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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2014

Last update date August 7, 2018

February 14, 2014
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

Positive pole opens up the future daringly; and how many years

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2014.


I received mandate from citizen's all of you four years five months ago and entered the administrative world. Is engaged in corporate management for a long time, and came through the severe situation including work for the management rebuilding, but act as post of mayor, and, once again, the basics municipality provides service how coherent to all of civic life, or; when is wide, realize at profundity, weight of role.

Country advocates policy, and it makes law and system, but it is we basics local government that sweats on the site to carry that out, and to send result to citizen's all of you. We make talks with citizen and all of the companies and build relationship of mutual trust. Including councilors who are familiar with the local fact, we repeat many various places and discussions and concentrate wisdom and solve one one problem. We are convinced that such an accumulation leads to happiness of citizen's all of you.

I advocated "municipal administration of sympathy and trust" and pushed on in order to play a role as the basic local government. In place with faith, way opens out. With strong faith, we carried out the spot principles thoroughly without being daunted by difficulties and worked in "team Yokohama".

Evaluation by over-the-counter service satisfaction investigation of ward office improved year by year, and, by result of 2013, ratio of "satisfaction" various places that had you reply, "we are slightly satisfied" rose to 97.0%. "Administration of hospitality" spread among the staff, and relationship of mutual trust with city hall became reliable with citizens who laid the foundation who pushed forward every policy.

And it carried out policy steadily if for citizen's all of you, and it was a support to move country to repeat result. The symbolic example is approach of nursery school waiting-list child cancellation. We solve problem by approach to break established concept and will send Yokohama model from now on.

The times recognition (Yokohama in big turning point)

We invite the 160th anniversary this year after the Convention of Kanagawa that was opportunity of development of Yokohama was concluded with the foundation of a country of Japan. And town development based on "Yokohama international port city construction comprehensive plan" begins; about 50 years. It is year of big knot of town development of Yokohama this year. We fix our eyes on the future and draw new urban image, and time to carry out will come.

The peak is big, and population composition of Yokohama-shi will slide to aging in future. All the baby boom generation exceed 75 years old in 2025, and the number of the elderly people reaches about 1 million, and decrease and social security budget of labor force, increase of medical expenses are anticipated. Family and local state transform more than before, and roles demanded from the government increase more and more and diversify.

City environment surrounding Yokohama greatly changes. We open maintenance and Linear Chuo Shinkansen of Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway, and flow of people and thing changes. Deterioration of city infrastructure and house stock which we maintained in large quantities for the population rapid increase period accelerates. Consciousness for disaster and energy saving, renewable energy has been increasing, and town development that is reinforcement and low carbon of disaster prevention function is urgent business.

We are standing in big turning point where speed should make a decision to improve response to problem by bold investment now.

Country announced, "we restore economy gently." by monthly economic report of January. It is the really first judgment in 6 years. The company business conditions of the city medium and small-sized business which we announced in December increased to the highest number after Lehman shock. However, differences between medium and small-sized business and actual feeling of large company are still big and must improve this.

Occupancy rate of the city hotel improves and maintains high standard. The number of the passenger ship calls at a port of Yokohama Port becomes number one in Japan for 11 consecutive years, and it is expected that Cruise of foreign passenger ship departing from and arriving at Yokohama largely increases this year. Globalization further advances to Haneda Airport. The Sochi Winter Olympics begin, and achievement of many players brings heat and impression throughout japan. The Olympics Paralympics are held in Tokyo in the summer of 2020. National projects of special wards begin to change in earnest, too. It is necessary for positive pole to work daringly without falling to connect these with activation of Yokohama.

Yokohama overflows in really various charm including beautiful port and cityscape as harbor city, good living environment of the suburbs part and rich green. Since the opening of a port, we confront many difficulties and get over, and we bring up high royalty of citizen's all of you, and history of Yokohama that accomplished development is a big support to support Yokohama. "Civic power" that entertained customer from all over the world by APEC summit meeting and Tokyo International Conference on African Development is appreciated by the inside and outside.

We made use of power of this Yokohama, and environment to step forward to for the future was regulated well.

Future Yokohama (figure of future Yokohama) that I imagine

In the case of election of last year, I showed "10 realization".

We draw large-boned future town development strategy to touch strategic arrangement to the next generation well boldly and gather up steady means for realization as "new Middle plan" this year.

As the start, we announced "basic direction of new Middle plan" with budget bill the other day in 2014. We hear about councilors and all of citizen, the companies, opinion of well-informed people and will settle plan in future.

Through this plan, we have many people, all of the companies choose Yokohama and continue living for a long time and realize place of achievement and Yokohama where we are wished when we want to do by all means.

At first, we expand education to support that all child care families feel relieved and can bring up child, and to be able to open up the life that child and young man are rich by oneself, and is happy. Furthermore, we accelerate support to employment of woman and connect achievement of woman with social vitality.

We enjoy health promotion and sports that oneself had, and local, each citizen's all of you interchanges and realizes society which can live a life which became independent again. By approach that collaborated with private enterprise and citizen's group, we push forward new town development centering on "health" and aim at "the best healthy life expectancy in Japan".

In addition, as upbringing will strengthen the field where growth is anticipated chiefly in future, let alone improvement of basic support for medium and small-sized business, creates the new employment, and it lasts in the future, and vitality aims at Yokohama economy that there is.

As environment city of the future including creation of place that can realize effective inflection of energy, introduction promotion of unused energy, water, green, energy promotes town development that is circulating low carbon. About urban agriculture of Yokohama, we convey the splendor widely and realize city where nature and agriculture are felt still closer.

We push forward town development that is comfortable in area that added around Toshin Nozomu Nagawa Kaifu and around Yamashita-Futo, and is attractive in the conventional downtown area seaside department such as around Yokohama Station and Minato Mirai 21 district, Kannai, Kangai-District and promote approach of culture art creation city and sightseeing, MICE more. Citizen's all of you enjoy and, moreover, do to the downtown area seaside part that attracts people of the world.

We aim at the safe, reliable suburbs region that multi-generation lives and assists in rich environment and push forward reproduction of bedroom suburb based on reproduction of large-scale housing complex and we arrest opportunities of functional enhancement around station and the station and use of large-scale land switch and guide use of land strategically.

We will go as city with strong frame supporting Yokohama economy and civic life by maintenance of urban infrastructure which is good for international city, realization of international container strategy harbor, effective effect-like maintenance, update of city infrastructure utilizing ICT technique. We realize city with tough disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage function resisting disaster in total.

Challenge to five themes

As "the first year" of this "new Middle plan", positive pole challenges daringly, and budget of 2014 provides result to lead to the future. We organized in such thought. We divide approach in 2014 as the first step to realize figure of city to aim at by Middle plan into five themes and explain.

It is five of tameno challenge "working as people well", tameno challenge "doing in the rich future", tameno challenge "making charm", challenge to "city with strength" and challenge to "new big city system".

tameno challenge that "works as people well"

At first, it is tameno challenge "working as people well".

We continue nursery school waiting-list child zero to support child care powerfully and secure quality of childcare. As place to stay of parent and child doing child care in area, we maintain "open space of gathering of parent and children". We push forward approach, child care support without interruption for all elementary school maintenance of kids club after school to defeat "the first grader wall".

We push forward reinforcement of English education and concentrate power on upbringing of global human resources carrying the next generation. We start studying abroad support of high school student using fund newly. We push forward the making of characteristic municipal institution High School including examination to make Yokohama science frontier high school medium- and high-levels consistent education school which is.

We push forward the whole school placement of school librarian supporting children and encounter with book for completion steadily in 2016. Placement from 2010 to all elementary schools of teacher elementary school student support exclusive duty that we pushed forward is completed in 2014. We install air conditioner in special classroom of school with high emergency. We fix education environment and promote close education sequentially.

Achievement of woman is national priority issue so that Prime Minister Abe is described in State of the State message repeatedly. By measure to realize "city, Yokohama with job satisfaction that woman is easy to commit Japan's most", we are enriched sequentially. For medium and small-sized business which is going to fix environment that woman continues, and works, we perform the expense furtherance newly. We support company of woman by expansion of share office "F-SUS Yokohama".

Model sets up purpose of life working support spot to be able to play an active part in community in various places of senior with rich experience. We work on young people's working support and independence support well.

In promotion of conduct and cancer screening of Yokohama health-style, development of effective promotion, we cause movement of health promotion from Yokohama. We push forward preparations for holding of civic participation type full marathon "Yokohama marathon 2015" to overflow in quality of Yokohama.

In development of the making of spirit station, we promote the care prevention to be able to live well in area where old people lived so long forever and follow and maintain small scale multifunctional model home care offices. We maintain home medical care cooperation base mediating between home medical care and care that we established in Nishi Ward in last November with two wards newly.

We start redevelopment of maintenance and yokohamashiishikairitsukammamorisemmongakuko of severe injury center newly and expand medical care.

We push forward construction of the support system of support everyday life, guarding to be able to live in area in peace even if we have a defect. Furthermore, we push forward preparations for establishment in 2015 of Yokohama person with a disability combination order synthesis center and strengthen working support.

Toward life poor independence support system that is going to begin in 2015, we continue experimental project in Naka Ward. In addition, we carry out learning support for the small, junior high student brought up economically at home in the poverty state in all wards.

tameno challenge that "we do in the rich future"

Then, we activate Yokohama economy and are challenge to do civic life wealthily.

Support to the city medium and small-sized business is top priority problem. Based on purpose of "the Yokohama-shi medium and small-sized business promotion basics regulations", we work well sequentially. We fix our eyes on change of consumption tax rate and found "fund for consumption tax" as financing facility. We post concierge in medium and small-sized business support center newly and strengthen business consulting function. Activation of mall including furtherance for branch to vacant store and upbringing of leader supports, too.

We will concentrate power on upbringing of industry and business of the field where growth is anticipated in future. We support medium and small-sized businesses working on new technology, new product development in the fields such as medical care, care, energy and let you accelerate approach of international strategy synthesis special ward including study utilizing iPS cells still more.

By Y-PORT business, we strengthen know-how of the making of city of Yokohama-shi and cooperation of superior technique of private enterprise and enlarge opportunity when the city company participates in overseas business.

As environmental city of the future, we further push forward Yokohama smart city project including conduct of energy cooperation business with new Minami Ward synthesis government building and City University center Hospital on the basis of past proof experiment.

Yokohama 3R dream plan devises the second promotion plan in this March. We promote approaches for reduction, exploitation of resources of garbage steadily. Extension of life of destruction by fire factory and maintenance, life extension of landfill work on becoming.

We utilize Yokohama green tax to expand imminent water, green, agriculture and work on the cause of green up plan, creation of charm and bustle due to maintenance, green and flower of forest place. We become improvement in brand power and the sixth industry of farm products and promote sustainable urban agriculture.

tameno challenge that "makes charm"

About 25 million people visited Yokohama-shi by sightseeing for 24 years. We regenerate town of Yokohama to have we have you visit many people more in sequence outside the country in attractive now when you can provide equipment and business develop in Yokohama in many companies and create further charm.

At first, it is activation of the downtown area seaside part primarily to push forward. We devise the downtown area seaside part reproduction master plan and perform examination of new transportation system introduction, investigation for use of land switch of Yamashita-Futo with high potential. Furthermore, we work on Kannai, Kangai-District activation to assume maintenance of the new city hall and redevelopment of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium axis. We start examination of the making of new strategic cities of IR, unification type resorts.

In addition, charm of Yokohama is not confined to seaside part. Comfortable living environment attracts many people. We work on sustainable residential area model project in Tama-Plaza Station north side districts and reproduction support of housing complex and regenerate bedroom suburb.

We step forward to new MICE facility maintenance to establish international position appropriate for "global MICE strategy city" based on surge of expansion of global market size and held demand in Yokohama for MICE and strengthen invitation, holding assistance measures. In addition, we push forward earthquake-resistant repair of new port 9 quay supplementing large san bridge passenger vessel terminal and plan more invitation of foreign country passenger ship.

We give people living in city a space and moisture, and culture art brings spiritually rich life. And we bring about energy of city. We local government recognizes power of culture art and bears duty to plan promotion in the whole society. As the "East Asia culture city" to start from first holding city, we develop various events and send presence of East Asia to the world this year. In international exhibition "Yokohama Triennale 2014" of modern art on behalf of our country integrally with this hold, and push forward town development that made use of power that culture art has in.

Challenge to "city with strength"

Stable civic life and economic activities are run on certain city infrastructure and the top of "strength" such as tough disaster prevention power. Therefore we make urban infrastructure a stable one.

About Yokohama loop north line or northwest line, we work on maintenance sequentially in early stage, and hub port of conveyance and Yokohama Port such as relief, supplies at the time of disaster builds beltway network supporting making. We push forward examination about maintenance of East Kanagawa area line and extension of high-speed railway Route 3.

We push forward maintenance of Minamihonmoku Wharf high standard container terminal and we consider for maintenance of new wharf and investigate harbor which is the center of Yokohama economy and, as international container strategy harbor, strengthen international competitiveness.

Three years pass from the Great East Japan Earthquake soon. We promote disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage steadily without letting memory weather. We support setting of initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. appliance and vibration sensing breaker and plan improvement of local initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. ability. We bring up human resources taking local disaster prevention in total and push forward approach of self support, community support. We promote fireproofing of the town by removing or rebuilding support of superannuation building and work on the formation of spread of fire block obi by maintenance of city planning road newly and realize flame retardant town. We deploy disaster prevention storage product for elementary school student student to school appointed in evacuation shelter by 2015 and start deployment such as helmets for disaster prevention for elementary school student.

Challenge to "new big city system"

Big city, Yokohama having 3.7 million citizens is decided by oneself to push forward sustainable urban management in future, and it is essential to have enough authority and resources realizing.

By report of the 30th Local Government System Research Council of country, it was shown by significance and the metropolis and districts of the special self-government municipal organization degree foundation definitely to push forward desk work and tax tax revenue transfer in designated city as much as possible. In response to report, bill for transfer to designated city of "salary burdens on prefectural expenses burden staff of a school" is going to be submitted in country. Torsion of long-overdue educational administration dissolves, and authority and source of tax revenue are transferred integrally for the first time. We perform pressure to related organizations and the person concerned of country with sense of speed and it is easy to understand the system and, for realization of self-government city, tells citizen's especially and works hard to have you deepen understanding without missing this plane. Furthermore, we push forward discussion steadily in order to dissolve city and double administration of the prefecture till self-government city comes out especially.

Budget scale

Then, we talk about each accounts budget scale in 2014 to suggest as budget bill.

General account 1.4182 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.3756 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 721.5 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.5153 trillion yen

It became in this.

Is general account than 25 fiscal budget scales except expense 138.3 billion yen that land development public corporation dissolution costs in 2014; of 1.4% with grow, and, also, is budget of all accounts in total; of 7.5% grow.

In addition, in 2014, we organize so-called "15 months budget" united with revised budget mainly on maintenance costs such as facilities equal to public works spending of Motoichi in February, 2013 and by doing with the execution without interruption, support activation of securing of relief and the city economy of life of citizen's.

By general account budget, we anticipated with 719.3 billion yen to grow in comparison with the beginning net income sum with possibility 2.5% more in 2013 because we received tendency to recovery of corporate earnings, and corporation municipal tax increased about city tax income to occupy the center of the annual revenue. Of these, we reserve 1 billion yen for resources of revised budget on the way in the year and include 718.3 billion yen by original budget.

Maintenance costs such as facilities included revised budget and 200 billion yen to grow 15.2% more in comparison with original budget in total in last year in February, 2013 to work on earthquake-resistant measures such as public buildings, improvement of school education environment commencing with infrastructure maintenance and deterioration measures such as road or harbor by annual expenditure positively. In addition, nursery school budget or person with a disability support facility did aid costs that was expenses such as the welfare, child care, health with 415.9 billion yen, rose 3.9% by increase of independence support payment costs compared to the previous year and did personnel expenses with decrease of separation pay and 203.8 billion yen that 1.5% decreased by by the abolition of house allowance which modified home compared to the previous year.

Administrative and financial reform

About administrative and financial reform, we carried out thorough business review commencing with reduction of administrative internal expense including personnel expenses and reviewed 1,090 business more than last year and realized the amount of effect of 10.8 billion yen.

As main approach, reduction such as restraint or separation pay of the staff fixed number, privatization, trust performed reviews such as bailouts for affiliated organization other than promotion of becoming.

We will push forward constant administrative and financial reform in future to push forward necessary measure even if in severe financial status.

Maintenance, municipal bond issuance of fiscal soundness

Yokohama-shi let you reduce "the borrowed money balance that general account supported" steadily until now. It is expected that 3.4 trillion yen or less can achieve aim doing at the end of 2013 when we raised by current "Middle four years plan". In addition, at the end of 2014, we reduce 67.2 billion yen in comparison with possibility at the end of 2013, and it is expected that we assume 3.2846 trillion yen. We work on reduction of "the borrowed money balance that general account supports" that is civic promise with all of you steadily sequentially and maintain fiscal soundness.

Investment that fixed its eyes on future Yokohama including maintenance, update of city infrastructure and new base maintenance at the same time is necessary. Financial status of Motoichi is still severe, but it is opposite to urgent task well and shows vision to the future definitely and is determination balancing "promotion of measure" and "maintenance of fiscal soundness".

Under these circumstances, not only we reduce the borrowed money balance, but also, about inflection of municipal bond, judging from the annual revenue scale of Motoichi, will think that we invite turning point when finance of city thinks about municipal bond utilization with aim of the balance management whether is fitness if it is how much borrowed money balance based on past result in future. Because we did so, we will examine one way of thinking about municipal bond utilization of "debt repayment index" in future while we devise new Middle plan.

In addition, we added the amount of municipal bond utilization of 2014 to 140 billion yen by original budget from ways of thinking of premeditated municipal bond utilization based on organizing revised budget as integral thing in original budget and February, 2013 while considering primary balance of Yokohama method and medium-term viewpoint in 2014 and issued 8.1 billion yen in the revised budget in February, 2013 and decided to issue 148.1 billion yen in total.


Then,, with basic policy of municipal administration administration of 2014, we explained summary of budget bill and bills concerned.

With social security and one reform of tax, consumption tax rate is changed in this April, and quite a few influence occurs for civic life. It is thorough by "sympathy and trust" "hospitality" once again to run life to citizen's all of you in peace every day as the basic local government, and to have happiness realize and, with the staff, piles up practice.

From April, chairperson of designated city Conference of Mayors serves, too. Designated city carries important role indicating model of problem solution on country and other local governments as "leading city" pulling Japanese growth more as the basics local government that are that it is the most familiar to citizen's all of you. We concentrate all power of 20 designated cities and raise presence and influential voice of the whole designated city. Policy recommends country in total and works on overall vitality creation in Japan well to be connected.

Construction of Yokohama loop north line advances steadily now, and a part of the road shows the figure. Steady accumulation that fixed its eyes on the future changes that it is to the basics of development and realizes that we look at completed state. There is prosperity of Yokohama simply because it is sincere and repeats discussions even if there are ancient people in the hard times and decided boldly finally. We challenge change of the times daringly in "all Yokohama", and we take responsibility for connecting development of Yokohama to the next generation.

With councilors, we want to step forward to reliable one step to open up the future. Thank you for your cooperation.

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