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It is swimming () gemasen at beach (kaisuiyokujo) of park (we cannot ask) of the sea (the sea)

Last update date June 9, 2020

Newly(hit) shii coronavirushirome(Hiro) is pattern; if let's be, to do,PeopleThere is much (people)shu(atsu) maranaiyoniMind(come) We soak thisNeedThere is (need).
Therefore,Yokohama-shi"Of (in the side, better)The seaOf (the sea)ParkOf (we cannot ask)BeachIn (kaisuiyokujo)SwimmingThere is not (), and please give me.

<QuestionPlace to do (question)
 The seaOf (the sea)Park management(kouenkanri) center
 Telephone(telephone): 045-701-3450

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Department of Environmental Planning Bureau greenery Park Green Space Administration Division

Telephone: 045-671-2642

Telephone: 045-671-2642

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