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Mayor topics August, 2020

Last update date September 11, 2020

2020/Friday, August 28

Start-up ecosystem base city promotion meeting

  • Yokohama-shi was chosen as "global base city" as member of "start-up ecosystem Tokyo consortium" that the local government, company, group including Tokyo cooperated in "start-up ecosystem base formation strategy to rank with the world" that country (Cabinet Office) pushed forward in this July. On setup of base city, we attended Naokazu Takemoto Minister appointed by the Cabinet Office and WEB meeting with chief of each base city. With this choice, we let you accelerate approach to bring about start-up to flap from cause, Yokohama of cooperation with country and each affiliate to the world and will realize "innovation city, Yokohama".

Mayor Hayashi who attends WEB meeting of start-up ecosystem base city promotion meeting

2020/Monday, August 24

Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus task force meeting

  • We held Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus task force meeting and confirmed the latest situation and gave a presentation on supplementary budget in September and explained. Following revised budget of May, June, we organized supplementary budget to be a total of 16.9 billion yen as "living, economic measure". "We keep Yokohama economy and civic life" turns two wheels of "reinforcement of infectious disease measures" and "realization of economic revitalization" focusing on "we work on new daily life", and "we protect medical care with citizen" will let you further accelerate the making of society corresponding to new lifestyle.

Mayor Hayashi who explains at Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus task force meeting

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