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Trivia of water supply

Last update date May 30, 2019

Trivia (Q) of water supply

Water supply


Knowledge of water

Trivia (A) of water supply

Water supply

"Let's drink tap water deliciously!"

By slight invention at home, we can have tap water deliciously!

  1. We cool water: We can soften "smells" such as chlorine smells by cooling water.
  2. We let you boil: We can get rid of chlorine smell by letting water boil more than five minutes.

※As water after boiling loses disinfection action by chlorine, and cannot save long time, being careful!

"Do you know function of chlorine?"

In disfavor with chlorine (bleaching powder) smell of tap water, people using water purifier increase, do you know "function of chlorine?"
To chlorine agent, there are oxidation of manganese and iron, work of "oxidation" breaking down ammonia-related nitrogen and two work of "disinfection" which is indispensable to drinking water to customer.
Chlorine 0.1 mg/L or more is included in tap water which we use every day and play a role to deaden disease-causing germs such as E. coli O157.
It is disliked chlorine, but works important.

When "we felt that the flow of water changed"

Tap water pressure is not constant and is always strange.
For example, there is much water supply, and the water pressure falls down to meals to use at home of everybody, and the water pressure goes up water supply too much adversely in the middle of the night when using is not and changes by the use situation of water supply. In addition, the water pressure may turn into after the water supply facility update back or the water outage construction for cancellation having poor water supply.
At such time, you adjust with faucets of home of everybody, and please use water supply well.

"The world's first water supply"

It is said that the world's oldest channel becoming clear was built in channel (Apia waterway) of ancient Roman age in around B.C. 312 now. 14 waterways, headrace of total extension 578km seemed to be made with construction between several hundred years.
It is said that Hayakawa, Odawara water supply was made in Japan in 1545. In addition, it is said that there was Tamagawajosui in Kanda water supply, 1654 in 1590 to send water to the town of Edo.
By the way, it precipitates, and it filters water, and it is famous story that modern water supply to send water to using iron pipe by existence pressure began in Yokohama in 1887 (Meiji 20).

"The world's oldest dam"

According to record and the remains, it turns out that we were made to change maintenance and duct of water in ancient Assyria or Egypt. The remains of checked oldest dam are dams made in around B.C. 2900 by King Egyptian Menes now. We were made with about 100,000 tons of building stones, and this seems to have got drinking water of slave and domestic animal which worked in stonepit with 11m in height, size of 106m in length.
It is thought that dam has been made in all parts of the world from the ancient times, but the most disappear with the decline of ancient civilization.


"We are careful of faucet to forget to close!"

Do you think to become how much from faucet prop prop in quantity, one day of leaking "water?"
With "water" which leaks prop prop when convert with one cup of bucket (about 10 liters) for three cups of buckets.
With "water" which leaks to pull thread, it becomes 30 cups of what buckets.
"Water" which we cannot miss in our life. We want to use carefully.

We are careful about cleaning of restroom

Cleaning of restroom will make once after use
Let's use big things and small things liver properly

Knowledge of water

"What being mineral water"

Mineral water is classified in four kinds of next in Haramizu and difference in disposal method by guidelines that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sets.

  • Natural water: To groundwater which we gathered from specific water source, we do not perform deposition, filtration, processing except heat-sterilizing.
  • Natural mineral water: Among natural water, inorganic salts melted into naturally in basement.
  • Mineral water: We performed adjustment of mineral in natural mineral water artificially as Haramizu.
  • Bottled water: There is not limitation of disposal method with surface water or tap water except groundwater as Haramizu.

"Food culture of soft water and hard water"

Japanese food which we seasoned using soup stock of dried bonito and kelp plainly. Because we do not use oil very much, we attract attention as health food from foreign country.
Water has the secret, fruit of this Japanese food. As for the Japanese water, a lot of soft water cooks rice with water and can eat, but a lot of hard water relatively fries in oil abroad, and recipe cooking with soup is used. Calcium and magnesium included in hard water harden protein, and this is to spoil.
Water circumstances influenced world delicious dishes.
※"Soft water" and "hard water" are distributed by content of mineral.

"Water supply is the secret to keep youth!"

It is said that 60-70% of the weight are made from water as for the human body. In the case of adult, this decreases to around 50% in old men in babies adversely more than 80%.
In other words, moisture is lost thing as we get old. It is for cell inland waters that internal moisture is divided into moisture in cell included in cell and moisture such as blood or lymph fluid out of the cell, but decrease with year. Moisture out of the cell does not change.
Therefore, it is important to prevent you from always lacking internal water to prevent wrinkle, and to keep youth and health!

"It is why that green shows the surface of the water of lake"

When drainage from home and factory flows into lake, by nutrition such as nitrogen or phosphorus included in drainage, algae (phytoplankton) increases.
When algae increases a lot, the surface of the water becomes green and is called Algae and touches smell in water and disturbs that we clean water at water purification plant.
It will prevent you from draining dirty water if possible not to produce algae in large quantities!

"People need how much water per day"

Quantity of water which we give outside body as sweat and urine per day is about 3 liters. 3 liters of "water" a day is necessary so that human being lives.
From this, in Water Works Bureau, we ask for security of "water" using "3 liters per day per person" as an indication for disaster.
At the time of disaster, we think that it takes three days until there is emergency water supply activity on orbit and are more reliable when it comprises 9 liters of water per person.

"It is why that we sprinkle in summer"

Recently it became uncommon, but we said sprinkled water, and scene which watered way in front of garden and house in the summer afternoon was seen well in old days.
In fact, it is this, wisdom of life of old person utilized characteristic of water. When we miss, we say evaporation heat, and water works to take heat from the circumference. In the times without air conditioner, we performed as invention to spend the hot summer afternoon even slightly coolly.
Do we not really sprinkle elegantly very much without depending on air conditioner?

"Function of forest protecting water"

There is work to save water in the forest in the upper reaches of river. The forest takes in rainwater which fell on mountain as groundwater in the ground and drains "water" into (at the time of shortage of water) little by little when it does not rain for a long time.
In addition, while rainwater passes through range of thick soil, we remove dirt and give us beautiful, delicious water including for mineral instead.
In addition, because we prevent flood and have duty as dam of nature, the forest is also called "green dam" and gives our life moisture.

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