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Problem of fee structure

Last update date February 25, 2020

Structure of current water rate

Characteristics of water rate of Yokohama-shi are as follows.
①In Yokohama-shi, we adopt fee structure according to use that we classified for public baths for duties for housework and set difference for payment of rate depending on use use.
②We set basic quantity of water of 8㎥ in one month and are available at rate for base rate to 8㎥.
③As consumption increases, we adopt "*zokata" becoming high in sub-quantity rate unit price per 1㎥ and will have payment by higher unit price so as to use a lot.

Water supply list of charges (without one one month, tax) of Yokohama-shi

Problem of current water rate

On the other hand, current water rate system has the following problem.

Ratio to collect fixed cost at problem 1 base rate is the low situation

Graph (expense 8% of fixed cost 92% variable cost, water rate 73% of use of 27% of base rates rates) which showed water rate breakdown

Ratio of fixed cost that it costs for maintenance and update of facility accounts for 90% of expense. It is ideal to cover fixed cost with base rate, but it is the current situation that covers most with sub-quantity rate.

Saving water effort is not reflected for use within problem 2 basics quantity of water

Graph which showed change of ratio of user within basic quantity of water of use for housework

When we put for housework, person within basic quantity of water 8㎥ occupies 30% of the whole, and use quantity of water increases the ratio year by year, and voice that saving water effort is not rewarded reaches.

Problem 3 *zodo ※But, it is high and depends on a large quantity of users

※*zodo refers to the degree that how much the best unit price of list of charges becomes than the minimum unit price

Figure of image of structure of fee structure of *zokata

Life water seems to become as low-priced as possible, and base rate, small quantity quantity of water obi assumes price less than water supply cost price, and the system is such that we supplement deficiency for surplus more than cost price of use of large quantity Zone.

As problem 4 *zodo is high, decrease in rate income ratio becomes bigger than decrease in use quantity of water ratio

Graph which showed the situation of water demand and decrease in water rate income

Examination about relaxation of *zodo is necessary for fee structure that depended on a large quantity of users when based on this tendency to lead to further income decrease.

After eight times of deliberation by "council for ways such as Yokohama-shi water rates", we had report in September, 2019 to cope with these problem.

About the situation, report of the deliberation, please see this.

About administration policy of Water Works Bureau, budget, financial statements, please see this.

As for the public information Yokohama ⽔ way station xtra, please see this.

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