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About direction of municipal administration in the future (September 10, 2009)

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September 10, 2009
Belief expression in City Counsil plenary session

Get the permission of the chairperson here, and for Yokohama municipal administration of greetings to all of the Yokohama City Council and me, Fumiko Hayashi think in a way.

In the held mayoral election, I have support from many of you recently, and I will be in charge of municipal administration. We take office as the mayor to memorable age of the 120th anniversary of the opening of a port 150th anniversary, the municipal administration, and it is the head of big city Yokohama holding population of 3.67 million at the same time to be proud at all of what we can make an effort for for Yokohama from now on and keenly realizes weight of responsibility of carrying mission protecting life of citizen's.

Including City Counsil which is citizen's representative, we listen to voice of widely citizen's various places humbly while valuing, and your what we felt as private citizen desperately again would be highly appreciated as it will hit administration of municipal administration with every effort.

Of course each has a plan and thinks so that there are sometimes severe indication and opinion. As is sincere, and intend to face, and is in opinion of City Counsil as person sharing viewpoint basically for "Yokohama citizen" at point for "Yokohama-shi", guidance and cooperation thank you for your cooperation.

(the times recognition)

Well, it is Japanese economy that received big blow, but, under the influence of global financial crisis of the autumn of last year, economy is shown in the government opinion that movement of improvement is seen in the severe situation recently although there is. However, we are worst-ever when we see the latest unemployment rate, and employment situation adds to strictness remarkably, and there is concern to stall again, and economy cannot still forgive guess if aggravation further continues.

We meet in such severe society economic situation, and serious problem such as difference and employment anxiety appears. It is basic that anyone can live in peace in imminent area that is place of life, and it is negligent, and it is not possible. We make the soil where citizen can live in with hope in community that is strengthen connection in area, and we do not remove somebody who pours power into wide education, vocational training and creation at the employment opportunity, and does not overlook people in weak position and, making the situation that can play an active part, each one is thinking about me specifically when thing that social do with warmth to respect each other's human rights lays groundwork for vitality in city in the future. What to do, we must think seriously so that anyone makes society which can live in area with hope lively.

On the other hand, there is city to go ahead through of economic growth even if under recession if we throw eyes on the world. Population and economic activities center in such a city, and problems such as energy, environment, food, poverty appear conspicuously. For Yokohama having the second population of Japan, it is important for solution to these city problems to carry out responsibility in future.

(we overlook Yokohama)

In such times of now of Yokohama-shi stand, and want to recognize position well.

Sooner or later the local government does not manage if they do not work hard to perform financial administration that matched stature in the times when social economic situation is severe as never before. A certain rules financial administration is basic. It maintains surplus of primary balance of Yokohama method that is severer than country, and it is strength for Yokohama-shi that worked on financial administration solidly until now. However, in spite of such an effort, it is fact that is driven into the still severer situation under the influence of the last world economy. We are not reflected, and city tax income cannot avoid fiscal consolidation immediately from now on even if recovery of the city economy was seen.

It was not flat at all, but we overcame difficulties by various wisdom and actions of ancient people and raised charm, and, as for the step of past Yokohama, it was since the opening of a port in city that couldn't help attracting anyone. As a result, Yokohama itself becomes one brand now, and refined image generally settles in open object. Characteristic that has face as creation city that produces new things, face as beautiful environment city where water, green is rich in, face as international city, port city that we walked with history of the opening of a port, such a various faces with it is big charm that there is not in other cities while keeping old thing alive. Furthermore, existence of citizen's various places where there is many working with big attachment in welfare, environment, NPO playing an active part in various fields such as culture art, Yokohama including volunteer is big vitality of Yokohama. It has viewpoint of collaboration with citizen well, and it is what you should be proud of to have pushed forward town development with citizen. In foundation of a country Expo Y150 held, we focus on civic participation, and citizen's will and executive ability are shown now. Bond with people and people is brought about while participants share connection, thing which they make and put up. It is important to widen such an approach for the city everywhere continuously.

On the other hand, we ran through 18 wards during election period and thought that what we worked on to have life have security to listen to voice that enhancement of measure that came from life from various places that held trouble and anxiety for life was expected from desperately was necessary above all through civic talks with all of you. From data of the latest Yokohama civic life white paper, it assumes sudden change of economic environment, progress of low birthrate and aging background and increases uncertainty of the future, and it becomes clear that anxiety as never before in these 10 years enlarges for civic life. It is important to work based on local circumstances and needs to get rid of anxiety facing civic life even a little simply because it is the basic local government. And we think that what we consider enough is important so that cooperation and connection of local people spread in approach.

We cannot actually grow up as attractive city if people who live there cannot live in peace. Therefore I think that municipal administration administration that put pivot leg in community is what is demanded most now.

(direction of municipal administration)

I explain direction of municipal administration to intend to work in coming term.

At first, about basic idea on running municipal administration, we want to give my thought. That is "municipal administration with warmth to value people's minds". Therefore we keep improvement of service in mind in thought, the spot glance in dweller glance. It is what we worked on carefully consistently and wants to make use of this in municipal administration administration in the future while I worked.

And we think that I must pour power into substantial coexistence of finance reform and administrative services even if in severe society economic situation. To that end, even if it is difficult problem, we face each other from the front and we gather wisdom and invention widely and will work on the basis of valuing communication. We focus on talks with citizen's all of you who live in Yokohama or run business, all of the City Counsil and the staff, and monolith and thing that it is and works on are my ideals, and the whole Yokohama-shi will make an effort towards the realization. Various problems that the modern society has become complicated, and they diversify, but are got over if they put wisdom together together. We make the process to be beyond severe obstacle with citizen's all of you one full of life more and want to make bond of each other's trust from there.

I was planning to do it this way, and I will push forward municipal administration along five directionality to talk about from now on.

Improvement of civic living

More than anything, we focus on viewpoint of dweller and will expand civic living. Viewpoint and achievement of dweller are more important when we think about how you bring about vitality in low birthrate and aging. It is in particular improvement of child care support that wants to add pressure. As of this April, the number of the waiting-list children of nursery school amounts to 1,290. Advance and connect approach of waiting-list child cancellation with woman opening place playing an active part by a variety of technique with not only pushing forward nursery school maintenance but also community or company and hand. In addition, we push forward the making of workplace and support to environment creation that are easy to act so that we promote work-life balance, and anyone can live a satisfying life. Furthermore, we plan security of doctor to obstetrics medical institution and emergency pediatric service base Hospital, enhancement of emergency care system to have child in peace, and to be able to bring up. And we will work on improvement of quality of education almost the base that children opening up the future of Yokohama are brought up to unique human resources at ease and can grant dream and hope. We raise quality of education by promotion of small number classroom and team teaching, expansion of the training system of teacher to be able to favor each children, and children, both protectors aim at school education that can be relieved.

This is essential investment for the future in Japan, and eventually, the future of Yokohama.

In the spot glance to administrative services with warmth

The second is improvement of administrative services. We wash contents of administrative services again in the spot glance thoroughly under the point of view called "what is it that citizen really expects?". We make a little over one level of function of ward office which is the nearest to citizen and will arrange opportunity when myself talk with citizen's all of you directly as much as possible. We plan improvement of administrative services, and citizen predominates and promotes local area self-government running in viewpoint of participation and collaboration and aims at realization of administrative services with warmth. In addition, as local government performs measure that put its ingenuity by own responsibility, works on promotion of decentralization so that citizen becomes easy to live more. We provide place of gathering at various opportunities so that we plan maintenance of nursing facility, improvement of home health care service to be able to live about elderly person measure lively in peace, and the class of seniors such as after the retirement age can make use of each experience in total. It is important at all to push forward the making of society which can live a life that impaired person became independent by own intention in area. About measure to be able to continue living in peace for the future, we will realize surely. We make sure of securing of security of life and promote new influenza measures and crisis management measures including correspondence to large-scale earthquake that there is concern about expansion of infection.

We push forward further approach to environmental problem

The third is further approach to environmental problem. Environmental problem is problem that correspondence at global level is examined, but approach in each area and the accumulation are essential. Yokohama-shi is chosen by environmental demonstration city taking important role to propel environmental action ahead of the whole country and wants to carry out the duty with citizen proudly. We push forward approach to protect precious green of Yokohama, and to bring up sequentially, and citizen, company, administration works on rapid expansion of the renewable energy spread for accomplishment all in one body in CO-DO30 and aims at reduction of further greenhouse gas. About Yokohama G30 plan, it became reduction rate beyond 40% by cooperation of citizen's all of you. Based on the result, we push forward further approach of weight loss, recycling of garbage. In addition, we support research and development, practical use of environmental technology in connection with company and university and plan solution to environmental problem and will connect with economic activation such as new upbringing or company invitation of the industrial field of.

More promotion of international urbanization, activation of economy

The fourth is activation of more promotion and economy of international urbanization. We further push forward international urbanization while making use of history and culture that are property of Yokohama-shi and plan activation of economy. Haneda Airport globalizes in next October, and APEC summit meeting is held in Yokohama in November, and there is at perfect opportunity of international urbanization promotion. We make use of this opportunity enough and push forward the making of open city in the world including holding of further international convention. In addition, we work on domestic and foreign company invitations as dynamo by improvement in access convenience with foreign countries positively. As port which pulled international city Yokohama plays an important role in economic activities, we push forward reinforcement of harbor function. We work after having ascertained cost-effectiveness from plan or operating cost about urban infrastructure maintenance to support not only economic activities but also civic life enough.

The leading role of economic activities is people of the city company. Environmental maintenance that the city company can play an active part lively will concentrate power as economic activated basics. It is important that medium and small-sized business and mall in the city are fine in Yokohama economy and particularly pushes forward various activation plan that we made use of original technique and regionality in let alone urgent economic measure.

About 80,000 foreigners are living in Yokohama now. Vitality that both Japanese citizen and foreign citizen work on as the main constituent supporting area together lively makes society which there is. In addition, go ahead through various approaches that many citizens including interchange in homestay, the field of sports and the field of culture art can participate in to understand different culture and lifestyle and it follows and contributes to world peace and development.

Finance reform

Finance reform is required problem until now to push forward approach that we spoke steadily. We must deal with compilation of the budget of the next fiscal year in the very severe situation affected by economic recession from now on. It is the situation that can be optimistic after neither 2010 nor that. It is necessary to work on fiscal consolidation well to plan improvement of administrative services while preventing financial failure of Motoichi for the future. We make use of experience engaged in corporate restructuring and want to try for improvement of financial status of city until now. We adopt accounts technique used in private enterprise and allow you to understand even if who including tendency to quality of financial status and annual expenditure according to the field sees, and go ahead through business reviews in new viewpoint different from before and want to plan expenditure reduction. We plan restraint continuously not to leave excessive burden about municipal bond issuance in the future of children. For stable securing of city tax income, myself perform the top sales in total, too and push forward company invitation positively.

It is that it is difficult at all to achieve that the government must be open while finance is severe, but thinks that there is means to find hope by all means if we concentrate your wisdom.

Then,, on the basis of five directionality, I will work on municipal administration in the future. Concrete process will squeeze up from now on, but by because we can do it, working with sense of speed, want to make security, confidence for municipal administration a firm one. In addition, you show clearly and do process and the results and can evaluate to citizen's. After the fashion of ancient people who got over many difficulties, I will carry out the with every effort duty so that children carrying the next generation as society filled with hope and impressions, town which can shine brightly can succeed this Yokohama well to be in the difficult situation.

We ask for guidance of all of the City Counsil, cooperation some other time and should be my belief.

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