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The Yokohama Channel Memorial

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we are closed temporarily, but will open only open space (outdoor facility) of rest now from Monday, July 13. On the use, I would like cooperation for preventive measures against following infection.                                                                    ・Fever, a cough, a cold with symptom including sneezing, poor physical condition, please write down the use.                                           ・Please cooperate with mask wearing.                                                                                    ・The use to become staying in the same place and crowd, closeness is not expected for a long time.                                                        ・Using 2m as an indication, please keep distance with other people.                                                                        ・Please do not touch outdoor exhibits.                                                                        ・When you use garden house, please wash finger enough.                                                         In addition, "water supply technology museum" is canceling acceptance of free visit with deterioration of building now.                                         In addition, we leave fountain pond of the water supply Memorial front yard open as "amusement place of water" in the summer, but have to cancel opening in this year from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease prevention every year.                                                                                          I apologize to visitors for the inconvenience very much, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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