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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

About direction of municipal administration in the future (September 10, 2013)

Last update date August 7, 2018

September 10, 2013
Belief expression in City Counsil plenary session

Get the permission of the chairperson here, and for Yokohama municipal administration of greetings to all of the Yokohama City Council and me, Fumiko Hayashi think in a way.

We can stand in this historical assembly hall again and are very honored. For four years, we will push on in municipal administration again. Thank you for your cooperation.

I thought that social advance of woman was indispensable to create vitality in Yokohama and, in the first term, advocated cancellation of nursery school waiting-list child. Including all of the City Counsil, we had the help from many people and, in this April, were able to achieve "zero" at last. It was evaluated as "Yokohama method" by country, and this approach that made full use of every technique was included in "waiting-list child cancellation acceleration plan" of country recently. The issue of waiting-list child is serious and spreads as advanced example to support approach of city widely.

I extend this "Yokohama method" to break established concept for collective strength of big city, Yokohama for other measures and realize further development of Yokohama. It is connected in that pulling dispatch of solution model to problem to be common to city and development of our country.

In addition, during election period, we had words, "correspondence of city hall and ward office improved" with voice of encouragement from many citizen's all of you. As for me, "the spot principles" introduced familiar light way of thinking into administration including "thorough PDCA cycle" "administrative services of hospitality" as the mayor from economic world. These spread among the staff and felt that we were tied to actual feeling of citizen's all of you. We are convinced that foundation toward aim is built in "all Yokohama".

They have we live in Yokohama or all of you running business realize relief and hope, and both people and company develop Yokohama where ancient people built to shining city. We will make power in order to accomplish this my mission. Please all of the City Counsil would like more-better-than guidance and cooperation.

(the times recognition and strategy)

In the country, discussion that we included finance in advances for construction of sustainable social security system, and big decision is going to be given now. I was invited the other day by intensive check meeting by the government, too and expressed opinion. There is Japan into the midst of progress of low birthrate and aging, the big change of the times called population decline.

According to the investigation that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced, total population of our country decreases for 4 consecutive years at the end of last month. Population of Yokohama-shi continues increasing, but it is expected that we decline at peak in 2019. As for the productive population, decrease has already begun, and there is prediction that elderly person population 65 years or older nears 1 million in 2025. In this January, aging rate of Yokohama-shi was higher than 21% and entered into "super-aged society" at last. On pace to surpass national average, aging advances.

Deterioration of city infrastructure supporting Civvy Street is serious. It is necessary to strengthen earthquake resistance and fireproofing of building which assumed earthquakes occurring directly beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan Area that there will be concern about outbreak in the near future at the same time to push forward extension of life immediately, frame of city including construction of traffic network. In addition, response to issue of environment and energy including global warming becomes global request.

We draw strategy of sturdy town development to challenge such a many problems daringly, and to open up the future of city and will devise new Middle plan. And we concentrate every power and realize this surely.

(reliable social realization that does not have break)

At first, you seem to be able to realize "relief that does not have break" and will pour power into citizen's all of you.

We support child care that there is not break to live in Yokohama, and to be able to act on young generation in Yokohama and expand education environment. We let nursery school waiting-list child cancellation continue and improve quality of childcare. And we expand elementary school student measure after school to lose so-called "the first grader wall" facing with elementary school entrance to school of child. We fix education environment including placement of school librarian and realization of lunch which we were able to take of nutrition balance at junior high school. We work on child abuse and bullying measures well.

In addition, we take super-aged society to advance rapidly in advance and work on improvement of elderly person care that does not have break chiefly. We push forward assistance measures steadily so that it is continued living let alone maintenance of elderly person facility in peace in more improvement of care prevention, area that lived so long including expansion of the home medical care system. In addition, we introduce health point system and support health promotion and sports activity of citizen's every generation and will go for healthy life expectancy Nihonichi.

We push forward expansion such as moving assistance measures to impaired people or house or medical care to be able to spend in peace in the future. Furthermore, by working assistance measures to support people having difficulties in life, and to do, we are enriched still more.

(realization of Yokohama full of vitality)

We let Yokohama economy activate to build reliable society where does not have break, and it is necessary to realize "Yokohama full of vitality" by all means. It is all of you of "young man" "woman" "senior" that become key. We draw power of these various places and can connect to vitality of the whole society.

By fixing attractive environment where young power to take the next generation on is fully shown, plan maintenance of increase and vitality of productive population. University and technical school located in the city a lot are precious property of Yokohama. We keep rich intellectual resources and human resources alive and develop Yokohama as academic city. Accumulation of intellect leads to activation of solution to local problem, creation of new industry and existing industry. We make structure promoting study abroad to bring up human resources with global field of vision and perform reclamation or company support of job opportunity.

It is achievement of woman that growth strategy of country includes like young people's upbringing, achievement. APEC held in Indonesia was "woman and economic forum", and I performed Keynote Speech last year the other day following the year before last. Yokohama is recognized in the world as advanced city practicing measure to support social advance of woman including waiting-list child measures and company support in sequence. We concentrate power on these approaches more than before and woman is easy to work Japan's most and does Yokohama in city that can play an active part. And it is senior power that is important now that it stood at entrance of super-aged society. Senior to expect when we want to still make use of rich experience and knowledge even if we withdraw from the on-site front line to Yokohama lives much. This is big potential of Yokohama. We secure place of a variety of achievement including "reemployment" "company, founding" "NPO, volunteer activity" and can connect to more vitality of the whole community.

We will support company supporting the basis of Yokohama economy, economic activities of office well. We support all of the medium and small-sized businesses occupying the majority of the city company from various aspects from management side to the succession of a business and M&A, overseas development and connect the high technology with new business. In addition, by promotion of Y-PORT business, we extend chance of achievement in foreign countries.

We promote more strongly to let result of concreteness bear fruit about national project including international strategic general special ward. In "Keihin seaside part life innovation international strategic general special ward", we push forward seven areas, 18 "Yokohama projects". For five projects including operation simulator, mine, approach of medicine mechanic cooperation accelerate bailout of country. Study group of Taniguchi, professor of Yokohama City University announced the world's first results of research to create human organs from iPS cells, and they attracted big attention recently. We tie result of such research and development to new industry creation and contribute to health promotion of people widely. Of life innovation to be outstanding in the world in Yokohama will be based. And, about national strategy special ward that the government founds, we will get designation with every effort with Kanagawa and Kawasaki-shi.

One of the big strengths of Yokohama is sightseeing, MICE. The past results were evaluated, and was chosen more the other day in "global MICE strategy city" domestic candidate city of "East Asia culture city" by country. We catch this good opportunity and make use of a variety of resources such as wonderful cityscape and MICE, culture art, sports and bring about synergy effect. And many people realize repeated arrival, city doing well still more.

In addition, you must not forget role to let community which regional economy carries activate. We concentrate power on promotion of mall that is important leading figure of community development.

While Yokohama is big city, it is straight production center of "Japanese mustard spinach" that agriculture is very active, and "there is no beach", and to boast of the amount of wonderful farm products such as "the beach grape" and one of the best shipment to. There is thing direct sale place really more than 1,000 places and can obtain fresh, reliable ingredients while living in city. It is sustainable, and vitality makes urban agriculture only in Yokohama a certain.

Tokyo holding of the Olympics Paralympics of 2020 was decided the day before yesterday. Seven years later, all of japan is surrounded in hope and delight that sports bring. We raise the time of hospitality, and it is necessary to start reproduction of city, every preparation including promotion for city sports now. We will cooperate totally to show Japanese figure which accomplished true revival and economic growth from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to convey thanks to the world. We will emphasize charm of Yokohama in the world to give this big aim generously.

We devise vision of economic policy that fixed its eyes on the future this year. It brightens superior resources with richness cultivated in Yokohama still more and realizes growth engine of our country and strong economy that it can be to hook by this Tokyo holding decision.

(realization of strong city supporting the future)

It is necessary to play Yokohama to "strong city supporting the future" to realize relief that does not have break and activation of economy.

Minato Mirai 21 district reached 30 years from business start this year. This town which became area representing Yokohama is filled in vigor now and, by town development that we nominated citizen for, overflows. And town development "2050, Minato Mirai project" that adopted new factor including energy measures is going to begin to change now.

We make use of charm and potence of each district to the maximum and, including this Minato Mirai 21 district, let you be reborn as bustle and base of vitality in the downtown area seaside part that is face of "international city, Yokohama". We aim at maintenance in early stage of the new city hall having various functions such as anti-disaster measures while explaining to citizens carefully while we push forward examination for further activation in Kannai, Kangai-District.

About port which is the center of Yokohama economy, we push forward maintenance including construction of the highest wharf steadily sequentially as international container strategy harbor and raise international competitiveness. And we show superiority that the downtown area faces port to the maximum and realize waterfront proud of to the world.

In bedroom suburb that greatly changes by low birthrate and aging, we gather power of private enterprise, universities such as railway company or development company and inhabitants and plan reproduction of town. We push forward model project in around Tama-Plaza Station north side and Yokoudai, Isogo-ku districts, and anyone can live a life in peace and we make convulsions, town to call in and give young generation.

In addition, as artery of city that is energetic in the future, we promote maintenance such as Yokohama beltway or East Kanagawa area line. Furthermore, we are suitable for big city, Yokohama, and support civic life and industry, and we consider, and one step steps forward to traffic network that anyone is available comfortably for the realization.

Response to energy, environmental problem is essential in pushing forward town development to the future. By "Yokohama smart city project", we start domestic the largest proof experiment utilizing HEMS targeting at about 1,900 households in the city this year. Targeting at apartment and building, factories, 20 private projects to control energy ideally in wide area begin to change in earnest.

The first runner of environmental city of the future includes citizen sequentially and works on environment, resources, energy problem with a pioneer spirit. We send people and eco-friendly urban image to the world.

There being beautiful park which is rich, and high quality green is left while being big city, and citizen's can boast of of Yokohama big; become attractive. We develop "Yokohama green up plan" while securing stable resources for the making of city filled with greenery.

We follow command of citizen's all of you and push forward disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures minimizing damage steadily. We have you suggest from teachers of three pillars of new "disaster preparedness plan" "earthquake disaster prevention strategy" "earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter" and City Counsil and strengthen the cause of "the regulations about promotion of self support at the time of disaster and community support" enforced in this June, disaster prevention function of city. We work on disaster prevention measures in wooden house crowd city area and in late years take measures about torrential rain to occur frequently.

Furthermore, it has top priority by security of human life and, about bridge and city infrastructure such as public facilities reaching time of update in sequence, pushes forward premeditated maintenance, deterioration measures.

It is town development we fix our eyes on the future, and to work with faith. We concentrate power of city and we make figure of new city and, climbing over system and wall of consciousness, give.

(promotion of further administrative and financial reform and realization of special self-government city)

We cannot miss reliable financial and administrative operations in pushing forward these measures.

We work on lack of resolution in reduction of thorough city hall inside expense and go ahead more one step including affiliated organization reform through administrative and financial reform which we stepped into and perform investment in future by choice and concentration boldly.

We focus on the spot to draw power of city hall to the maximum and, for upbringing of human resources leading to display of team power, act still more. We perform the staff placement of right person for the right place and build a more effective effect-like execution system.

We make medium-term financial prospect to push forward sustainable financial administration and share recognition about financial status with citizen's all of you. About the borrowed money balance that general account bears, we reduce including corporate accounting, special accounts, affiliated organization steadily and utilize premeditated municipal bond that considered burden from medium-term viewpoint in the future and balance fiscal soundness and promotion of measure.

Furthermore, it is essential to possess authority and resources appropriate for big city so that Yokohama accomplishes growth powerfully toward the future. Because we dissolve city and double administration of the prefecture and expand careful service still more, and it is growth engine of economy of our country, we push forward approach for realization of "special self-government City" strongly.

I pushed forward the cause of faith that there were all answers in the spot, municipal administration administration until now. We carry out the spot principles thoroughly sequentially and repeat every various places and talk and we focus on sense of speed more than before and will decide.

We realized in these 4 years whether local how every day, councilors snuggled up, and how long citizen's all of you had attachment in Yokohama and you worked devotedly. We are convinced that any difficulty is got over if your enthusiasm and power are shown as all Yokohama.

We challenge difficult problem daringly and are settled by approach that broke established concept. And we will contribute to development of internal and external cities with similar problem. We will build Yokohama growing up with the world.

I would like continued guidance, cooperation of all of the City Counsil some other time and besides should be my belief.

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