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It is Supplementary Income Payment (we untie) especially

Yokohama-shi special Supplementary Income Payment(yokohamashitokubetsuteigakukyufukin)Reiwa(reiwa) 2YearIt is 9 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 10SUN(or) Having thisApplication reception desk(shinseiuketsuke)The end(Ryo learning) did.

Last update date September 11, 2020

In particular(in particular) Fixed amount(teigaku) BenefitWith (steep neighborhood)

 With new coronavirus,Japan(nihon) the wholekonThere is (top).Life(result wins)joTo reject (make up);FRIIs (;)Appearance) which is ( sukotogaDecision(come) marimashita.

 ForeignerYou can get (gaikokujin), too.

Can get;FRIIs (;)

One 10Ten thousand Japanese yen(spread) can get.

WhoCan you get (become dull)?

FRIYou can getPeople(people) is 2020YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MONIt is 27 (arrive)SUNIn (nichi),Ward officeIn (kuyakusho),JapanOf (nihon)Address(jujo) RegistrationWe are doing (we register father)PeopleIt is (people).

Till when?

2020YearIt is 9 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 10SUNIt is (to (nichi)Postmark is effective(keshiinyuukou))

How will you do it?

MailOf (mail)MonkeyWe do (already)Include(come) See

5MON(gatsu) 28SUNIt is 6 from (nichi)MON(gatsu) 6SUNBy (nichi),Application(shinseisho)soIt is rimasu (put).

Phone number(telephone number),Account number(kouzabango), signatureBook(or) Ouch,The residence(zairyu) with copy of card,BankbookCopy of (tsuucho),MailBy (mail)so(put) give.

Envelope(envelope),ApplicationWith (shinseisho)SameIn (same)nyuThere is (yes).

Of you and youFamily(kazoku),All the membersOf (zenin)FRI6MONOf (gatsu)The beginning(the beginning) from the time,AccountIn (kouza)shin(fu) riInclude(come) We see.

2020YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 27SUNThan (nichi)The front(ago in)JapanIn (nihon)House(do) Hmm, we were,AddressOf (jusho)Registration(we register father)bo(wasu) reteitaPeople(people) is immediate,Ward officeIn (kuyakusho)RegistrationPlease do (you register father).

The residence(zairyu) cardji(is), too HeyWard officeTo (kuyakusho)Come(come) tekudasai.  

Of onlineMonkeyWe do (already)Include(come) See

Of mainapotaruIn particular(in particular) Fixed amount(teigaku) BenefitOf (steep neighborhood)ScreenIn (we do not steal),MonkeyWe do (already)Include(come) You see, and please do.  (on "mainapotaru" and the InternetSearch(Kensaku) please do.)

Of onlineMonkeyWe do (already)Include(come) Seeing needs my number card.

Firstly youBook(or) OuchBottom(kuda) sai. (The name(the name),Address(jusho),Phone number(telephone number), e-mail address)

Next, of youFamily(kazoku)Book(or) Please be. (Family(kazoku) of allThe name(the name))

NextFRIIs (;)shin(fu) riInclude(come) muAccount(kouza)Book(or) Please be.

Next,AccountWe know (kouza)DocumentsPlease upload (shorui).

Then, please upload my number card.

Finally "TransmissionPlay (believe so);o() Please do.

Of you and youFamily(kazoku),All the membersOf (zenin)FRI5MONOf (gatsu)shuBreak (chase); from the time,AccountIn (kouza)shin(fu) riInclude(come) We see.

FamilyFrom (kazoku) Violence(boryoku)Reputation(u) kete,toIt is geteiru (escape)PeopleTo (people)

Ward officeIn order to become (kuyakusho)Already(already) meni,ConsultationPlease do (so).

Special Supplementary Income Payment Of (untie)Intellect(do) rase,ApplicationOf (shinseisho)Book(or) Come(person)

When we might not know

When we do not know,TelephonePlease do (telephone).

■ English(eigo),ChineseWe want to talk in (chugokugo)People(people)
 0570-045592 (9Time(ji) It is 17 from thisTime(ji) made / 6.7MON(gatsu),Every dayWe do it (every day))

■ Hangul Alphabet, NepalWord() VietnamWord() SpainWord() PortugalWord() tagaroguWord() In thisStory(flower) want to doPeople(people)
 045-211-6573 (On MondayFrom (getsuyobi)On Friday(kinyobi) is 10Time(ji) ... 16Time(ji) 30Share() / dai2.4On Saturday(on Saturday) is 10Time(ji) ... 12Time(ji) 30Share()) 

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