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Examination of water item

Last update date February 12, 2019

Standard of water item

As requirements that water supplied by water supply should include, we are set based on water supply method Article 4.

  • There not being influence on a person's health even if we continue drinking tap water throughout the life
  • Do not present with disorder in use of life including the coloration of abnormal bad smell and laundry

The standard value of standard of water item is set from request in use of nado, healthy securing of people and life.

Water quality management goal setting item

Tap water has the constant detection, but or we are not detected in standard of water and density doing in tap water to date, but you should note in water quality management including thing which may be detected in more-better-than density and itemize, and target value is set standard of water and thing which was not done from standpoint that lasts in the future, and makes sure of safe security of tap water as toxic evaluation is temporary in future.

Examination item required

It is item which toxic evaluation not being decided and abundance cleaning water cannot classify in standard of water item and water quality management goal setting item for reasons of the ignorance.

Please refer to the following Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare web pages for each item such as standard of water items and standard value. (the outside site)

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