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In response to voice of customer

Last update date March 14, 2019

Based on "voice of customer" that had Water Works Bureau approach, we introduce example that improved system and structure.

Rate relations

1.There is column of seal which is unnecessary for request for fund transfer book and we handle and are easy to misunderstand expression of financial institution and are hard to use.

Image of style of request for fund transfer book

→We received indication of customer and reviewed. It became easy to see, and seal point became one place, too. (revision full-scale in March, 2011)

2.Announcement of basic number of houses application update for housework came, but purpose and the contents are incomprehensible.

When we use plural one meter in household, the basic number of houses application system for housework is system to calculate water rate for each household. In August, 2010, I sent information for update procedure every three years. How to write application that explanation of the guidance was incomprehensible stood on voice of customer that it was not revealed, and information, application which we sent in March, 2011 in September of the year turned expression and kept expression kind clearly in mind. We examine improvement continuously in the future.

Construction, repair

1.We have drunk water without noticing to clouded water. We want you to do public information in case of clouded water more.

Other than prior news, we performed public information with loudspeaker van during construction (water outage). (October, 2009)

2.About water meter commuter pass exchange, some said that following.

  • Paper of news was mailed by the post, but former resident was written down on paper.
  • Postcard of news came, but does not know meaning well.

About apartment house with much nyutaikyo, we changed work procedure, schedule of the bills output and confirmed customer name a few days ago and made news for the cause by new data. In addition, we added words "that you forgave when customer name varied according to moving.". (February, 2010)
Is easy to understand postcard of news and the flyer for notice; reviewed words so that was expressed.

3.The noise of construction is very noisy and we come to need more sleep and are in trouble by night.

We organized project team of construction measures and repeated examination about reduction of the noise, vibration of construction, invention of public information (news to customer) by night by night from 2009.
In Yokohama-shi, you must perform business to update superannuation pipe of about 100km a year to new earthquake-resistant water pipe in all extension 9,000km for leak of water accident prevention in future. On roads with much traffic, there is place where it is difficult to transfer construction to construction in the daytime very by night.
However, we work continuously because we instruct construction company about use of appliance with a little noise, adoption of soundproofing sheet, the noise reduction at the time of work, and there is.

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