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Video message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko to residents and businesses on COVID-19 measures (2020.8.26)

Last updated date: 2020/8/27



To residents and businesses in Yokohama,
This is Mayor Hayashi Fumiko.

The effects of the new coronovirus disease have brought considerable changes to our daily lifestyle. The number of attendees at large-scale events will continue to be restricted through September. As the future remains clouded, it has been difficult to go out to eat with friends and family, or to visit relatives or travel with peace of mind. Despite that, I wish to express my sincere gratititude to all residents for their help in preventing the spread of infection.

The city has compiled an economic stimulus worth 16.9 billion yen for 66 projects as part of its third set of measures to support daily life and the economy.

We will work to further accelerate the dual efforts of strengthening preventive measures and the economy and to build a city adapted to the "new lifestyle."

The support measures are focused on the pillars of protecting lives of residents and medical care systems, preserving the city' s economy and residents' daily lives, and creating a new normal lifestyle.

To protect residents and the medical care system, we will provide funding to medical institutions so that more residents can receive PCR tests, and improve testing and consultation systems.

Also, we will use the donations we have received so far to support our medical care workers. To preserve the city' s economy and residents' daily lives, we will accept 4,000 more subsidy applications for small and medium businesses to invest in preventive measures in addition to the 6,000 received over 3 days in August.

We will also support convention and event organizers to revitalize the city' s economy, as well as
provide robust support to residents facing difficulties due to workplace closures or other conditions.

To promote a new normal lifestyle of coexistence with the new coronavirus disease, in this fiscal year, public schools will implement "one device per person", it is and practical seminars will be held to encourage local "chonaikai" neighborhood groups to communicate and meet via ICT.

While September is approaching, we are still experiencing extreme heat.
Please be sure to focus not only on infection prevention, but also make appropriate efforts to avoid heatstroke. We ask especially for your cooperation to stay aware of the people around you, and help prevent the spread of infection to the elderly.

Currently, the infection is spreading in people across all generations. We ask that people of all ages exercise due caution, and continue to wear masks and wash hands frequently, avoid "3C' s" situations, ensure rooms are ventilated, and take care to prevent the spread of infection.

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