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Video message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko about the upcoming Golden Week holiday(2020.4.23)

Last updated date: 2020/4/27




To citizens of Yokohama,
This is Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all residents for helping stop the spread of coronavirus with their cooperation in limiting their daily outings and observing guidelines to prevent infection.

While many carriers of the coronavirus may only present mild symptoms or be completely asymptomatic, the elderly or those with underlying medical issues are more likely to experience severe symptoms. Even some younger people have been shown to develop serious illnesses, however, so we must continue to be vigilant.

The month of May approaches with the annual extra-long holiday. Normally, this is a time for many people take this vacation time to visit their family' s homes or travel for sightseeing.
I know many residents may be feeling stressed by not being able to freely go out, attend classes while schools are temporarily closed, or take part in cancelled events.
Unfortunately, however, the infection is still spreading. Person-to-person contact has not yet been reduced by 80 percent. Your efforts can help protect yourself, the lives of your loved ones, and everyone in our city.

We ask for continued cooperation from all residents in refraining from longer trips, as well as non-essential outings in your neighborhood, to help reduce the chance of person-to-person contact by 80 percent. When you must leave your home, take care to avoid any situations involving "closed spaces," "crowded places," or "close-contact settings." And, as always, please make sure to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

With the combined efforts of all our residents, we can bring the spread of infection under control.
Help us overcome this challenge together.

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