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Message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko regarding the new coronavirus (2020.8.7)

Last updated date: 2020/8/7


As the number of cases of new coronavirus infections continues to increase across the country, we see a need for a continued state of vigilance, as new cases are also being identified daily in Yokohama. Recently, infections at the workplace or at home have increased, and the age range of those infected is expanding.

Currently, there are 225 infected patients with mild or no symptoms, who account for 93% of total cases in the city, and around 800 hospital beds have been secured in Kanagawa Prefecture. Additionally, while the number of patients experiencing severe and moderate symptoms remain at three and 13, respectively, about 500 hospital beds have been prepared in Yokohama alone. The medical care system maintains an ample capacity. We will continue to coordinate with the prefectural government going forward.

With the approach of the season for the Bon Festival, I know many people will have the opportunity to go out or travel. If you do go out, we ask everyone to take precautions against infection: washing your hands often, wearing a mask, and avoiding the "three C' s."

Also, talking when masks are removed at meals is one way the virus can spread to infect others. When dining in a group, please choose restaurants with preventive measures, and take care to refrain from dining in large groups or raising your voice.

The clouds of the rainy season have lifted, and hot weather has begun in earnest. Please take appropriate steps to avoid heat stroke, such as removing your mask when outdoors, while maintaining an appropriate distance from others as a preventive measure against infection. Senior citizens are asked to take extra care, as not only are they more likely to experience more severe symptoms of the new coronavirus if infected, they are also more vulnerable to heat stroke.

Response measures to COVID-19 are expected to continue for some time.
In addition to enhancing our PCR testing capacity, the City of Yokohama is providing subsidies for shop and restaurant owners to invest in preventive measures. The subsidy program has been well received, and since starting the program, nearly 6,000 applications were submitted in only three days.

We will continue to make every possible effort and work with the national and prefectural governments, as well as medical institutions, to protect the livelihoods of our residents by implementing preventive measures and moving to revitalize socio-economic activity.

Thank you.

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