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About basic policy and budget bill of municipal administration administration of 2010

Last update date August 7, 2018

February 16, 2010
Suggestion explanation in City Counsil plenary session

We talk about summary with basic policy of municipal administration administration on suggesting bills about budget bill and this in 2010.

I dealt with municipal administration administration since appointment and repeated talks with citizen's all of you, all of the City Counsil and the staff and valued that we bound bond of each other's trust together.

The government hits daily duties sincerely to follow relief, security of people living in this Yokohama now. You will draw figure in the future to be able to find dream and hope at the same time and must push forward preparations toward the future without carelessness. We want citizen's all of you to realize, it "was good to live in this town". I make up my mind to realize by all means in hope of it above all.

However, Yokohama is in severe financial status not exception while Japanese economy is delayed. I catch big wall standing in the way for this municipal administration administration as real thing well and I plan choice and concentration how and realize measure that is necessary for current relief, future vitality, or what should I do to carry out without waste? We collected wisdom and power of personnel and put discussion on discussion and gathered up as budget bill.

"There are all answers in the spot." We called at childcare, medical care, the spots including education 70 or more under this faith in person and we worked and it was such will and achievement of various places that worked on local action eagerly in various places engaged in and contacted. Including ward office, we put talks on the staff who worked on the site nearest Civvy Street. We performed approach to repeat further invention that we installed project to collect such on-site voice and wisdom, and to be urgent, and to cope with problem that you should work on and argued very much, and one step already stepped into.

Many opinions and thought that I received from all of you the other day are my big property. We are strongly convinced of move to meet acute needs quickly without overlooking move that you should hit for the future even if it is what kind of small move when what we hit surely is important.

(in municipal administration administration of 2010)

There are various places that we try hard desperately to live in this moment now. We cope quickly to support now of such people well, and to make relief of civic life reliable. On the other hand, we perform investment that foresaw the future without missing opportunity to maintain vitality of city, and to further raise even if there is when it is tough.

Approach that approach to secure relief of civic life makes a certain vitality Yokohama is convinced that it is in Yokohama 30 years later, source of Yokohama where, moreover, there can shine 20 years later.

Well, sign bright to some extent came to be seen in economy including increase of recovery of the world economy led by rising nation including China and export with that when we minded economic situation of these days to surround Yokohama. Result that business perception of the city company is like the recovery basis is given. However, standard of recovery is still low, including slump of appreciation of the yen concern and deflation anxiety, consumption, as for the future, it is still unclear. In addition to such an economic situation, civic life faces various problems by progress of shokokoyowaishakai, transformation of the way of family, attenuation of local connection, social conditions such as destabilization of expansion and the employment of difference.

Therefore, in 2010, we will run municipal administration for point with following four in "relief" and two wheels of "vitality".

Quick approach to the urgent situation

At first, it is quick approach to the urgent situation. We want to realize Yokohama that has child in peace, and is brought up even right now. It is urgent and works for enhancement of child care support to solve such situation that cannot cope enough with various problems around child including truancy and developmental disability that waiting-list children increase as never before, and childbirth place and acceptance in the case of emergency are not found in as soon as possible. In addition, we carry out emergency economic measure positively to receive the influence directly while social economic situation is severe, and to support various places that work there in various places that run business while really having a hard time well.

Realization of life that felt relieved in area

The second is realization of life that felt relieved in area. We want to live lively in area even if it becomes old even if we have a defect. This was what many people prayed for while we went around the spot. We must meet the wish. Anyone realizes Yokohama that can spend connection in area in peace carefully. Therefore, about facility which postponed the start of construction, we cancel the policy until now and push forward maintenance. One step to embark on is small one step, but this wanting the tomorrow's life to find relief and hope triggered by this feels frank.

Approach to be cheerful Yokohama

The third is approach to be cheerful Yokohama. If regional economy of step is activated, frame of city Yokohama becomes strong. It is timely and, as perfect opportunity, emphasizes charm of Yokohama, and, let alone support to activation and manufacturing of mall, chance of new business and employment does globalization of Haneda Airport, APEC Yokohama holding in overflowing town. We perform investment to do future Yokohama well. We push forward the making of city that rose in medium-and-long term viewpoint and create growth strategy and connect with leap of Yokohama economy. In addition, we work on community development which we made use of town development and individuality not to risk load for environment in.

Maintenance of fiscal health

The fourth is maintenance of fiscal health. This where we offer necessary citizen service well even if financial status is severe is administrative responsibility. And, to us, there is steady financial responsibility running not to leave excessive burden for children carrying future Yokohama. Therefore we found review and emergency evacuation-like resources of thorough job to plan improvement of administrative services that put pivot leg for daily livings and coexistence of maintenance of fiscal health with it was 22 fiscal budgets that faced state of emergency called the large yield of taxes decrease.

(2010 budget bill)

Each accounts budget bill organized that we brought about relief of civic life and local spirit and vitality as two wheels of measure in 2010 to suggest. We centralize resources in child care support that urgent approach needs and urgent economic measure and work on measure business along five directionality of municipal administration administration that we further told about in belief expression in last September chiefly.

As a result, budget scale,

General account 1.3604 trillion yen
Special accounts 1.1639 trillion yen
Government enterprise accounts 575.5 billion yen
By all accounts sum total, it is 3.0998 trillion yen

It became in this.

General account is 0.8% decrease and the first negative budget in 5 years than last year. As for the sum total that merged special accounts and government enterprise cashier, it is 4.9% decrease and the third consecutive year of negative budget for 3.0998 trillion yen in comparison with last year.

Of these, about general account budget, we anticipate that city tax income to occupy the center has fall that 38.5 billion yen is larger than last year in its income by the annual revenue. With this decrease in income, we anticipated local governments' normal tax subsidy 10 billion yen. Municipal bond included 127.4 billion yen than last year, rose 11.1%. In addition, we utilize financial adjustment fund 2.7 billion yen to provide with a part of expense to work on securing of quantity of business and child care support to lead to job of all of the city companies.

Maintenance costs such as facilities largely decreased annual expenditure under the influence of public works project reduction of country, but acted as city independent business to do in the maximum, budget meter in painful financial status. On the other hand, aid costs largely increased with 27.5% under influence of welfare allowance that increased with economy aggravation and child care allowance that supply began in 2010 in comparison with last year. Therefore, obligatory expenses that we matched aid costs, personnel expenses, public loan costs with occupied 54.2% for the whole general account budget, and they exceeded 50% for the first time. As increase of aid costs is anticipated in future by aging progress, go ahead through more finance, improvement, reform and will go through this strictness.

This compilation of the budget was start with there being lack of income and expenditure of about 53 billion yen. We repeated discussions seriously how you survived the situation that should be also known as this state of emergency.

By annual expenditure restraint, we added to business review that jurisdiction department until last year worked on by oneself and pointed out problem of individual business from all agency-like viewpoints and worked on "job reform" to promote examination thoroughly. We gave result that was in total in 950 cases, 12.2 billion yen and usual. In addition, emergency called inflection of increase of the amount of municipal bond issuance and financial adjustment fund decided correspondence of evacuating and that we did not reserve revision resources a year and found resources.

We follow fiscal discipline to realize sustainable municipal administration for the future, and, as for the municipal bond that is debt of city, it goes without saying that what it does not increase as much as possible is necessary. However, you must reduce business when particular only about reducing municipal bond when fall of the yield of taxes is such big so that serious influence appears to the current civic life and the city economy in the very severe situation. Therefore it increased the amount of issuance of municipal bond while following constant fiscal discipline with 22 fiscal budgets and decided to utilize to protect civic life and the city economy.

Specifically, we decided to utilize 127.4 billion yen that there was more 20 billion yen than amount of issuance upper limit 107.4 billion yen of municipal bond that could achieve aim of Middle plan. Properly speaking, sum of this 20 billion yen is amount of money that you should issue as local governments' normal tax subsidy because country makes up for lack of income and expenditure of local government. In substitution for this grant tax, the temporary issuance frames of financial measures bonds utilize only thing to increase, and are thinking with minimum increase while the yield of taxes largely has a fall in its income. As for the amount of municipal bond issuance, it is sum more than aims of Middle plan, but we maintain surplus of primary balance of Yokohama method firmly and continue approach for fiscal consolidation.

After 2011, we cannot anticipate recovery of the large yield of taxes either. If municipal bond and foundation do not do urgent evacuation-like financial administration that conjugated like 2010 in 2011, we think that serious influence might amount to civic life and the city company. However, based on the future, surplus maintenance of primary balance of Yokohama method assumes natural precondition. And, from 2012 when recovery of general revenue income including city tax is anticipated, we run finance on the basis of controlling the amount of municipal bond issuance from last year. We decide to be ordinary, and radical review of new securing of annual revenue and desk work business pushes forward improvement, reform more than before and works on maintenance of fiscal health.

Local financial administration has various limitation concerning country system on both sides of income, expenditure not only Motoichi. In the country, discussion to review country and the local way is activating commencing with promotion of local sovereignty now. It is extremely important to reform designated city system that was only temporary positioning radically for more than half a century at this opportunity. Therefore we possess authority and resources appropriate for not only tax tax revenue transfer and improvement of tax allocated to local governments system but also big city and demand the foundation of new big city system that lost administrative non-efficiency from country.

We work on reinforcement of the important organization system in the administration side. We strengthen section connected in correspondence to social security increasing by economy aggravation, cancellation of nursery school waiting-list child, relief of life including ward office including emergency care system reinforcement of municipal hospital. In addition, we work on review of organization mechanism to do with organization which citizen's all of you are easy to know and change name of four stations including the administration administration Coordination Bureau from this April.

Then, we will explain policy development in 2010 mainly on main business to plan new expansion.

Improvement of civic living

At first, it is improvement of civic living.

Toward cancellation of nursery school waiting-list child who is top priority problem, we plan capacity increase by nursery school maintenance sequentially and secure 1, capacity for 367 newly. We reduce financial burden of use of Yokohama nersery room to become easy to leave 2-year-old low age child from 0 years old with many waiting-list children. The amount of furtherance increases to 40,000 yen a month at the best according to income from conventional flat 10,000 yen a month. Furthermore, we introduce trust to the cosame model or NPO which plural childminders raise in group to increase the acceptance frames of low age child and expand domestic childcare. In addition, we add to past maintenance costs to be able to have approach will to childcare in office toward all of the companies and start the furtherance for budget newly. We expand custody at one time so that working becomes easy to leave child by part and part-time job and increase kindergartens having you keep and work on childcare. We perform setting and the going to kindergarten bus purchase furtherance of pickup and drop-off childcare station to utilize space capacity of nursery school.

In obstetrics, pediatric care, emergency care system, we strengthen the acceptance system of the maintenance furtherance for setting of obstetrics bed and perinatal emergency hospital as environmental maintenance to give birth in peace. We establish obstetrics Anshin Denwa (emergency help call) consultation newly and extend Reception hours of emergency pediatric service telephone consultation until morning and secure the system which we can talk about anytime.

In educational front, quick, polite correspondence is demanded for various problems around child including elementary school student, student needing truancy and developmental disability, Japanese instruction. Therefore we play a central role in school to such problem correspondence and we aim at placement to the elementary school whole school and, at first, locate window and teacher elementary school student support exclusive duty pushing forward regional alliances that it is to 70 newly. In addition, about school support business to push forward smooth class administration and close learning instruction, we dispatch part-time teacher in junior high school 50 newly, and dispatch to volunteer elementary and junior high schools such as students of teacher choice increases 50, too and enlarges to 200. We establish school education office according to the area that, by the way, we support nearer the school spot to four and, in April, improve quality of education.

It is improvement of administrative services with warmth in the spot glance

Then, it is improvement of administrative services with warmth in the spot glance.

We watch and perform life support of various places of single life household by activities and everyday shopping support newly to be able to spend every day in peace while elderly people have connection in area.

It follows to provide care service that needs are sublimed into more steadily as aging advances and works on upbringing, security of the welfare human resources and pushes forward maintenance such as special elderly nursing home or small scale multifunctional model home care office.

"Reliable measure for the future" switches at-home people experiencing disability allowance qualitatively, and "aging, severeness of person with a disability realizes each measure based on pillar of three of correspondence to making" "smooth correspondence for area life" "construction of structure which we are relieved after parent is dead, and area life can send" positively.

About facility which postponed the start of construction, community care plaza and community house cancel the policy until now, and they stimulate maintenance. We start basic design, survey for maintenance of seriously ill mind and body child with a disability facility by local nursing center, institute for health redevelopment.

We carry out approach that can realize improvement in service of ward office which is the most familiar to citizen's all of you.

Further approach to environmental problem

The third is further approach to environmental problem.

It increases the number of furtherance of use of sunlight, solar heat system in personal house so that the use of renewable energy which is kind to the earth spreads more. In addition, we perform assistance to update to electric car and plug-in hybrid vehicle. We increase charge facilities in total and fix available environment in peace. As approach of collaboration with Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, we install setting of photovoltaic power generation facilities to hall in the town block and LED crime prevention light 3,500 newly. We work on de-warming action from imminent place including one ward of 1 zero carbon project. We adopt viewpoint of de-warming for every measure and develop measure appropriate for environmental demonstration city Yokohama.

We utilize Yokohama green tax with it is Yokohama green up plan which is the conduct second year and push forward measure to make measure, green to protect measure, farmland protecting forest place steadily. In addition, we promote business so that we hold Yokohama green up plan citizen promotion meeting and have evaluation, suggestion, and citizen's realizes result even more. We succeed environment of beautiful Yokohama that is full of water, green well in children carrying the future.

Activation of more promotion and economy of international urbanization

For the fourth, it is activation of more promotion and economy of international urbanization.

As urgent economic measure, we support fund raising by securing of accommodation the largest ever for management stability of medium and small-sized business or expansion of the guarantee charges furtherance. In addition, as support for creation and independence of the employment, we perform job creation of about 1,300 people, payment of housing allowance. Furthermore, we extend the life of social capital such as road and repair of school, park redevelopment leading to securing of quantity of business of the city medium and small-sized business.

We utilize globalization of Haneda Airport of October, APEC Yokohama holding of November, this perfect opportunity to the maximum and further push forward activation of globalization and economy. We provide comfortable, safe place to we Yokohama-shi as APEC holding city, and there is mission to let meeting succeed. We cooperate with related organizations enough and fix support system and greet all of the hospitality participating with heart and emphasize splendor of Yokohama in home and abroad. With globalization of Haneda Airport narrowing distance with the world conspicuously, we push forward invitation of international convention and company let alone attracting tourist from Asia including China strongly. Toward activation of the city economy, we perform strategic company invitation including the top sales and seminar holding. We support new campaign that "150 yen mall" and professional sports team cooperate and perform to heap up mall bringing about spirit of support and the town of medium and small-sized business working on new technology, new product development.

We push forward approach that rose in medium-and-long term field of vision to make cheerful Yokohama for the future. Hub port of Yokohama Port stimulates maintenance of the advanced harbor facilities toward becoming and maintains Yokohama beltways supporting port and industrial activity and Civvy Street. In addition, we push forward various town development including the making of city for the future including "excitement Yokohama 22" performing shakeup around Yokohama Station and approach as culture art creation city with people concerned.

Then,, with basic policy of municipal administration administration of 2010, we explained summary of budget and bills concerned.

In 2010, we devise new medium-term plan by the age. In this plan, we devise about future process for five directional realization of municipal administration administration and concrete measure and medium-term financial program. We make development process open and receive opinion from citizen's all of you through various opportunities and compile plan.

In the thought to take expectation of citizen's all of you well, and to realize by all means, we gathered budget bill.

It became compilation of the budget in the very severe situation, but, through this process, felt big possibility for "power of people" to exist in Yokohama. Power of many people with such thought concentrates for "Yokohama citizen" for "Yokohama", and tomorrow's Yokohama shines.

It is result of past effort, and today's result is decided by effort in the future in the future. Effort of ancient people made current Yokohama full of charm and put up. We take responsibility for our who live in now opening up the future by own wisdom and effort. I will take the heavy responsibility at the head.

We find relief of civic life so that we repeat civic talks with all of you, and anyone can live a lively satisfying life in Yokohama that can shine and will push on in vitality making Yokohama that there is from now on.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation of citizen's all of you, all of the City Counsil.

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