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Message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko on the alert issued by Kanagawa Prefecture (2020.7.17)

Last updated date: 2020/7/20


Today, the Kanagawa Prefectural Government issued an official alert as a warning measure to encourage Kanagawa residents to rigorously implement and follow measures to prevent the spread of infection, including avoiding the "three C' s" and reducing opportunities for person-to-person contact.

At the New Coronavirus Disease Control Headquarters meeting yesterday, the City of Yokohama established a response policy according to the alert issued by Kanagawa and the status (or "phase") of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. Based on this policy, the city will continue to ensure comprehensive preventive measures are in place at public facilities and city-sponsored events.

The number of newly confirmed cases reported today in Yokohama was 14, and the daily case count has slight rising trend in the past few weeks. The most effective methods to prevent the further spread of infection are the thorough preventive steps taken by each individual resident. We ask that residents continue to follow safeguards and practice everyday preventive actions, such as refraining from visiting places that do not have measures in place to prevent infection, avoiding the "three C' s," and incorporating the "new lifestyle" guidelines into their daily lives. We also ask that businesses adopt appropriate preventive measures.

The new coronavirus disease outbreak is expected to be prolonged, and for infections to reappear in waves. There are currently only around 13 patients showing moderate or worse symptoms in Yokohama, and local hospitals are well-equipped with beds at the ready to accommodate a resurge in patients. We will continue to work closely with medical institutions, as well as with the national and prefectural governments, to prevent any possibility of a collapse in the medical care system, to ensure measures are in place to prevent the spread of infection, and restore socio-economic activity as soon as possible.

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