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Message from the Mayor HAYASHI Fumiko on the partial lifting of the state of emergency (2020.5.21)

Last updated date: 2020/5/22


Today, the national government announced its decision to lift the "State of Emergency in response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease" for an additional three prefectures, following the previous move for 39 prefectures on May 14. However, lifting the state of emergency was postponed for the Tokyo metropolitan area, including Kanagawa Prefecture.

The number of new patients testing positive for the new coronavirus in Yokohama last week was 38, a significant drop compared to the peak recorded number. Notably, only 10 cases with unknown routes of infection were identified, or 0.27 per 100,000 in the population, showing that infection in the city has slowed. In addition, while there are currently 43 hospitalized patients with moderate to severe symptoms, Yokohama has 500 beds secured for such patients. Along with ample room for more patients, the city' s medical care systems are being maintained without interruption.

The government will again consider lifting the state of emergency declaration on May 25. Once it is lifted, the city will reopen municipal schools and public facilities in stages, after ensuring infection prevention measures are fully in place.

The City of Yokohama will continue to dedicate its full energies to realize the return to a new daily life and the recovery of economic activity for its citizens as soon as possible.

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