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Message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko on the partial lifting of the state of emergency (2020.5.14)

Last updated date: 2020/5/18


The national government announced its decision today to lift the "State of Emergency in response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease" for 39 prefectures, including some prefectures that were identified for "special caution." Those prefectures will resume full socio-economic activity while continuing to enforce infection prevention measures. Although the momentum of the spread of infection has slowed in Kanagawa Prefecture, it will remain under the state of emergency as we continue to see a steady number of new cases.
The City of Yokohama will cooperate with prefectural and local governments and do everything in our power to ensure the lifting of the state of emergency as soon as safely possible.
Over 100 patients tested positive for the virus in Yokohama on the week of April 6, but by the following week the number of new cases decreased to around 75, and as of the week of May 4 had dropped to 45 cases. In particular, the number of cases with unknown routes of infection has seen a distinct decrease, thanks to the combined efforts of our residents steadily taking shape.
The government will reevaluate lifting the state of emergency on May 21, and the City of Yokohama will focus on preparing to reopen municipal schools and public facilities in anticipation of the decision, as well as work to ensure the prevention of further outbreaks of infection.
The city will work steadfastly to provide support to our residents and businesses to help them overcome this challenging situation as swiftly as possible. We continue to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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