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Video message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko to all health care personnel (2020.4.16)

Last updated date: 2020/4/27



To all health care personnel,

This is Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko.

I would like to express my sincere respect for the efforts of all the health care professionals working day and night on the frontlines of the fight against the new coronavirus. On behalf of all the residents of Yokohama as well, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for your service.
During this unprecedented crisis causing anxiety for so many people, your dedication to the medical profession and the commitment shown in your work are sources of support for the lives of all our citizens.

To prevent the collapse of the health care system at any cost, and to provide integrated support for all personnel, the City of Yokohama has established the new Infectious Disease & Medical Coordination Headquarters Y-CERT (provisional translation). Unique to Yokohama, this organization' s team will work closely with local medical institutions to ensure that patients who have tested positive and require hospitalization will receive the exact care they need.
The city was able to secure approximately 500 beds for patients with moderate to severe cases of the disease, thanks to the cooperation of the Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital, Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital, Yokohama City University Hospital, and Yokohama City University Medical Center, and other local medical institutions.
In addition, once the Municipal Citizen' s Hospital moves into its new location, its former wards will be converted into accommodation to treat up to around 200 patients with mild cases or those without symptoms. The city will also coordinate with the prefectural government to use the Shonan Village Center and the APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower to receive patients. Going forward, the City of Yokohama will do all in our power to secure needed facilities and prevent any collapse of the health care system.

Also, some of the professionals working on our behalf, or even their families, have been the victims of heartless, baseless attacks on their character. This represents a serious violation of your human rights, and I will demand that this behavior immediately come to an end.

Amid the growing tension in the medical community, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you continuing to work hard day and night.
The City of Yokohama will make maximum efforts and do all we can to procure personal protective equipment and masks that are to address the shortages in medical supplies.
To overcome this crisis, your work is more important than ever. Please accept our deepest appreciation and our hope that we may continue to count on your support.

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