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For administration of The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi - sympathy and trust ―

The mayor regular news conference (interview after September, 2009)

Last update date August 17, 2018

Interview after September, 2009

  1. "Consideration parking manner" to push forward together exercise
    We spread by cooperation of citizen and company!
    ... which aims at the use manner fixation of parking bay for ... wheelchair user
  2. The company invitation top seminar second is held
    Attractive ... of trend and Yokohama of ... IT industry
  1. De-warming course of action "CO-DO 30"
    New campaign "Yokohama Eco live." Start
    ... which calls for civic "imminent eco-activity" with ... friendliness
  1. We apply for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "next-generation energy, social system proof area"!
    It is five private enterprises and suggestion ... about ... Yokohama smart city project (YSCP: Yokohama Smart City Project)
  1. Town of Tozuka is reborn
    "Redevelopment building" is completed "the first open land to be used for improving the traffic system" at the Totsuka Station West Exit station square!
    Tozuka West Exit complex "totsukana" is grand opening ... on ... Friday, April 2
  2. We make "Yokohama City Hall environment action declaration"
    ISO environmental management system for new stage!
    ... that ... city hall widens environmental action by collaboration with all of citizen, companies
  1. Yokohama-shi next generation upbringing support action plan "shine Yokohama child young people plan"
    Late plan draft was unified
    Please send opinion of ... citizens! ...
  1. About 2010 budget bill
  1. Shoreline of Kanazawa described as "comfortable view which was beautiful like picture"…
    We install American Anchorage monument
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, person concerned with U.S. Embassy and Mayor Hayashi attend on ... February 3, and unveiling ceremony is held! ...
  2. For management improvement of Motoichi affiliated organization
    Review ... about reemployment to affiliated organizations of ... city retired employee
  1. We start Yokohama green valley design
    ... which aims at construction and industrialization of the promotion system based on ... implementation plan
  1. In the beginning of the year of 2010
  2. One week when Yokohama plays a world key role for from 7 to 14 on November
    We start for APEC Yokohama holding in Japan in 2010!
  1. Fukaya communication place ruins use idea competition winning work product was decided!
  2. Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose in 2009
  1. It is the first among the whole country! Local contribution of milkman of town! We offer milk at the time of disaster gratis.
    - "agreement about supply cooperation such as milk at the time of disaster" Kanagawa milk distribution improvement association and conclusion -
  1. We hold "Yokohama presentation 2010"!
  1. "Oh, official water "true children" of Yokohama-shi change the name with true children The Water" and renovate label design!
  1. By 7 university cooperation "Yokohama culture creation city school "north relation school" founds a school in Yokohama downtown area, north relation district!
  2. Attempt to plan improvement of education by cooperation with company is realized! Collaboration ... with ... IBM JAPAN Corporation and Yokohama city school
  1. Record high! "hamakko" more than 30,000 participated this year; "child energy saving masterpiece war! 2009 commendation ceremony holding
    ... which carries out environmental talk with ... Mayor Ayako Hayashi and elementary school student working on energy saving
  1. Biodiesel fuel utilization business using used cooking oil starts!
    ... which holds announcement type on ... November 2
  1. When it is necessary with necessary thing, we send relief supplies at the time of disaster smoothly!
    ... NIPPON EXPRESS Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch and "agreement about relief supplies at the time of disaster" conclusion -
  2. Yokohama-shi wins "the city prize Prime Minister Prize of the 29th green"!
    ... that a variety of approaches including ... "Yokohama green up plan" were appreciated
  1. Cowound project of Yokohama-shi X NPO X Rakuten group starts!
  2. For "realization of administrative services with warmth in the spot glance"
    (1) We arrange opportunity when the mayor talks with citizen's everybody!
    (2) We visit all 18 ward offices!
  1. The 58th (2009) Yokohama culture prize, Yokohama culture prize culture, art prize for encouragement prize winner decision!
  1. In the mayor appointment

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