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Voice of customer

Last update date April 8, 2019

Including Water Works Bureau customer Service Center, many requests, opinion are sent to Water Works Bureau by customer. We introduce voice of customer who is put particularly a lot in that.
If there are aware points about water supply service of Yokohama-shi, please let know to Water Works Bureau by all means.


1.As families increase, and this use quantity of water has become near the conventional double, after calculating unit price, it becomes higher. We think that system to become higher so as to use a lot is strange.

As consumption increased, we adopted fee structure of *zokata (teizogata) which became high in unit price for the purpose of restraining demand for large quantity user of thing and water supply which lowered rate unit price of life water to use every day in each family.
However, recent water demand structure tends that users of increase from the spread of low birthrate and aging and saving water apparatuses in small quantities while a large quantity of users such as factories decrease with social economic turn of eventss. Therefore, in the case of rate revision of 1996 and 2001, we pulled down *zodo to review, current standard.
We will examine the way of fee structure in future while considering stability of equitableness and management of rate burden.

2.It is strange that rate is the same amount to 0-16m3 in two months. Even if we save and use, mind to save when it is the same amount of money does not happen.

With water rate of current Yokohama-shi, we set basic quantity of water and have a certain amount of amount of money as base rate about use in the range. This base rate allots to a part of fixed expense such as expense to need for maintenance and setting of big waterworks such as expense and water purification plant or water pipe occurring with or without inspection of a meter and use of water of customer including expense of water meter by all means.
Basic quantity of water of Yokohama-shi lasted for about 40 years from 1963, and it came as 10m3 based on purpose that we supplied to cheapness in consideration for water necessary for life and a little user for one month. However, in late years customers of use increase from change of low birthrate and aging and lifestyle in small quantities and reduce to 8m3 (in two months from 20m3 16m3) from conventional 10m3 in the rate revision in 2001 in consideration of structure of water demand changing.
We will examine the way of fee structure in future while considering stability of equitableness and management of rate burden.

3.We use the same house with two households. We want to distribute rate and to request.

When one meter is used in two households or more by household use, we apply base rate every one household by proposal of customer, and there is system to calculate water rate, but we divide rate and cannot request.

4.13 days are fund transfer days of water rate, but want you to change transfer day as pension pay-out day is 15th.

It was transfer sunlight from account of water rate on 13th of the read next moon, but customer came to be able to choose either among March, 2008 for two times a month on 13th and 29th on fund transfer day.
But re-transfer by account balance lack is 29th on transfer day of 13th, but please be careful when you choose 29th as there is not re-transfer by lack of account balance.

5.We want to go to window of Water Works Bureau for rate payment, but why can you not pay at Water Works Bureau window?

Water rate can pay at convenience store in addition to various financial institutions, Japan Post Bank and post office. Because a lot of cases open for 24 hours can use shop of near the customer for convenience store again, we consider that with high convenience.
In this way, we decided to abolish receipt of rate at Water Works Bureau window in principle as part of efficiency of desk work because we were able to find a lot of places that could pay water rate. I would like cooperation continuously.

6.We were asked "why does quantity of water decrease?" but it may be private, and, in the case of inspection of a meter, member of inspection of a meter does not want to say very much. When it increased, it turns out that we are asked as leak of water is possible, but cannot understand when it decreased. Do not call out each time.

In the case of inspection of a meter, use quantity of water of customer inquires whether there is not big change about the use situation of water of customer using the increase and decrease more than 30% as an indication in the previous year from the same month. When increase of customer burden by leaks of water being thought about when use quantity of water grows suddenly, use quantity of water fall, we ask about this due to application method (we switch from two households of applications to one household) of rate changing by change of family constitution or trouble of meter being possible.
We explain the need clearly and will keep correspondence to be able to get understanding of customer from in mind in future.

7.Yesterday, we told, but correspondence was felt randomly by the on-site person in charge as we had got up without sound of late-night water supply works of neighborhood being too loud, and child being able to sleep.

We cause trouble in late-night water supply works very much and, also, sincerely apologize for not having given a faithful response.
It becomes old and pushes forward construction to exchange water pipe that there is a threat of leak of water and Akamizu occurrence for new "water pipe which is strong for earthquake" to have water pipe for 9,000km in the city in Water Works Bureau, and to supply reliable, safe tap water stably in future.
In addition, about the enforcement time, it is decided by permission conditions of police department . During the enforcement period, we cause all of you who are passed again, everyone, of neighborhood great trouble, but we act and want to push forward construction for invention and precise traffic control to suppress the noise, vibration effectively.
Furthermore, we do "construction news sentence" to distribute to neighborhood inhabitants when we construct clearly and act for sincere explanation including not only staff of Water Works Bureau but also construction company in the construction spot and make an effort to meet question of customer.

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