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Beware of fake websites pretending to be official City of Yokohama pages (2020.05.15)

Last updated date: 2020/5/15

Recently, several fake sites designed to appear as the City of Yokohama official website have been identified. While no attacks using these fake sites have been verified so far, there is a possibility that malicious users may attempt to illegally use them for cyber-attacks or to cause damage, including the theft of personal information.
When accessing the City of Yokohama website, be sure to check the address (URL) displayed in your browser. The official website should appear as below:

City of Yokohama website address (URL)

How to check your browser' s address (URL)

Make sure that the address (URL) shown in your browser matches the official website: (
Depending on your browser or smartphone, the first part of the address (URL) with "https://www" may not be fully displayed in the default view.

Image of address bar of Yokohama-shi HP   Address bar image of Yokohama-shi smartphone HP

   What the URL looks like on a computer        What the URL looks like on a smartphone

Official domain name used by the City of Yokohama

A "domain" is like an address on the internet.
When the City of Yokohama publishes information on the internet, it uses either "" or ""

Warning when using this website

While there have been no confirmed reports that the City of Yokohama homepage has been tampered with at this time, please be sure when using this website to check the domain name of any link before clicking on it by hovering your mouse pointer over it or looking closely at the URL.
Also, the City of Yokohama website uses a domain name ending in ".jp", it is so if you see a URL you think that shows a domain for a different country, a domain you have not seen before, or that seems suspicious, use a different method to access the official website, such as through a web search. Make sure to think twice and do not click on any links or images at all if you think the site seems suspicious.

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