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The use situation of water supply at the time of event broadcast

Last update date March 18, 2019


In Yokohama-shi, we supply with water by water supply block system which divided the city into 25 districts, and there are distributing reservoir and pumping station to each block. Of water supply quantity of water that distributing reservoir uses per day can quite accumulate half, and come to be able to cope with increase of sudden consumption. In addition, we supply citizen's all of you with water by adjusting quantity of water, the water pressure by flattery driving of pump depending on consumption stably in pumping station.
We watch these control situation 24 hours a day, every day in management room of water purification plant to cope with such a quantity of water change appropriately and serve for stable water supply.

The use situation of water supply in 2018FIFA World Cup Russia Games

As we put together in game progress, and the use situation of characteristic water supply was seen in Yokohama-shi, in the game of soccer representative from Japan in 2018FIFA World Cup Russia Games, we release.

Group league

The use of water supply situation of game with Colombia
Japan vs. Colombia (Tuesday, June 19)

The use of water supply situation of game with Senegal
Japan vs. Senegal (Monday, June 25)

The use of water supply situation of game with Poland
Japan vs. Poland (Thursday, June 28)

Consideration (group league)

There was big change from normal by game progress when we saw change of water supply consumption of game with Japan of group league of World Cup Russia Games.
Until game start, many states of water supply consumption continued in comparison with normal time, and water supply consumption after start decreased in the first half than normal. It is supposed that this finished use of water supply such as baths for TV watching games beforehand.
When it was halftime, sudden increase of water supply consumption was seen. This can suppose that customer who watched game used channel all at once to finish restrooms in the middle of halftime.
After the start, water supply consumption gradually decreased in the latter half, and water supply consumption became less than normal time.
Consumption tends little generally in comparison with normal time when we look at graph of water supply consumption playing a game, and, in the case of goal, there is valley of graph, and small wave to rise again afterwards tends to be seen.
Sudden increase of water supply consumption was seen after game like halftime.
Concerning time difference, it became television transmission from night to the middle of the night, but, as holding in Russia, resulted in how citizen's being glued, and it being just revealed this time when we saw water supply consumption.

The final round

The use of water supply situation of game with Belgium
Japan vs. Belgium (Tuesday, July 3)

Consideration (the final round)

When even game with Japan of the first round of final round watched change of water supply consumption, there was big change from normal time by game progress.
This game became from television transmission early in the morning from the early morning, but water supply consumption was in a state that there was many than normal, but, like group league, decrease of consumption was seen at the time of start before game start. It was the roughly flat situation, but sudden increase was seen in the first half in halftime. It was roughly flat after the start, but increase of some quantity of water was seen in the latter half after Belgium getting a score, and having become tie score. After game, sudden increase was seen like other games.
It was supposed that it used water supply by preparations for breakfast and commuting, attending school while this got up early more than usual and watched game, and most minded TV again, and it resulted in it being revealed that attention degree was high from water supply consumption.

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