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Yokohama Channel guide standing matter

Last update date June 3, 2020

"Yokohama Channel guide" is brochure introducing water rate, anti-disaster measures, the quality of the water.

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Page Contents
Collective downloading (PDF: 4,390KB) -
Cover (PDF: 222KB) Table of contents
P1 - P2 (PDF: 638KB) Water supply business that is supported with water rate
P3 - P4 (PDF: 498KB) For public utilities resisting water rate this and that/disaster
P5 - P6 (PDF: 630KB) For disaster
P7 - P8 (PDF: 350KB) Until tap water is made
P9 - P10 (PDF: 673KB) Water source of water quality management/Yokohama of Yokohama
P11 - P12 (PDF: 642KB) Let's protect forest at the head of a river
P13 - P14 (PDF: 539KB) We are careful about suspicious individual pretending to be history/Water Works Bureau staff of Yokohama Channel!
Back cover (PDF: 162KB) Do not observe facility of Water Works Bureau; or information for/Yokohama Channel Memorial

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