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"Oh, it is true children The Water" partner product

Last update date February 19, 2019

"Oh, of true children The Water" introduce delicious product made with water.
When you come to Yokohama, please try!

Sweets of Eifuku noodle making place

Image of apricot kernels and the beach natives pudding
Apricot kernels (the left) and the beach natives pudding (the right)

Of, "oh, true children The Water" which used in the case of noodle making have like good taste, and will have sweets utilize.
It is smooth almond jelly and pudding of lightly sweetened, easy taste.

Eifuku noodle making place 2-100-81, Mutsukawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi

  • Apricot kernels (almond jelly)
  • The beach natives pudding (pudding of caramel taste)

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