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About the Special Cash Payments

*Information below is current as of October 9, 2020.

Last updated date: 2020/10/9

Application acceptance has ended.

Residents who have applied within the deadline but have not yet received the Special Cash Payment

● If mistakes are identified on the submitted application form, or if necessary documents are not attached, a notification will be sent to you.
● If you receive one of the above notifications, please read over the contents carefully, and submit the required forms or documents by Thursday, October 29, 2020. Materials must be received by this date.

◆Important note
Be aware that any corrections for application form mistakes or missing supplementary documents not submitted by the October 29, 2020 (Thursday) deadline will be considered applications that were not received by the original deadline, and those applicants will be ineligible to receive the Special Cash Payment.
Please be sure to submit any materials by the deadline above.
If you have any questions regarding the notifications, call 0570-045192 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays), or send an email to [email protected].

Look up the status of an application

Look up the status of a Special Cash Payments application

Use the 13-digit code under the barcode where the recipient' s name and address is printed on the on the mail-in application, or the number issued when you applied for the Special Cash Payment online to check the status of your application here. (the outside site)

  • A postcard will be sent out some time to notify applicants that the bank transfer has been completed. Applicants in a hurry to confirm the transfer can do so by updating the record in their bankbook or checking their account balance themselves. (The payment will appear as being sent from "yokohamateigakukyufu".)

  • Staff at the Yokohama Special Cash Payments Center, financial institutions, the City Hall and Ward Administration Offices are unable to answer questions related to the bank transfer date or the status of individual applications.

Residents who received a request to confirm application information (yellow-green envelope)

If you have received a written request to confirm the content of your application, please review the document and return the forms as soon as possible. If you do not complete and return the form, you will not be able to receive the Special Cash Payment.
*Many applicants have made errors on the confirmation forms. Please read and check the requested documents very carefully before submitting them.

Overall status of applications and payments (estimated figures as of September 9)

Number of recieved applications and submitted payments
Number of eligible householdsTotal number of received applications% Received applicationsNumber of completed payments% Completed payments

*"% Received applications %" is calculated by dividing the number of received applications by the estimated total number of eligible households (with eligible recipients).
*"% completed payments" is calculated by dividing the number of completed bank transfers by the estimated of 1.82 million households (with eligible recipients).

Beware of scams posing as Special Cash Payments programs!

[Avoid being scammed by fraudulent sites impersonating the national or local government!]
Residents have experienced these kinds of fraud attempts!!!
☎A person on the phone claims to be a member of a new coronavirus disease department of a government agency and says, "We will deliver the Special Cash Benefits application papers to your home," and then attempts to visit you there.

☎ "We will pay the Special Cash Benefit amount to you, so please tell me your bank account number," and tries to find out your bank account information.
If you receive a suspicious call or email about using an ATM or handling fees related to receiving yourSpecial Cash Payment from someone claiming to be from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, prefectural government, or municipal government, please contact your local police station, or call the dedicated police consultation phone number (#9110).

Representatives of Yokohama City Hall, the Ward Administration Offices of Yokohama, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will never do any of the following:

  • Ask you to operate an ATM
  • Ask you to send money to pay handling fees to receive the benefit
  • Send email with a URL to click to apply for the benefit
  • Visit you directly to check or take your cash card

[Beware of scam sites claiming to be government organizations or local city offices!]
Think twice before accessing sites that seem suspicious, such as homepages with hidden domains at the end of the link, and make sure to check the URL of the official website.
"Beware of benefit scams!" pamphlet (PDF: 506KB) (Japanese) produced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the National Police Agency.
"Beware of scams or fraudulent businesses taking advantage of the spread of new coronavirus infections!" pamphlet (PDF: 394KB) (Japanese) produced by the City of Yokohama and the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Department.

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