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About special Supplementary Income Payment

As of June 2, 2020

Last update date June 3, 2020

Application method of Supplementary Income Payment includes two of mail application and online application especially.
Please confirm whether application with online is possible in this (PDF: 2,200KB).
Deadline for application is Thursday, September 10 (in the case of mail, effective postmark).

About inquiry about special Supplementary Income Payment

Reference (Yokohama-shi special Supplementary Income Payment call center)

◆Navigator dial 0570-045592
※ Reception hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (the 5.6 moon supports on Saturday and Sunday)
※ FAX: 045-681-8379 (FAX number for inquiry of not to hear. By FAX as you cannot apply, please be careful.)
※ It supports English, Chinese.

◆Dial 045-211-6573 for exclusive use of multiple languages
※ Reception hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 16:30 (4 second Saturday from 10:00 to 12:30)
※ Correspondence language: The Hangul Alphabet, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog


As for the common question, please see this.

Mail application

About shipment of application

  1. We send out sequentially by Saturday, June 6 from Thursday, May 28.
    ※In schedule of the details, please see Q8 about common question.
  2. When application does not arrive by Saturday, June 13, please refer to call center after Monday on 15th.
  3. By Thursday, September 10, please apply. (effective postmark)
  • Based on Address of resident certificate of basic date (April 27, 2020) of benefit, we send out to family nurturer.
  • Person of online application finished does not need mail application. (after May 28 sequentially transfer)
  • Even if application documents are brought to ward office, city hall, we cannot accept. Please apply by mail by all means.

Flow of mail application

Envelope arrives by 1 Saturday, June 13.

Enclosure order

We fill in [the red frame] of 2 applications.
※ We fill in the fourth of the back side only when proxy/agent has application (receipt).
<entry example>

Mention example

We cut part of "special Supplementary Income Payment application" in 3 drill chicken lines. Address, please keep printed page carefully.

Sample of drill chicken

4 "special Supplementary Income Payment application", "copy (full name and part to understand of the date of birth) of identity verification documents" encloses three points of "copy of confirmation documents such as transfer accounts" to self-addressed envelope.
<example of identity verification documents>
Please copy driver's license, health insurance card, passport (passport), my number card, Basic Resident Register card (there is no photograph possible), certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, nursing notebook (notebook of love), pension book, full name including residence card and part to understand of the date of birth.
<example of confirmation documents such as transfer accounts>
Copy of thing which financial institution name, account number, account holder of a title deed (kana) understands
(page, bank card which turned up cover of bankbook)

We mail 5 self-addressed envelopes to the post.
<reference> Address that is listed in self-addressed envelope

Address that is listed in self-addressed envelope

By mail when have any questions by the flow mentioned above on applying, please refer including page of common question.

Transfer time

It starts in the beginning of June. (it is expected that application floods in at first and takes time before payment.)

Online application

As for the common question to affect online application, please see this.
<when input contents have mistake>
Please see Q22 about common question.

(1) The application reception desk start date
  Tuesday, May 12, 2020 ※What we can apply for becomes empty at 0:00 a.m.
(2) About transfer
  We start transfer on May 28, 2020. We transferred about 5,000 cases by the end of May. It is expected that we can transfer about 45,000 cases by June 4.

◆Flow until transfer

  1. When Yokohama-shi takes in data from just service, the following emails reach.
    (person who does not input e-mail address at the time of application does not arrive.)
    -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ** ** state
    We appreciate your using "just service".
    As we received the following electronic application data in the local government of application, we will tell.
    Please contact application for inquiry about this application.
    Special Supplementary Income Payment (reception desk number *****)
    -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  2. We are going to transfer in around one week after the guide mentioned above reached input contents without mistake.
  3. Person of dispatch, please confirm transfer in you such as entries to bankbook. We will send postcard to notify of completion of transfer later.
◆Scheduled transfer date (indication)

Application day

Scheduled transfer date
Tuesday, May 12Business day until from Thursday, May 28 to Thursday, June 4
From Wednesday, May 13 to 15th FridayBusiness day until from Thursday, June 4 to Monday, June 8
From Saturday, May 16 to 29th FridayBusiness day until from Monday, June 8 to Wednesday, June 10

※It is indication on scheduled transfer date. When we cannot transfer, by telephone or document, we ask for confirmation of contents. Therefore, it takes time until transfer.
[example with many mistakes]
・We appoint account which is not account in the name of family nurturer
・Error (account number, salesclerk mistake) of financial institution information
・The household number of people as of basic date (April 27) does not accord with the household number of people in application
・We applied by my number card of except family nurturer
・We input as applicant anyone other than family nurturer

(3) Summary of online application
  We upload confirmation documents of transfer previous engagement seat and apply after family nurturer (application, receipt incarnation) having my number card input information (full name, the date of birth, Address, Phone number) of family nurturer and full name of all the payment eligible people except family nurturer, transfer previous engagement seat of financial institution of family nurturer from special Supplementary Income Payment application screen on mainapotaru. Attachment of identity verification documents is unnecessary to perform identity verification by e-signature.
 Please refer to the following site for the details of online application.
 Special Supplementary Income Payment portal site (the outside site)
 Inquiry about operation (except contents of service system, procedure) of just service is 0120-95-0178


・It is family nurturer as of April 27 that can file for online application. Only by my number card of family nurturer, we can apply. By my number card of other than family nurturer (families), we cannot apply for special Supplementary Income Payment.
・Even if input contents have error by online application, input data are just accepted, and email of reception desk completion is sent to applicant automatically.
・As time suffers from examination and correction when household member who is payment eligible people and input of account information include mistake in the case of application, and there may not be transfer, please be careful.
・Smartphone which is readable in IC card leader writer or card information is necessary to read electronic certificate for signature of my number card.

※ After, on application to use for mail application, Yokohama-shi printed information of payment eligible people of family nurturer (application, receipt incarnation) and household member, family nurturer (monkey
  We send toward sei, receipt incarnation). When there is a question about payment eligible people, make online application in reference to application for sent mail application
  We have, or I would like the use of mail application.

Online application toward the thought

 You have my number card which effective den ⼦ certificate was put on, and family nurturer (application, receipt incarnation) whom ⼊⼒ can make password of signature ⽤ den ⼦ certificate (lower than ... 16⽂ character more than alphanumeric character 6⽂ character) into definitely is for online application.
 In ⽅ which has forgotten ⽅, password that ⽅ which does not have my number card, den ⼦ certificate lapse, ri ⽤ of mail application, please.
※In addition, please note new issuance of my number card as it takes 2 months from about one and a half months.
※When password of electronic certificate (British number 6-16 characters) for signature of my number card necessary for online application is wrong after normal input five times in total, we are locked, and reset that we do the next agency is necessary for ward office. For kaku ⼤ ⽌ of new coronavirus infectious disease-proof, you have you have the next agency, and please use mail application when password is unidentified.

With special Supplementary Income Payment

 People are joint under the emergency declaration and get united and have respect and appreciation to various places working on under the situation to have to overcome national crisis called fight with concealed enemy in every spot of whole country each place including clinical practice and perform support to the family budget in plain structure quickly and precisely.

It is targeted for payment

Person that payment eligible people are recorded to Basic Resident Register in the basic date (April 27, 2020)
Family nurturer of household where the person belongs to receipt incarnation

To person evacuating by the reason of violence from relative (spouse, parent, child, siblings)

 Which cannot move resident certificate to place to just live from various circumstances in evacuating to place where is different from place with resident certificate before (basic date) on April 27, 2020 just applies to house ino municipality for Supplementary Income Payment including share of companion in particular for violence from relative (spouse, parent, child, siblings) and sex violence damage, poor other reasons occurring at the same time compositely when you meet constant condition and can get benefit.
 To that end, it is necessary to have "you report and submit book" (PDF: 106KB) (person living in Yokohama-shi, please use this style not style of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Kanagawa by all means.) to special benefit counter in charge of municipality to live now (please consult about person entered facilities toward the facility).
 You report, and please refer to "entry example" of book (PDF: 127KB).

 The details of procedure for proposal of person living in Yokohama-shi now this (PDF: 379KB)
 As for the common question about evacuated to, please see this by violence from relative.
 ※ Of "report book" submission is possible after May 1 (would like early if possible).

The amount of payment

It is 100,000 yen per one payment eligible person

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications information

 In Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we install "call center" to cope with inquiry from all of you about Supplementary Income Payment especially. Please refer to the in detail following call center including summary of benefit. (the outside site)

[special Supplementary Income Payment call center]
* 0120-260020 (toll free number response time: for from 9:00 to 20:00)

Information for special Supplementary Income Payment

Information for special Supplementary Income Payment (PDF: 485KB)
"100,000 yen" special Supplementary Income Payment (PDF: 282KB)

Special Supplementary Income PaymentOf (untie) is gentleJapaneseOf (nihongo)Guidance(guidance) thisSee(see) tekudasai

News (about contribution menu "support by medical measures, infectious disease measures about new coronavirus")

 In Yokohama-shi, contribution founded "support by menu medical measures, infectious disease measures about new coronavirus" on May 1 and started reception desk of contribution.
 For more details, please see this (

We are careful about herons masquerading as Supplementary Income Payment especially!

[please be careful about herons dressed in government office or the local government!] 
When we recite city hall and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in homes, and there are operation of automated-teller machine (ATM) and suspicious telephone and email such as demanding transfer of fee on receiving, please contact the police (or police consultation telephone ♯ 9110) of the jurisdiction to live.

▽In city hall, ward office and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we never perform the following things about receipt methods▽
▶Ask for operation of automated-teller machine (ATM)
▶Demand transfer of fee on receiving
▶You send email, and you click URL, and demand application
▶You visit, and see bank card directly

[please be careful about false sites dressed in government office or the local government!] 
Please confirm URL of genuine site without accessing easily when there is the end letter which does not get used to the end of address of homepage and thinks questioningly.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the National Police Agency material "is careful about herons of benefit!" (PDF: 506KB)
The Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Police "attention in fraud and malicious business method under the cover of new coronavirus infection spread!" (PDF: 394KB)

"Attention to heron of benefit!" We publish flyer

We publish "attention flyer in fraud and malicious business method"

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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