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Look up the status of a Special Cash Payments application

Last updated date: 2020/7/15

On this page, you can look up the status of your Special Cash Payments application using the 13-digit reference number. For mail-in applications, it is the number located under the barcode where the recipient' s name and address are printed. For online applications, it is the number issued after you submitted your application.
<Number location for mail-in applications>

Read the information below before proceeding to the next page to look up the application.
*Database is updated once per day, usually by noon. Bank transfers are not conducted on weekends and public holidays, so the page will not update on those days.
*If you do not know the 13-digit reference number that was printed on the application form next to your address, contact the Yokohama Special Cash Payments Call Center.
*Be aware that the Yokohama Special Cash Payments Call Center, Ward Administration Offices, and Yokohama City Hall cannot respond to inquiries using the reference numbers from either mail-in or online applications.

Process from application to bank transfer

"Is postponing"; [Pending] (online applications only)
If the applicant is not the head of the household, the number of application entries does not match the number of people in the household, or for other reasons, an error may occur. In the case of an error, staff will contact by writing or telephone to confirm the information.
"Is awaiting arrival of application" [Waiting to receive the application]; (mail-in applications only)
The application has been sent out, and currently being collected and transported from post office boxes to the processing center, received but not yet opened, or awaiting processing. (Currently, the processing center is handing a large volume of applications, so the application may remain in this status for around two weeks after applications have been sent in, also depending on how quickly the postal system delivers it.)

"Arrive at receptionist center, and is awaiting examination" [Application received, evaluation pending]; (mail-in applications only)
Application is being processed, attached identification documents checked, and bank account information entered into the system.

"We are examining application contents" [Application evaluation in progress]
Evaluation of the information submitted on the application is underway, and data for the bank transfer is being generated.

◆ "We are confirming application contents" [Checking application information]
Ambiguous entry or error has been identified on the application. Staff will confirm information by writing or telephone call.

It "has been asked for transfer" [Bank transfer request submitted]
The payment via bank transfer has been submitted.
It "has been asked for transfer" Even if there are no problems with the transfer information and the transfer completes successfully, the status on the screen will remain as [Bank transfer request submitted]. Applicants in a hurry to confirm the transfer can do so by updating the record in their bankbook or checking their account balance themselves. (The payment will appear as being sent from "yokohamateigakukyufu".)
A postcard will also be sent out after the bank transfer has been completed, but may take some time to arrive.
Even if there are no errors or ambiguous entries in the bank transfer information, transfers may take up to 7 working days (not including weekends or public holidays) to complete. (In the case of errors or ambiguous entries, the status may change to "is identifying transfer contents" [Checking bank account information] after 7 working days.)
Staff at the Yokohama Special Cash Payments Center, financial institutions, the City Hall and Ward Administration Offices are unable to answer questions related to the bank transfer day or the status of individual applications.

■"We are confirming transfer contents" [Checking bank account information]
Ambiguous entry or error has been identified on the bank account section.

Applications will be individually checked if bank transfers fail to complete, and if errors can be corrected, the bank transfers will be returned to the queue. When necessary, staff will contact applicants by telephone or in writing to confirm application details, so applicants are asked to wait until being contacted.

*Other search results
"It is impossible of acceptance" [Application not possible]
If multiple applications from a single household were received, or the applicant is not the head of the household, or for other reasons, the application could not be submitted online.
"It is invalidity, non-supply" [Invalid/no payment]
The application was determined to be invalid or not eligible for payment for a certain reason.

Look up the status of an application

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