.8% of bullying that we grasped, improvement is planned. In 2016, the whole school placement of school librarian is completed. Reading already grew more than double at placement school on the average. Children are spiritually rich and work on environment creation to learn sequentially and push forward safety measures of school facility immediately.

It is expected that elderly person population of Yokohama-shi approaches 1 million people in 2025. We base on approach of community-based welfare health that we sent to carefully to support medical care, care needs to increase and, with local, build Yokohama-shaped "area inclusion care system". "Yokohama walking point business" attracted big attention after start in health promotions which aimed at the best healthy life expectancy in Japan, and participant surpassed 150,000 people. We have voice "that which "it was a chance to walk" became healthier than before". We extend ring of health promotion by force still more. And we support abundant experience and achievement of various places of senior with know-how and aim at realization of life active play society.

Further growth of international city, Yokohama

Yokohama-shi concentrated power on reinforcement and international contribution of cooperation between cities as international city on behalf of Japan. About a wide variety of problems that cities of the world face, we share solution model and contribute to each other's growth.

We installed International Affairs Bureau which became first in ordinance-designated city in last April and fixed the system which strengthened international measure of all ward stations. We celebrated the sister city tie-up 50th anniversary with 4 world cities including Vancouver and promised that we pushed forward substantial interchange including next-generation upbringing. In addition, big expectation at all is put to infrastructure technology of Yokohama that we ever cultivated while we climb over difficult task including environmental problem and the making of city. By Y-PORT business by citizen cooperation, we conclude 4 city and memorandum in Asia including the Philippines Cebu city, and company of Yokohama provides superior technique and know-how for problem solution locally. Approach that took advantage of holding of Tokyo International Conference on African Development including support to African woman entrepreneur continues ceaselessly.

What should we do in future to achieve further growth with the world? We suggested "international strategy" that included the directionality and the concrete measures to this City Counsil regular assembly. We develop this strategic cause, local government diplomacy powerfully and contribute to international peace.

We make bustle and a certain vitality Yokohama economy

Charm and bustle of the town of Yokohama have been increasing. MICE measure works sightseeing that they concentrated power on, and people of 76 million a year visit Minato Mirai 21 district, and the number of the tourists and sightseeing offtake in the city continue updating record high among other things. And megathon is held in sequence after this. By "national urban greening Yokohama fair" to begin in March, 2017, we entertain customer from the inside and outside with beautiful flower and green "garden necklace". In May during the period, "the 50th Asian Development Bank annual meeting" is held, and leaders of 67 countries of the world gather in Yokohama, and important discussion is exchanged about the booming Asian future. As holding city, we push forward preparations well.

Rugby World Cup that brought impression throughout japan last year. Ground of the final of meeting is this Yokohama for 2,019 years. In the next year, Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournament is held in 2020. Yokohama is chosen as prior campground of skilled player, the British Olympics representative team and pushes forward interchange as host town. Various places, advanced age with obstacle get close to sports and culture art from child widely and gather up approach to succeed to the result in the future as "Yokohama vision" and push success of meeting from behind in all Yokohama.

The Olympics Paralympics are festivals of sports and peace and culture art. At the last London meeting, various culture programs are developed, and, as for the results, it is foundation bringing up the next generation surely. We bring up sensitivity of people and connect hearts, and culture art includes power to bring about vitality of city. We placed culture art creation city as city strategy, and Yokohama-shi shared approach with country and the domestic and foreign local government through creation city network Japan, East Asia culture city business until now. After the Rio de Janeiro Games of this summer, we hold music Festival "Yokohama sound Festival" as culture program for Tokyo Games in 2020. We heap up moods from the last time to Tokyo Games that was under five years until holding by contents which accomplished evolution.

Concentration of company, investment to Tokyo accelerates still more for 2020. Meanwhile, what was chosen as advance by advanced company including Apple Inc. and euglena Corporation is proof that collective strength as city of Yokohama was appreciated let alone business environment. We make use of the compact downtown area, strength of Yokohama including accumulation of 30 universities and live in 2020 as chance to call in companies with people. We plan upbringing of growth area and reinforcement of industrial base, and I work on invitation that targeted foreign company at the head sequentially.

And, for all of you of medium and small-sized business, mall that is support of Yokohama economy, we push forward support based on purpose of the "medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations" "regulations about activation of mall" carefully. In addition, we utilize "Y-PORT center" which is the pivot of international technical cooperation and support overseas development of the city company strongly.

We let town development of Yokohama accelerate

We reach 100 years in this year after Yokohama-shi acquired forest at the head of a river in Doshi-mura, Yamanashi. For these 100 years, forest at the head of a river is cared for carefully and still sends good-quality water to Yokohama. Investment that fixed its eyes on the future supports current Yokohama.

We received the choice of international container strategy harbor in 2010, and Yokohama Port which should be also known as identity of Yokohama established "Kawasaki, Yokohama international harbor" in this January. We fix the system to push up Yokohama Port to Asian hub port again and let competitiveness reinforcement accelerate. Furthermore, acceptance of superliner taking Cruise Era maintains possible port and creates bustle that international atmosphere is rich in.

We begin a full-scale approach to functionalize the downtown area seaside part as growth engine of city. In addition, about the very large U.S. forces facility ruins of Fukaya, upper Seya more than 300 hectares in total, we aim at large-scale Sports Park and agriculture and the formation of new base that coexisted and push forward town development of the new suburbs region with local.

From outbreak of the Great East Japan Earthquake, five years will pass next month. Approach of disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage does not have the end. It ticks away mission to protect lesson of earthquake disaster and citizen's life, property on chest deeply and makes sure of the preparation to every disaster. In April, "Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center" with theater and earthquake simulator which made full use of state-of-the-art is reopened. We have many of you conjugate and work on reinforcement of self support, community support.

Big city system

We send approach of Yokohama positively to lead country and other cities for "the spot power as the basic local government" of Yokohama and "collective strength as big city" in future.

"Conference of the Central Council of Education" and "council of country for culture" participated in "gender equality meeting" in person and performed proposal in line with the on-site fact. We share problem peculiar to big city and build strong relationship of mutual trust between chiefs, and, in "designated city Conference of Mayors" acting as chairperson sequentially, policy dispatch as fair has been increasing. Furthermore, "core city Conference of Mayors", cooperation with "the national enforcement special city Conference of Mayors" will realize progress, country including the prime minister and place of talks with three Conferences of Mayors, too. In this spring, we hold "nine capital prefecture city summit meetings" in Fukushima, and Yokohama-shi acts as chairperson. Nine capital prefecture cities cooperate and support revival of Fukushima.

You must realize "special self-government City" somehow or other in future that Yokohama-shi shows power as big city sufficiently and becomes true leader, and to evolve.

In last June, we gathered basic directionality of "the way of ward in "special self-government city" system" on the basis of way of thinking of "Yokohama special self-government City University rope". And we suggested "the ward office desk work division of duties regulations" to further push forward approach that stood on importance of ward office which was familiar to civic life including functional enhancement of ward that led other cities and thorough spot principles. In 28 fiscal budgets, we let you reflect suggestion from ward office nearest the spot carefully.

In 2017, desk work transfer about the prefectural expenses burden staff of a school and transfer of tax revenue sources with this are realized for the first time. We push forward discussion with the prefecture tenaciously and make request, suggestion to countries positively. In addition, we tell about the need and system contents of "special self-government city" clearly in person at places such as symposiums inside and outside the city. With, we work on realization with every effort in early stage of "special self-government City" to dissolve city and double administration of the prefecture, and to assume Yokohama "true big city" having both necessary resources and authority.

We explain the above-mentioned directional cause, main measure of 2016 budget bill.

Support of woman, child, young people, senior

Based on "the fourth gender equality action plan", we expand "woman and work support desk" who are general consultation counters such as reemployment, change of job in three places and support approach of woman achievement promotion of medium and small-sized business including introduction of at-home work. We perform business promotion of woman entrepreneur in cooperation with large department store.

Toward nursery school waiting-list child cancellation, we increase acceptance limit of 2,543 people by new establishments of nursery school and find nursery staff by outplacement of the potentiality nursery staff, and, also, ICT of nursery school performs making. We establish "kids club 46 after school" and expand the child with a disability acceptance addition to defeat "the first grader wall". We work on all ward development of expansion of support to single-parent home and snuggle model learning support, "poverty measures of child" including enhancement of life support generally. Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment system begins examination about target expansion from April, 2017.

Placement to the special support school whole school is completed, and it carries out Yokohama model delivery lunch "Hama dialect" at all junior high schools the small, average of school librarian by the end of 2016. We push forward reorganization of the limbs inconvenience special support school carefully. We install plan in all city schools by front-loaded 2017, and setting of prevention of harm device to fire prevention protection from smoke shutter strengthens safety measures of school facility.

We extend participant to 250,000 people by "walking point business" and support achievement of senior including course conduct for administration of "purpose of life working support spot", company applicants 50 years or older.

Relief, improvement of civic life

By disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures, fireproofing promotion, narrow of town meet, and go ahead through widening maintenance of road steadily and let you accelerate field work of cliff place for completion in 2017 and perform the furtherance to reduce disaster damage measures construction. We plan leading figure upbringing of disaster prevention and setting promotion of vibration sensing breaker.

We locate 157 "life support coordinators" to community care plazas in all wards to realize Yokohama where anyone can live in in peace and install home medical care cooperation base in all wards and build "area inclusion care system". We devise "community medicine plan" that fixed its eyes on future bed lack and examine community medicine networks utilizing ICT. We recommend uterine cervix cancer health check-up to pregnant woman medical examination eligible people and carry out general cancer measures and start the furtherance to infertility treatment of man.

We receive the disability discrimination cancellation method enforcement of April and work on maintenance of the consultation system or sign-language interpreter correspondence at ward office window for all agencies, and open does serious case mind and body child with a disability facility which is new in June in Konan Ward. We expand the consultation system of local nursing center and, also, devise basic plan for sports, cultural activities base setting of person with a disability utilizing we ring Yokohama.

High follows more, and, with "Jobs pot" of each ward, smooth support to having a problem for life performs working rate becoming twice the Hello Work or more.

Solution to so-called "garbage mansion" problem needs support that snuggled up to, person concerned. We examine necessary correspondence including life support toward the regulations suggestion by regular assembly for the third for 28 years.

Aiming at conduct of January, 2017, we push forward preparations to be able to get copying of resident certificate at convenience store in holiday, the night.

Activation of Yokohama economy

For all of the medium and small-sized businesses which supported Yokohama economy, we secured enough accommodations and reorganized on fund menu which it was easy to use more. We become digital network of manufacturing and examine assistance measures to medium and small-sized business aiming at utilization of so-called "IoT". Toward the making of attractive mall, we support Wi-Fi environment maintenance for inbound correspondence newly. We support administration of "Yokohama clinical study network" utilizing special ward and can connect to drug discovery and medical equipment development. For reinforcement of growth area, we build "Yokohama life innovation platform" where finance cooperated with industry, academia and government. We install general consultation counter which is specialized in foreign company and strengthen promotion in foreign countries and can connect to further company invitation.

In 20 blocks adjacent to Pacifico-yokohama, we maintain new MICE facility which included large-scale banquet function toward 2020 and meet MICE holding demand in Yokohama. We start "Yokohama sound Festival" in September of this year in whole city and have domestic and foreign many of you enjoy. For Rugby World Cup, the Olympics Paralympics, we deepen interchange with contestant and, also, accelerate multicultural reinforcement for multiple languages, approach of hospitality including maintenance of Wi-Fi environment. Tourist attraction tour bus increases the number of flights of "red shoes" from October and further founds line to "san*en" "Nogeyama Zoo" and improves excursion characteristics of sightseeing in Yokohama.

City function, environmental enhancement

For attractive improvement of the downtown area seaside part, we start redevelopment of Yamashita-Futo and we utilize special ward around Yokohama Station and form international business base. We plan maintenance of the new city hall, activation of Kannai, Kangai-District. Redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium is the leading project. In the suburbs part, we push forward sustainable attractive town development in connection with private business person and examine use of ruins of the U.S. forces facility of Fukaya, top Seya. We work on promotion of urban development around long-overdue new Tsunashima Station, general empty house measures.

We establish venue in the downtown area seaside part, both suburbs parts and hold "tree planting fair" for 72 days. Based on "green up plan", we bring up forest and get close to imminent agriculture and promote approach that can realize green. We work on advanced energy measure including the maintenance of hydrogen station and spread of fuel cell-powered cars promotion.

We let Yokohama beltway north line open at the end of 2016 and build beltway network by maintenance promotion such as northwest line, south line. Consecutive grade separation business between Sotetsu Line Hoshikawa Station and Tennocho Station, maintenance of East Kanagawa area line aim at early completion, too.

In Yokohama Port, we maintain the advanced harbor facilities sequentially and offer Minamihonmoku Wharf contact harborside road open by the end of 2016. Furthermore, for invitation, acceptance reinforcement of foreign passenger ship, we maintain passenger vessel terminal of new port Wharf by citizen cooperation and fix acceptance function of superliner in Daikokufutou.

Budget scale

Each 2016 accounts budget to suggest,

General account 1.5143 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3416 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 540.9 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.3968 trillion yen

We do in this.

General account in comparison with last year of 1.3% grow, in the sum total of all accounts of 2.4% fell.

By general account budget, we anticipated with 715.9 billion yen to grow in comparison with net income sum with possibility by increase of personal municipal tax 0.9% more at first in 2015 about city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue. Of these, we reserve 2 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 713.9 billion yen by original budget.

By annual expenditure, we included maintenance costs such as facilities 229 billion yen from viewpoints such as enhancement of civic life including repairs of maintenance, maintenance of social welfare facility and school in Yokohama beltway and the harbor facilities facility or economic activation. In addition, aid costs included 453.5 billion yen by payment of childcare, education or promotion of person with a disability measure. In addition, we included 187.7 billion yen, money of drawing out 192.5 billion yen for 242.6 billion yen, public loan costs for 209.1 billion yen, administrative budget for personnel expenses.

Maintenance, municipal bond issuance of fiscal soundness

Coexistence of "promotion of measure" and "maintenance of fiscal soundness" is important policy in financial administration and compilation of the budget.

In 28 fiscal budgets, we push forward approach for financial accomplishment of 2017 based on purpose of "the regulations about promotion of a certain responsibility financial administration for the future".

We reduce the borrowed money balance that general account supports steadily because we will not postpone excessive burden in the future in generation. The borrowed money balance of the end of 2016 anticipates 3.2026 trillion yen that 39.8 billion yen compared to the previous year comes to decrease by.

We did the amount of municipal bond utilization with 28 fiscal budgets with 147.9 billion yen that 13 billion yen fell in frame called "utilization in the range of 600 billion yen for four years" compared to the previous year that we raised by Middle plan based on the restoration judgment ratios that country set. Primary balance of Yokohama method adversely affects in 2016 as show by Middle plan, and did, but in 2017, toward balance, almost work well.

In addition, we strengthen approach about collection rearranging of strategic inflection of possession assets and unpaid credit.

Promotion of constant administrative reform

We worked on administrative reform well sequentially to promote necessary measure in limited financial resources. We inspected effects of business without establishing not only reduction of thorough administrative internal expense but also exception and performed reviews of business technique.

As main approach review and privatization, trust of city hall inside expense including close inspection of desk work costs other than promotion of becoming of public property effectively utilized, and reviewed bailouts to affiliated organization, and, in in total 1,101 business, brought about the amount of effect of 10.4 billion yen.

We will work on constant administrative reform with every effort in future.


"Now" of civic life to support, "the future" make a strategic movement. We let measure of one one grow steadily in future and bring about result and will play a role as the the Japan's biggest city, basics local government. From administrative services coherent to the welfare health, daily livings such as medical care to town development and anti-disaster measures to support business to bring town vigor, security, relief, all measures are connected. We make every possible effort to realize happiness of citizen's all of you.

You must create new value to support administrative problem and needs to become complicated in the times when change advances rapidly. "Diversity" includes the key. We receive a variety of value, culture and fix environment that people make use of each strength, and can play an active part. We build relations of "sympathy and trust" and accomplish things together. Diversity causes "innovation" on realizing rich society truly. Yokohama adopted diversity until now and developed by the power. We will attract human resources and company in future and evolve as scene to promote innovation.

I built strong relationship of mutual trust with all of you inside and outside Yokohama. Ring of all Yokohama spreads now across country. If it is sincere and makes discussion with members of the Diet of classic Yokohama City Council strictly in the future and concentrates "power" that various places of wisdom of Yokohama that we cultivated until now and various main constituents have, in the wall which is not got over, there are none.

We fix our eyes on the future well to develop Yokohama to city shining still more and will continue challenge. Thank you for your cooperation.

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