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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2015

Last update date August 7, 2018

February 10, 2015
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Age to fix the eyes on the future, and to advance powerfully

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2015.

City environment surrounding Yokohama-shi greatly changes. In addition to the arrival of progress and population decline society of rapid low birthrate and aging, change of deterioration and traffic network of infrastructure advances. Redevelopment advances in the Tokyo downtown area, and there is concern about further overconcentration. Population of city declines at peak in four years later, and, ten years later, it is expected that the number of elderly people 65 years or older reaches about 1 million.

In now in confrontation with change, we fix our eyes on the future and concentrate all power of city and defeat certain means. That is our duty to run big city, Yokohama. We included the means in "Middle four years plan" that had decision in City Counsil well at the end of last year. There is 2015 after two years of plan and will advance for achievement of aim powerfully.

I worked on measure of one one steadily until now to activate Yokohama economy, and to look after security and relief of civic life. We put discussion on all of the City Counsil which caught civic mandate together and had many various places support and piled up result steadily.

Approach that they pushed forward in the nursery school waiting-list child measures spread to country and other cities, and ordinance-designated city which achieved waiting-list child zero in last April was given to seven. Achievement support of woman who promoted ahead of other cities is placed as important measure of country.

Approach of sightseeing, MICE succeeded, and tourist who visited Yokohama for 25 years became 6.53 million increase compared with the previous year, record-high 31.34 million people. Occupancy rates of the city hotel of last year increase to an average of 86.5% and exceed 90% in August, November.

We bring about result by many national projects including "environmental city of the future" "special ward", and anyone recognizes "the executive ability" of Yokohama where citizens were united. Hospitality that we nominated city in large-scale international conference including APEC and TICAD for, Japan, China and South Korea interchange as the first East Asia culture city, approach of Yokohama that, moreover, based on relations of "sympathy and trust" including international technical cooperation of city infrastructure through Y-PORT spread across country.

Active invitation plan grows, and many companies step forward in Yokohama. Authorized number based on the firm location promotion regulations reached 100 cases really. We feel that advance decision of announced Apple Inc. is expression of evaluation for collective strength as city at the end of last year.

And we were not able to form all of such result without relationship of mutual trust with all of citizen, the companies, approach in all Yokohama including all of the City Counsil.

We realize policy that snuggled up to civic life as our country's greatest basic local government and overcome problem of the times. With the result, we contribute to growth of country and internal and external cities. We will meet "trust" and "expectation" to Yokohama well in future.

It is nothing but power of "people" in Yokohama to become the driving force.

When we further draw brightness of "people"

I am convinced, "all begins with people". We draw power of "people" to accomplish further growth of Yokohama by all means and attract more "people".

At first, we pour more power into upbringing of children carrying the future, improvement of education, achievement support of woman.

Advance and bring up children, or summary just consults with regular assembly about result that argued as "child, child care support project plan", and the material of "child, child care support new system" to start in April does child care support of Yokohama how.

Based on "the second education promotion basic plan" that had decision, we practice gentleness to be considerate of people and education to bring up rich sensitivity, power that becomes independent, and lives at the end of last year. We bring up global human resources who can play an active part in the world and find time when the staff of a school faces children well.

We devise gender equality action plan new now becoming approach that achievement support of woman nominated country for, and, through realization of various ways of working, man and woman does in Yokohama that can play an active part together. In addition, achievement of various places of senior becomes the key to improvement in vitality of future Yokohama. We support abundant experience and know-how in area to be able to show in company.

When we bring about further vitality

The town of Yokohama adds to bustle year by year. Art action business to shake heart for event, impression full of senses of the seasons. Advance of attractive museum and commercial facilities continues, and approach that was able to keep taking away fence of public people is realized. We call in investment with further person and bring about more vitality to economy of Yokohama.

Held effect of MICE spreads to the wide field and creates opportunity of new business and innovation among other things. And we raise competitiveness and brand power of city. Pacifico-yokohama could not finish affecting while receiving about 3,200 inquiries in last year, and held decision remained in about 900 cases and a little under 30%. This is very big loss. In addition to reinforcement of hard aspect including facility maintenance to 20 blocks, advance to utilization of other facilities and improve acceptance environment still more.

It is approach that is important to culture art creation city measure. Culture art includes power to call in people and ties people and people and realizes spiritually rich society. Olympics Paralympics Tokyo Games are festivals of culture art for 2,020 years. We send of Yokohama and culture art of Japan to the world without missing this plane, and citizen's in not only person of next town but also every generation promotes town development to be able to get close to culture art closer.

We push achievement of SME accounting for approximately 99% of city offices to base in "the medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations" from behind. We support management and technology development and draw strength and tie to business opportunity out of the country. We put Y-PORT center in International Affairs Bureau to make newly and do to the nucleus. In addition, we raise charm of mall and push forward approach so that it is got close to local all of you still more.

The making of tough, functional city

It is tough so that "people" and "company" fully show power, and more functional urban infrastructure is essential.

To the making of frame of city that repeat many various places and discussions including all of the City Counsil, and is new until now made a strategic movement. For international competitiveness reinforcement of Yokohama Port and the formation of bustle base, we revised "Yokohama Port harbor plan" entirely after an interval of nine years. And "the downtown area seaside part reproduction master plan" about strategy of functional enhancement of the downtown area seaside part that is growth engine of city "growth area upbringing vision" for sustained development of Yokohama economy. All included the concrete measures for realization of image in the future of Yokohama. In the suburbs part, we push forward "sustainable residential area model project" in four districts. We let these approaches accelerate at a stretch.

Four years are going to pass from "the Great East Japan Earthquake" that brought unprecedented damage from "the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake" for 20 years this year. Prediction of the Earthquake Research Committee of the government called "78% was announced probability that Yokohama-shi was hit by shaking that was higher than intensity 6 lower within the next 30 years" at the end of last year. We advance measures by the cost of "earthquake disaster prevention strategy" with every effort.

Furthermore, for frequent occurrence, natural disaster to make serious including heavy rain and heavy snow, we make sure of every anti-disaster measure commencing with cliff measures. We hurry infrastructure maintenance such as grids to play an important role in disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage. Activity support of fire brigade which was leading figure of local disaster prevention was enriched.

Big city system

Realization of big city system "special self-government City" that had both authority and tax resources deserving to be is necessary so that we push a certain effectiveness-related measure in the front line of civic life. After discussion with all of the City Counsil, we gathered up "Yokohama special self-government City University rope" in March, 2013. And, at place of myself, forum and symposium, we appealed to citizen's all of you for the need.

We strongly request city and cancellation of double administration of the prefecture in country, and transfer of desk work authority of 21 matters including city planning decision authority about "policy of maintenance, development of city planning area and maintenance" realizes designated city Conference of Mayors that I act as chairperson this year until now. It is expected that desk work transfer about the prefectural expenses staff of a school and transfer of tax revenue sources from prefectural tax with this to municipal tax are realized in 2017. It is 20 years from the enforcement of the decentralization promotion method this year. We push forward local construction and decentralization with sense of speed and concentrate power on early realization of "special self-government city" system still more.

We let plan accelerate for Middle four years

Then we explain main measure of budget bill in 2015.

At first, we realize support without interruption up to the young people before the cause, childbirth of "child, child care support project plan" after school age for the infants period. We install window where we can talk about trouble of the pregnancy, childbirth with newly. We expand consultation function of 18 wards of local child care support bases to support all child care families and maintain base satellite in ward with much infants population. In addition, we let setting of "kids club accelerate after school" to defeat "the first grader wall". We relatively expand object of Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment to "to big third grader" of medical expenses burden and reduce burden on child care family.

We fix better education environment. We expand counselor dispatch to school and strengthen bullying and correspondence to truancy. School librarian expands for the whole school placement of 2016 in 375 schools. We become Western style of preparations aiming at conduct during 2016 of delivery lunch at junior high school and school restroom and push forward classroom short cancellation accompanied with increase of elementary school student student.

More than 70% of was resigning from 20s that did not get job triggered by marriage and childbirth, childcare among women in their 40s now, and, in investigation that we performed, more than 90% of had will to work last year. We draw power of woman including support to company supporting support, woman of company and reemployment and push forward environment creation which is easy to work.

We arrange founding support menu for people of senior newly. I already received participation application more than 85,000 from "Yokohama walking point business" that started last year. We install steps reader in 1,000 stores and facilities. We push forward approach in connection with company including penetration of healthy lifestyle and develop for movement of further health promotion.

We expand home medical care cooperation base to 15 wards to be able to live in area in peace even if medical care and care are necessary. We work on the system reinforcement of support system and working support center of guarding to impaired person, setting of combination order window. We push forward redevelopment of maintenance and tree of new seriously ill mind and body child with a disability facility school which there is no.

As for working support window "Jobs pot" of social security recipient who cooperated with Hello Work, 568 people of working of 2013 gave big effect called 48% who became double of the public job placement of Hello Work or more to the rate of employment. In 2015, we widen setting in all wards, and, also, we develop, and comprehensive consultation counter to person who is poor in life pushes forward smooth support in all wards.

We give knowledge and experience in area and push forward community development by collaboration including expansion of "community development college" learning about problem solution. It is age to perform public awareness investigation about human rights once in five years this year. We respect human rights each other and will realize society to live for together.

For all of the medium and small-sized businesses supporting Yokohama economy, we expand support from management, technique both sides and found new financing menu. Is performed at mall; "is serious! We support approach, series "is founded the second" and the new activated measures and we are well and live in regional economy. In addition, we develop consumption awakening plan only in Yokohama that utilizes "grants for urgent support such as local resident life" included in urgent economic measure of country this time, and contributes to mall promotion.

Toward reinforcement of growth, evolving field, we perform the furtherance to company working on new technology development and utilize special ward system and support research and development in the field of life innovation.

We let sightseeing, MICE creating new vitality in town, approach of culture art creation city accelerate. We put emphasis for the making of upbringing, bustle in citizen participation, the next generation and develop dance program and music event full of originality.

We expanded disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures which kept security and relief of civic life. We maintain Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center as nuclear site in self support, community support again and put together and expand approach for fireproofing of town. We expand disaster prevention facilities and storage product of school to protect children from disaster and let earthquake-resistant measures of school building complete by the end of 2015. We perform cliff place investigation in landslide warning area and push forward improvement well and, for typhoon, heavy rain, strengthen the inundation measures.

We are strong in disaster and work on infrastructure maintenance to lay the foundation of economic activities. We push forward maintenance such as Yokohama loop north line, northwest line and hurry construction of beltway network.

The Tokyo downtown area and East Kanagawa area line to be directly connected to stimulate maintenance aiming at the 31 years opening of business. In July, we start high speed driving of subway Blue Line and improve convenience. In addition, we planned reinforcement of international competitiveness of Yokohama Port which was international container strategy harbor and reinforcement of invitation, acceptance function of foreign passenger ship.

On the basis of change of city environment, we promote strategic town development. In the downtown area seaside part, we push forward redevelopment of Yamashita-Futo for the formation of new bustle base and work on excursion-related improvement including introduction examination of new transportation system. We promote activation of Kannai, Kangai-District which pushes forward the new city hall maintenance steadily, and cooperated with redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium.

It is compact and, for town development of vitality suburbs part that are, lets you accelerate project in four model districts including Tokaichiba and starts new urban development of around new Tsunashima Station and plans reinforcement of base function and disaster prevention-related improvement. About the U.S. forces facility ruins of old Fukaya communication place and upper Seya communication facilities which are precious property of citizen's all of you, we work on realization of the use.

We push forward preparations for "national urban greening Yokohama fair" of the spring of 2017 holding and work on green maintenance, creation including forest place. We are based on "the regulations about promotion of local production for local consumption in urban agriculture" enforced in April and develop approach to be connected for farming to include vitality.

Profit of hydrogen energy stimulates advanced energy measure including the spread of fuel cell-powered cars for promotion of inflecting and inflection of biogas.

And we plan the system reinforcement to promote plan still more for Middle four years. We found "International Affairs Bureau" and further deepen cooperation with overseas cities including Mumbai, Manila, Odessa, Vancouver reaching the sister city tie-up 50th anniversary and, through international collaboration and multicultural commensal approach, contribute to international peace. We reorganize medical section in "Medical Care Bureau" and "Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters" and take development of the most suitable medical policy that we accepted on change of the times.

Budget scale

Each 2015 accounts budget to suggest,

General account 1.4955 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3947 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 591.8 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.482 trillion yen

We do in this.

General account in comparison with last year of 5.4% grow, and, in the sum total of all accounts, is base except the amount of influence accompanied with review of local government industry accounting standards, of 3.5% grew.

By general account budget, we anticipated with 709.5 billion yen that a part national tax of corporation municipal tax accompanied with the taxation system revision fell in comparison with the beginning of 2014 net income sum with possibility by making 1.4% more about city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue. Of these, we reserve 2 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 707.5 billion yen by original budget.

By annual expenditure, we included 236 billion yen to grow about maintenance costs such as facilities 28.6% more by having found budget that was necessary for maintenance, repair of infrastructure and facility coherent to disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures and Civvy Street positively compared to the previous year. In addition, we did aid costs with 437.7 billion yen that "child, child care support new system" or person with a disability support facility grew by increase of payment costs to suffer from independence support 5.2% more compared to the previous year and did personnel expenses with 207.9 billion yen that it increased by 4.1 billion yen for salary revision or national census conduct based on National Personnel Commission advice while we performed reduction of separation pay and review of house allowance.

Maintenance, municipal bond issuance of fiscal soundness

In addition, we worked on coexistence of "promotion of measure" and "maintenance of fiscal soundness" well.

Based on "the regulations about promotion of a certain responsibility financial administration for the future" established in last June, we push forward approach for realization of aim of financial administration that we raised by "Middle four years plan" steadily.

We reduce "the borrowed money balance that general account supports" steadily while planning premeditated municipal bond utilization because we will not postpone excessive burden in the future in generation. The borrowed money balance of the end of 2015 anticipates 3.2451 trillion yen that 34.5 billion yen compared to the previous year comes to decrease by.

Raised municipal bond utilization frame with 27 fiscal budgets by "plan based on the restoration judgment ratios that country set for Middle four years"; did with 160.8 billion yen in frame called "utilization in the range of 600 billion yen for four years". Primary balance of Yokohama method adversely affects in 2015 as we show until now, and did, but will almost go as balance in 2017.

In addition, about collection rearranging of strategic inflection of possession assets and unpaid credit, we strengthen approach. Correspondence to newly local public accounts system is based on request from country and pushes forward preparations well.

Administrative and financial reform

About administrative and financial reform, we inspected effects of business without establishing not only reduction of thorough administrative internal expense but also exception and worked on reviews of business technique.

As main approach, reduction and privatization, trust of separation pay reviewed bailouts to affiliated organization other than promotion of becoming and, in in total 1,092 business, brought about the amount of effect of 10.2 billion yen.

We will work on constant administrative and financial reform with every effort in future.


It is year of turning point of 70 years after the war this year. Our town, Yokohama suffered crushing damage by blitzkrieg, too. In addition, the later requisition blunted step of revival. Our ancient people survived in the dilapidation and regenerated the town of Yokohama step by step.

And, for the period of high growth, the chaotic city area formation by population rapid increase advanced, and various city problems spouted out. In the situation that resources were predominantly short, ancient people decided emphasis investment to do Yokohama in city that became independent to defeat means and proposed "6 big business plans". Without "decision" 50 years ago and "practice" fully supported by public people, there was not current Yokohama.

We succeed history of Yokohama, and we have mission creating the futures. Big "decision" and "practice" are necessary to open up the future through problem of city that has not faced so far including population decline and super aging.

There is citizen, power of all of the companies that you should be proud of in Yokohama. And all of a certain vitality City Counsil comes. We sometimes face members of the Diet of classic Yokohama City Council strictly and it is sincere and repeats discussions and is sincerely proud of being able to build the future of Yokohama together.

We are based on relationship of mutual trust that we built until now and, for development of Yokohama, want to push on in all Yokohama. Thank you for your cooperation.

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