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Last update date August 22, 2019

Fumiko Hayashi

It was born in May 5, 1946

Hometown Tokyo

Educational background

Aoyama High School graduation Tokyo Metropolitan for 1,965 years

Work experience

Duty such as 1965 through 1976 Orient rayon (existing Toray), Matsushita Electric Industrial (existing Panasonic)
It shifts to Honda Clio Kanagawa north company after Honda automatic Yokohama entering a company in 1977
1987 BMW Tokyo Division (existing BMW Tokyo) entering a company
1993 BMW Tokyo company Branch Manager Shinjuku
Branch Manager Hiroshi out of the 1998 company
1999 fur Ren Tokyo (existing Volkswagen Japan sale) president
2003 BMW Tokyo president
2005 The Daiei, Inc.'s representative director chairperson and CEO
Vice-chairperson of the Board company's for 2,007 years
May, 2008 NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. operating officer
June, 2008 Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales's president
The Mayor of Yokohama (the first) the 30th in August, 2009
The Mayor of Yokohama (the second) the 31st in August, 2013
The Mayor of Yokohama (the third) the 32nd in August, 2017

Main post 

Designated city Conference of Mayors chairperson
Cruise activation meeting chairpersons of the whole country
Street improvement project promotion meeting chairpersons of the whole country
Conference of Mayors harbor city meeting chairpersons of the whole country

Main receiving a prize career

The The Wall Street Journal "notable world woman manager 50" election (2004)
The U.S. Forbes "powerful woman 100 of the world" election (2005, 2006)
The U.S. Fortune "woman 50 (international section) of the business world strongest" election (2005, 2006)
United States Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCJ) "2014 person of the Year" in Japan (2014)
Eurasia woman forum (Congress sponsorship in Russia) "public rikogunishon award" (2018)

Main book

List of main books
Book namePublishing company
Excuse me, thing is not sold by how to sellAki Publishing
Go to meet person who wants to meetKodansha
Power to sympathizeCrocodile books
Skill in flexible workPHP new book
We do well at work of 90% if we think subordinate to be "customer"We pass among KADOKAWA and are for
Both work and human relations become comfortable by the slight "attention"!Hidekazu system
The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

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