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Interview of 2012

Last update date August 9, 2018

  1. We support Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi sequentially in 2013
    (1) One dispatch staff from April to Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi is increased
    (2) We perform material reconstruction aid to Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi
    (3) Yokohama water supports revival of Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi in cooperation with Yokohama-shi
  2. Yokohama-shi aims at realization
    About development "Yokohama special self-government City University rope" thinking in a basic way of "particularly self-government city"
  3. We hold Yokohama "American dogwood tree planting ceremony" of the 100th anniversary of the Japan-U.S. cherry tree interchange
  1. We start page storing of Yokohama city tax
    ... which Yokohama city tax becomes able to pay from ATM, the Internet of ... financial institution
  2. Narrow matches and appoints "maintenance promotion line" of road widening maintenance business more
    Conduct ... precedent by approach of ... Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy
  1. Of environmental city of the future plan "Yokohama multi-generation, local interchange type house"
    We decided start maintenance, administration company for industrialization and concluded periodical leased land contract
  2. Yokohama City University tip medicine scientific research center maintenance business tip medical department studies center restudy ridge was completed
    We hold the completion memory ceremony on ... Thursday, March 28, 2013
  1. Reach two years from the Great East Japan Earthquake
    (1) Establishment of "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter"
    (2) Conduct of earthquake disaster measures training, allied event
    (3) Renewal of canned disaster storage water
  1. Yokohama-shi and Hello Work establish working support window in ward office
    ... Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa labor bureau are agreement conclusion ... 
  1. "Yokohama b day, spring" holding
  2. We issue "microskirt wild bird illustrated book" by Wild Bird Society of Japan and collaboration
  1. Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage to think about in every Heisei Bo-sai2013 area circle
  2. We raise opinions of citizen's all of you about "Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy" summary (draft)
  1. About 2013 budget bill
  1. We realize ward and "restructure of role" of children's guidance office
    ... that report of ... "2012 child abuse measures cooperation reinforcement project" was finished
  2. We carry out Yokohama-shi stroke citizen enlightenment campaign
  1. New area "savanna of Africa" part is open in April 19, ZOORASIA
  2. About result of 24 window service satisfaction investigation
  3. We hold "big city system forum in spring"
  1. In the beginning of the year of 2013 (the beginning of the year impression)
  2. For reproduction, activation of the downtown area seaside part and suburbs part
  1. Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose in 2012 was decided
  1. Structure of support campaign "Yokohama for Africa" of Africa is decided
  1. Yokohama-shi and ITO EN Ltd. conclude inclusion cooperation agreement
  2. Yokohama-shi and people such as the local core hospitals of 14 conclude agreement about specialized foreign establishment at the time of new influenza outbreak
  3. World triathlon series Yokohama meeting acquires International Standard "ISO20121" of the event management as domestic held event for the first time in our country
  1. For "the second Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi contact industry festival"
    The cause of cooperation such as Store Association in Yokohama-shi,
    We open a store in Yokohama-shi booth and support Yamamotocho
  2. Designated city Conference of Mayors symposium in Yokohama holding
  1. We carry out campaign "beginning love today" in ... Yokohama - Yokohama that is in love
  1. It is Yokohama decorations ... in "kaso space Yokohama hamadeko 2012" - imagination and disguise
  2. Smart illuminations Yokohama 2012 conduct program decision
  3. For the first time held "Asia stylish city meeting"
    It is dispatch ... by the making of sustainable city in Asia in the world with the mayor and international organization of ... Asia rising nation
  4. ... which holds business - ceremony and seminar of the 25th anniversary of CITYNET establishment
  1. Yokohama-shi and city pharmaceutical products wholesale company five conclude agreement about supply cooperation of pharmaceutical products at the time of disaster
  2. Mayor Hayashi visits Copenhagen and publicizes environmental approach of Yokohama in international conference
  1. The biological diversity spread enlightens "turnout of creature" from Yokohama to the whole country and campaigns
    "Yokohama b Festival 2012" finally starts
  2. We support children, life of people who left to live in elementary school student nursing homes generally
    For "elementary school student after the exits such as facilities start aftercare business" on Monday, October 1
  1. In Dance Dance Dance about "Fra girl" appearance of Fukushima and autumn event in the city
  2. The 61st (2012) Yokohama culture prize, Yokohama culture prize culture, art encouragement six 1 group are decided by prize winner
  3. We hold event "J300+ in YOKOHAMA" supporting woman aiming at woman manager, entrepreneur, company
  1. We gathered plan middle swing upset for Yokohama Middle four years
  1. The first "prevention of drug abuse campaign" in Yokohama
  2. As for population, the industry by 2010 national census employment ground, attending school place, it is summary of count result Yokohama-shi
  1. "The fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development" logo decision!
  2. Holding ... first by ... Yokohama University Festival 2012 realizing "town where area is connected to the city University"
  3. As venue central on the 33rd nine capital prefecture city combination disaster drill - September 1 on "Disaster Preparedness Day" training conduct -
  1. It is ... by electric car (EV) sharing in Motomachi Shopping Street from start - industry housing complex to mall
  1. It is direct connection ... in ... Yokohama Port and the Tomei Expressway launching "high speed Yokohama ringed northwest line" business
  2. Yokohama-shi concludes cooperation agreement about international technical cooperation with Chiyoda Corp.
    We promote "Y-PORT business" to solve city problems such as rising nations
  1. About JC summer conference 2012 and summer event in the city
  2. We promote Keihin seaside part life innovation international strategic special ward Yokohama project
  1. Approach result about reemployment adequacy of city retired employee
  2. It is start of dispatch ... "forest project of MISIA" by charm of forest of house, Yokohama nature observation of ... Kamigo forest
  3. Gather! We hold "work girl" of Yokohama Yokohama woman network meeting
  4. Let's enjoy hot summer of this year in COOL in water source of Yokohama Channel!
    "Yokohama Channel water source safe-conduct" commemorative for modern water supply foundation 125 years business
  1. We hold study meeting by citizen and devise citizens' charter about earthquake disaster prevention
  2. Mayor Hayashi attends at economic forum with APEC woman
  1. Yokohama-shi and seven & eye group three conclude "regional activation inclusion cooperation agreement"
    We expand collaborative relationship with ... Seven-Eleven Japan to collaborative relationship with group! ...
  1. We emphasize "environmental city of the future, Yokohama" in overseas promotion Rio +20 where it is the first among "environmental city of the future"
  1. (1) There are full of events in town of Yokohama for the opening of a port memorial day!
    (2) Studio Ghibli work first "From Up On Poppy Hill" Yokohama extra edition DVD, Blu-ray Disc is released!
    (3) Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2012
    Extracurricular class special ... of Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid, interchange business junior high student Rising Sun Project - dream
  2. Korean radio communication equipment company BSC
    We entered incubation office of Yokohama!
    Overseas company invitation top seminar invitation No. 2 ... by ... Mayor Hayashi
  1. About the number of nursery school waiting-list children as of April 1, 2012
  2. In Yokohama-shi, as for the summer power saving, energy saving through the year is ▲ 10%, too
    ... 2012 "Yokohama-shi power saving, energy saving measures basic policy" development -
  3. It is presented by all Yokohama green power (YGP) experimental project cities
    ... which starts recruitment of conduct companies in ... 2012
  1. Yokohama-shi and AEON Co., Ltd. conclude inclusion cooperation agreement!
    ... which stimulates cooperation in the fields such as utilization or child care support of ... "Yokohama mirai WAON"
  2. The seventh food education promotion national convention food education & reconstruction aid Festival Yokohama
  1. We start approach of "reproduction type town development of bedroom suburb"
    Approach start corresponding to ... environment city of the future super aging society! ...
    Yokohama-shi and Tokyu conclude agreement about promotion of "the next-generation suburbs town development"
  2. Local production for local consumption guidebook of Yokohama "eat; is reprint decision of Yokohama"
  1. Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2012 107 program held decision!
  2. About "the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake donation"

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